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Thank you for taking the time to offer your feedback on the 3.6 "Orion" Open Beta!

You can find links to the Feedback Threads below. Please read the rules of the feedback thread before posting, feedback that breaks the rules will be moved to the discussion thread, which you can find here.

I would remind you that we are looking for constructive feedback only.

Beta Changelogs

Beta Updates​

  • Adjusted references to missiles for all modules and sections that now use torpedos
  • Combat Artillery and Carrier combat computers now use the new maintain_range combat behavior, which attempts to back off if at less than roughly half their desired range.
  • Cordyceptic Lithoid Empires will no longer start with farmers, they will get food from another source.
  • Cordyceptics can now build their starbase building inside Amor Alveo. They will also now support and oppose conservation acts properly in the GalCom
  • Fixed a number of tooltips for Ascension Traditions
  • Null Void beams no longer count as space fauna weapons.
  • Minimum range is now shown for all weapons, not just those with a minimum range greater than zero.
  • Hit and Run doctrine now provides +2 Disengagement Opportunities rather than +1.
  • Admirals now grant their fleet +1 Disengage Opportunity at levels 5 and 10.
  • Ships once again begin to disengage at 50% hull (rather than 25%).
  • Fixed an error in Size Damage Scaling that crippled empires that used weapons with values less than one. (The Unbidden and friends should be less of a cakewalk.) This was also causing these weapons to be undercosted when calculating military power.
  • Extradimensional Anchors and Portals now have a shield hardening aura for allies in that system.
  • Increased the base damage of Flak PD.
  • Decreased the base damage of explosive torpedoes.
  • Increased the range of Energy Siphons.
  • Mining lasers are now classified as Brawling weapons. Refire rate and general stats have been adjusted.
  • Renamed "Bar" galaxies to "Barred Spiral" for accuracy.
  • Adjusted text for various ship roles.
  • Frigates now have an additional Utility slot.
  • Torpedoes more reliably fire on the initial charge.
  • The Ascensionist civics now correctly require the Utopia DLC.
  • The Ascensionists civic now also reduces the additional cost of traditions from empire size by 25%.
  • Budding is no longer mutually exclusive with Vat Grown.
  • Polymelic is now mutually exclusive with all versions of Budding.
  • Fixed AI weight for Synthetic Ascension
  • Buffed Roboticist Cyborg Assembly to 2.25 per job
  • Sartup Message updated to include information about this week's changes, and link to the forum discussion threads.
  • Synthetic Evolution special project now converts all non-robotic, non-livestock pops that are not being purged to synths.
  • Synthetic Assimilation now requires that the Synthetic Evolution project has been completed.
  • Machine intelligences that have completed synthetic traditions should now get the synthetic trait on new leaders.
  • Removed check that prevented synthetic assimilation of robots and machines.
  • Clarified a number of tooltips.
  • Reduced Cyborg trait upkeep to 0.3 energy per trait and removed it entirely from basic resource traits.
  • Rebalanced basic resource cyborg traits to give +10% instead of +15%
  • Modular Cybernetics tradition now lets regular empires use robot modification points for cyborg modification, driven assimilators use machine modification points for cyborg modification and gives hive minds +10% pop assembly.
  • Rebalanced some genetics traditions by redistributing the species modification points.
  • Fixed tooltip for Genetic traditions regarding hive-mind assimilation.
  • Decreased the building and district upkeep penalty from the malfunctioning reactor on colonisable shattered ring segments and made it only target energy.
  • Cyborg rulers now give building and district upkeep and reduce empire size from districts.
  • Moved the +1 trait pick from Modular Cybernetics to Integrated Anatomy.
  • Fixed tooltips relating to assimilation of hive-minds.
  • Driven Exterminators should now be able to assimilate other machines after taking Synthetic traditions.
  • Slightly nerfed Efficient Cloning to give +1.5 assembly instead of +3
  • Clarified tooltips for hive-mind and machine authorities and driven assimilator civic.
  • Hrozgar of the Endless Flames will now befriend those that have finished Cybernetic or Synthetic traditions.
  • Transgenesis techs now have double the draw weight.
  • You can now psionically awaken cyborgs. Doing so removed any cybernetic implants they have.
  • Installing cybernetic implants in a psionic species now prevents them from having any psionic abilities.
  • Assimilation tooltips now state if they will remove psionic or cybernetic traits.
  • Synthetic Evolution AP now requires Synthetic Workers instead of Droid Workers, in turn it grants Synthetic Personality Matrix as a research option. This means that Synthetic Personality Matrix is now obtainable by all regular empires again.
  • The opener for Synthetic traditions for regular empires is now +1 max leader level and +25% leader xp gain.
  • Synthetic leaders are no longer locked behind Synthetic ascension.
  • The Synthetic Age tradition now requires the Synthetic Personality Matrix tech.
  • Blocked Politics traditions for homicidal empires
  • Renamed several Genetic traditions


