3rd strategy article by 2Coats

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    Real Strategy Requires Cunning


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Aug 15, 2007
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Hi! Have you seen the 3rd part of the strategy article by 2Coats?

Here you go!

The Importance of Ship Design


By 2Coats

Now that you understand what is involved in the construction of your starfighter, here are a few tips from a veteran pilot to get you going.

Mission Determination
Firstly, as a novice you must look at the mission type to assess what configuration is best to use. If the mission will be an escort and protection type mission, go for a light fast maneuverable craft with quick firing weapons. Against nimble enemy interceptors they are priceless.

If the mission involves taking out stationary or slow moving objects like orbital platforms or large cruiser ships with turrets, go for weaponry that causes big damage. Ion cannons are an option to get the best out of your limited weaponry but knocking out the slow regenerating shields in quick time.

Some missions call upon you to defend another ship, such as a survey ship or an alien craft.Speed, and fast acting weaponry will be much better than heavy shields and cumbersome craft. After all what use is your craft if your objective is destroyed before you can get between it and the enemy.

Shield Selection
Taking a low or medium shield capacity into battle maybe all you can do. If so make sure your shield regeneration is in at least double figures or you may not survive your first encounter.

Be mindful that enemy forces will work in unison to get one of their own behind your ship to fire unimpeded. Your flight of four ships maybe outnumbered for a while and so you will be on your own until you start to grind you enemies down. If you don't have capacity for good shield regeneration, ensure that you have as big a shield matrix as possible and lots of armor and a strong hull.

Many times, I've had my shield reduced to zero only for my colleagues fending off my attacker and providing me the time to recharge my shields to maximum.

Weapon Selection
Configuration of weapon systems is left entirely up to the player. There is a lot of latitude in what you can select but here are few pointers.

Kinetic weapons wont overheat your reactor so if you have a small reactor or poor cooling select one of these. Don't select a large energy eating Ion-Cannon! Make do with low damage causing lasers or photons to erode the enemy's shields and then use your kinetics weapons and missiles to finish the job.

If against nimble enemy interceptors ensure that you have at least one fast firing gun and/or a fast agile missile, capable of tracing fire at a fast rate.

Missile load-outs become important when the mission objective must be achieved against the clock or your flight is heavily outnumbered. Don't worry about using a few missiles to reduce the odds.Just don't waste them in the first few minutes of combat. Be mindful that you don't have limitless supplies and you may need them in the latter phases of the mission.

Defensive Issues
Don't forget that our side isn't the only one with missiles.In the course of battle the enemy can unleash far more missiles than we can out fly. That is why every fighter carries a limited number of anti-missile measures. Use these sparingly and when the missile is virtually in your craft's exhaust port. Well, maybe a little further away!

Just as well, using the fighters inbuilt boost ability can be a real lifesaver if being trailed by two or more enemy fighters. It can get you out of trouble, but use it only when necessary or you may find your engine overheating to often, thus stopping you from using your energy weapons. If you are out of missile or have no kinetic weapons, then you could be in trouble.

Working as a Team
Finally, ensure you stay close to you flight at all times. They will come to your aid if they are able to and you can do the same for them. Helping each other in the midst of a dogfight can be the difference between returning to the hanger alive or not at all. In order to do this more effectively you may choose to install a more powerful engine at the detriment of other systems.

There are some difficult decisions ahead. Do you have the know how to make the necessary ones and stay alive? Or will a mistake in the hanger bay lead you to fail your mission and never return?