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Jun 2, 2017
In my first playthrough I sided with the rebels, favored the Ironbound over the Mercs in Lethian's Crossing, favored the Unbroken, then the mages of the disfavored and became leader of the beastmen tribe. I got all towers, three edicts and killed all Archons except Tunon.

Then I started a second playthrough and sided with the rebels again. I favored the Mercs over the Ironbound, then favored the Beastmen (this meant to not being able to lead the tribe but to kill the mages of the disfavored and not being able to get the edict of stone because Cairn didn't die), then freed the library from the edict of fire. There's one tower left I did not get (in the area where the Unbroken are).

I wonder if there was a third (or even more?) possible way of progression when siding with Ironbound, Unbroken and sages (resulting in e.g. not getting 2 towers)?

So the same core-path can also be played different. Is this also valid for the Chorus, Disfavored and Solo paths? How many different possibilities of progression are there in this game? How many hours would it take to really "complete" Tyranny in all possible ways, regarding main decisions only? 400+ ?


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Nov 27, 2016
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Considering that you can switch to the Solo path from any other at least once per area (4) and that the Conquest (the last part of character creation) affects playthroughs, I agree, it would take 400+ to experience all possible ways of progression.