  • Added Text To Speech support
  • Covenant Rework: Get more from Shroud patrons over time. New modifiers, telepath bonuses, buildings, ship components and leader traits.
  • Patronless empires can expend Zro upon entering the Shroud to try to contact a specific patron.


  • Added filter and status icon for terraforming candidate in expansion planner view
  • Added terraforming candidate icon to galaxy map and system view.
  • Added tooltip for Detox saying how many Toxic TCs you have within your borders


  • AI will now value you offering them fleets.


  • Halved the culture worker modifiers for Egalitarians, Xenophobes and Xenophiles. Doubled the culture worker modifier for Pacifists.
  • Made Zro Distillation more likely to appear if you have a Shroudwalker teacher.
  • Replaced Bulwark defence platform cost and upkeep reductions with inherent shield and armor hardening as they level up.
  • Strategic resource planetary automation will no longer fill fortress designation planets with refineries instead of strongholds
  • Certain technologies (namely those in the Apocalypse tech file) are no longer cheaper than other technologies in the same tier.
  • Decreased Missile Accuracy from 100% to 85%


  • Empires released by those that have the Divine Sovereign civic will no longer inherit the Divine Sovereign civic.
  • Percentage based hull, armor, and shield regen modifiers now show their values correctly. (As +1% rather than +0.01%)
  • Fix to strike crafts flying far below the fleet during combat.
  • Defense platforms no longer sails away when in combat with enemies too far away to engage them.


  • Fixed last_added_deposit
  • If you add too many options in an archaeology site or first contact, it now adds a scrollbar for those that don't fit in the interface

Note: 3.6.0 patch notes are also to be considered “in Beta”, as they have not undergone the full review normally done before posting. This is hot stuff.

3.5.3 patch notes have also been included in the following list.

This includes (most of the) changes from 3.5.3 and 3.6.0 (beta) as of Oct 10, 2022 14:56:52 +0200

Consider this changelog to be a beta as they have not undergone the full review we normally do before posting them.

Combat Rebalancing​

  • Ship Roles can now be selected to auto-design ships that actually fulfill certain roles, such as Artillery, Brawler, Torpedo, and so on. If you do not possess any weapons that fulfill the selected role, it’ll do its best with what you have.
  • Added a new ship size: Frigates are an advanced form of Corvette specialized in delivering G class weapons.
  • Torpedoes now gain a multiplicative damage bonus to their damage based on the ship size of the target, as do Prethoryn missiles. The Unbidden also get a reduced variant of this.
  • Torpedoes now have a maximum firing arc of 25 degrees.
  • Energy Torpedoes such as Proton and Neutron Launchers have been changed into G class weapons with a minimum range. Damage has been adjusted to be balanced as a Torpedo class weapon, and like the new Torpedoes, they deal increased damage to larger targets. Unlike standard torpedoes, they remain instant hit weapons for now.
  • Some sources of Evasion have been replaced with other effects.
  • Small weapons of a category now have a slightly faster refire rate, Large weapons of a category now have a slightly slower refire rate.
  • Added a minimum range to all Large weapons except Lasers
  • Ship combat computers now ignore certain weapons for desired range purposes, and base their desired distance on the actual loadout of the ship. "Swarm" and "Torpedo" behavior will charge in, "Picket" and "Line" behaviors will attempt to stay at the range of their median range weapons, and "Artillery" and "Carrier" will try to stay at the range of their longest ranged weapons.This generally increases the desire for ships to remain at range if possible.
  • Strike Craft no longer intercept missiles, but will continue to fight each other.
  • Flak Batteries now more strongly counter Strike Craft, while Point Defense now more strongly counter missiles and torpedoes. Strike Craft are more reliant on Shields, Missiles and Torpedoes are more reliant on Armor. Due to their ability to bypass shields, Strike Craft are very effective against other Strike Craft.
  • Added Armor Hardening and Shield Hardening modifiers, which reduce armor and shield penetration. Added new aux components that use Living Metal or Zro to provide late game armor and shield hardening.
  • The Destroyer (Interceptor), Cruiser (Gunship), and Battleship (Broadside) stern sections now have an extra Aux slot.
  • Autocannons now have a faster fire rate (and thus are very high damage for their weapon size, but have very short range).
  • Added Medium and Large Autocannons
  • Added nanite autocannons and flak cannons as a reward for killing the scavenger bot.
  • Disruptors and Autocannons are now considered Brawling weapons, with short range but faster attacks.
  • Ships now get a limited number of disengagement opportunities. All current drives provide 1 disengagement roll once the ship takes hull damage below its disengagement threshold, and the Hit and Run war doctrine grants all of your ships an additional attempt. Civilian ships set to evasive will continue to try to disengage with each hit.
  • The Enigmatic Encoder now proves +1 Disengagement Opportunity rather than evasion.
  • Weapon component tooltips now display minimum range and firing arc.
  • Armor components now grant twice as much armor as before. Shield components now grant +50% more than before, but regen remains the same. Hull components grant less than before.
  • Hull Technologies now give 10% hull instead
  • Armor and Hull regen now behave like shields - five times faster outside of combat. (Regen values are now 20% of the previous values for most components.)
  • Defense Platforms no longer have G-slot ship sections.
  • Missiles now fit into S weapon slots and have had their damage modified accordingly, Swarmer Missiles go into M. Torpedoes (and Neutron Launchers) are now the only weapons that fit into the G slot.
  • Adjusted the maximum range of all non-torpedo missiles. Reduces the range of torpedoes.
  • Made XL weapons more likely to target battleships and titans
  • Massively increased the chances to lose or damage ships when a fleet uses emergency FTL to escape a battle.
  • Reduced the time before emergency FTL can be initiated during combat.
  • Ships now attempt to disengage at 25% hull.
  • Ships should try to spread out a little further away from one another in combat.
  • It is no longer possible to kill a dragon by distracting it with a large fleet of transport ships
  • The cap to the Force Disparity bonus for fleets that are significantly outnumbered has been dramatically increased.


  • Added an archaeology site in a new solar system with a debris belt
  • Added Ascensionists civic for regular empires and equivalents for hives and machines. Provides +25% planetary ascension effects and -10% costs
  • Added Holy Covenant Federation type and Conclave Federation Election type
  • Added the Cordyceptic Drones civic to hiveminds allowing them to reanimate all organic space fauna.
  • Added various new galaxy shapes, such as 3 and 6 arm spirals, and some more experimental and irregular shapes
  • Galaxies now default to Spiral (2-Armed) rather than Elliptical. Tiny Galaxies now support Spiral (2-Armed) galaxies.
  • Added a new tradition tree (Politics) to the Federations DLC, which requires the Galactic Community to exist. These traditions empower those that are active in the galactic community, including giving Council members new resolution options to propose.
  • Reworked the Ascension Paths from Utopia. Instead of requiring two ascension perks to be taken, each Ascension Path is now a tradition tree unlocked by an ascension perk.The Synthetic path is now split into two paths, Cybernetics and Synthetics.

General Improvements​

  • You will no longer get alerts about envoys dying
  • AI will now research debris.

  • The habitability planet icons in the system view can now be clicked just like on the galaxy map.
  • Added "planet revolt" VO to planetary revolt situation
  • Added a Planet Automation setting which allows for construction even during resource deficits
  • Rolled Slave Revolt content into the general Separatist Revolt Situation as a variety when slaves try to revolt
  • Changed how Planet Automation is presented in the Planet View to more clearly show that there are settings that the player can use
  • Planet Automation Crime Management will now forbid enforcer jobs if you have 0 crimes and allow enforcer jobs if you have more than 27 crime
  • The tooltip for planetary automation designation setting now explains when it will create new jobs


  • Shared Burden now doubles the unity gained from the egalitarian faction
  • Ensured consistency in the Toxic God starting resources: the home system will now always contain a +3 alloys deposit. A nearby one will contain another +2 and a further +6 energy.
  • Federation subjects that cannot vote can no longer persuade federation members that someone should not be invited into a federation
  • Capped Noxious happiness bonus at 40%
  • Vassals that leave an overlord's war by a change in the agreement will now get a truce with every opponent.

  • The fixable segments for the Shattered Ring origin can now be colonised on game start, depending on the Guaranteed Habitable Worlds setting.
  • Shattered Ringworlds are no longer ideal worlds, but have a base of 100% habitability.
  • Reduced cost and time to restore the Shattered Ringworld by 25%.
  • Repairing Shattered Ring Segments now qualify you for the Galactic Wonders AP.
  • Colonisable Shattered Ring segments have a large number of blockers including some that require advanced technology to clear, but impact the habitability of the segment.
  • Colony designations on ring worlds now provide +10% pop growth and assembly speed (this can be multiplied through planetary ascension). The default "ring world" designation provides +15%
  • Ecumenopolises now give +25% growth and assembly speed, rather than +50% growth (and no assembly)
  • Food Processing Centers, Mineral Purification Hubs, Energy Nexuses, Alloy Nano-Plants, Civilian Repli-Complexes, The Auto-Curating Vault, Citadel of Faith, Corporate Vault and Alpha Hub now have increased cost and upkeep on ringworlds, in exchange for providing the benefits normally giving by their related orbital ring buildings.
  • Added an event on game start with Common Ground origin to let you pick your federation type
  • Mechanist origin now provides +15% robot assembly speed and +1 robot trait pick (for when you unlock robo-modding)
  • The starting robots for the mechanists origin now start with the bulky and high maintenance traits and the matching trait for whichever worker job they hold.
  • The Mechanist origin now grants the Robomodding technology as a research option from the start of the game.
  • If a species cannot live on a planet, it is now the first to be purged from it (this closes a Clone Army exploit related to slowly purging other species instead)
  • It is now allowed for the galaxy to contain multiple void dweller empires
  • Artificers now no longer produce engineering research.
  • Efficient Bureaucracy now grants Bureaucrats, Priests, Managers and Death Priests with Edict Fund production
  • Pearl Divers have had their trade output reduced and their Consumer Goods output increased, with a corresponding increase in food and mineral upkeep.
  • Dramatically increased the absolute value of opinion modifiers.
  • Increased the opinion modifiers granted from first contact, decreased the base rate at which they decay and made the decay rate modified by improving/harming relations.
  • Increased the opinion penalty for undertaking Become the Crisis.
  • Maximum opinion from Improve Relations has been increased to 150. Minimum opinion from Harm Relations has been decreased to -150. Previous values were 100 and -100.
  • Only xenophobes are now happy if the caravaneers are destroyed.
  • Opinion modifiers from Galactic Imperium interactions now have their decay rate affected by improving and harming relations.
  • Refactored opinion modifiers from Galactic Imperium.
  • Xenophile, pacifist and corporate are upset if the caravaneers are destroyed.
  • Capped Federation Experience at 2000 above what is required for level 5, so that level 5 federations with AIs are no longer one of the most fragile configurations known to man
  • Increased the time it takes to do first contact with other civilisations by about 30%
  • Logic Engines trait is now allowed on droids.
  • The Aquatic trait now costs 2 points.
  • Imperialist and Supremacist factions will now be pleased forever if you defeat a Leviathan, not just for 20 years. They are also a bit less selective about which Leviathans they are pleased about you killing (i.e. the list has been updated for those added since Leviathans DLC)
  • Reduced governing ethics attraction of newly-conquered pops
  • Several factions now care about the type of federation you are in, if it is one attached to a particular ethic
  • Subjects that are not disloyal will now gain ethics attraction corresponding to their overlord's ethics (this was already the case for spiritualism, now it is the case for all ethics)
  • The imperialist faction will now care about how much of your fleet power you are using
  • A large number of tweaks to the ethic assignment weights. Includes making certain weights based on diplomacy with empires of a particular ethos have an impact that is more dependent on the number of empires you are engaged in such diplomacy with. Fixed some oddities that hampered authoritarianism, e.g. now relations with authoritarian empires boosts authoritarianism, and if you are authoritarian, it will no longer boost egalitarianism for you to give your pops good living standards. Finally, also added some weights based on the job the pop is actively working (e.g. priests, nobles and soldiers)
  • Occupied planets no longer produce or consume resources from buildings or pops
  • Rebalanced Harmony, Prosperity, Mercantile, Versatility and Adaptability traditions.
  • Slightly increased the chance of having a unique first contact event chain
  • Special endgame crisis factions such at the Aberrant, Cybrex and Sentinels now show up a bit earlier on large galaxy maps
  • The Cybrex and Sentinel factions now scale to a limited degree based on the setting for endgame crisis difficulty (their difficulty = square root of crisis difficulty)
  • Splinter Hive holdings now require at least 30 pops present on the subject planet to be constructed.
  • Tweaked Galactic Market location formula to far more strongly favour trade value in its criteria
  • You can now once again apply species templates that would remove beneficial traits, so long as you were able to make the template as a valid combination in the first place
  • Zro distillation technology no longer explicitly requires Psionic Theory, but is extremely rare without it.
  • Chemical Bliss no longer states that it causes unemployed pops to produce unity.
  • The [REDACTED] now has an acidic gland dealing 1.25% hull damage per day to all ships in the same system. This does not apply to the player controlled variant.

Performance and Stability​

  • Further improved the performance of using triggered economic category modifiers
  • Made mean time to happen events early out if they have fire_only_once and have already fired. (I.e. they will stop draining performance once no longer relevant)
  • Opening the fleet manager in the late game will now have a much-reduced impact on frame rate
  • Slightly sped up the calculation of pop job weights when updating them from serial (i.e. not during the monthly batch parallel update)
  • Fixed a rare crash caused by invalid trade routes
  • Fixed rare crash related to invalid situation or triggered modifier target.
  • Fixed rare crash related to invalid situation while updating country modifiers


  • Added a more helpful tooltip to the Inter-Dimensional Trade modifiers
  • Added a tooltip for war demand achievement acceptance that lists systems you lack claims on.
  • Added modifier details to production and upkeep of buildings
  • Added modifier details to production and upkeep of districts
  • Added tooltips for ship roles in ship designer.
  • Caravaneers now tell you when you will be allowed to open another Reliquary in the tooltip where they say they can't offer one right now as they need more time to prepare.
  • First Contact event chains will now progress if there is a purely random event with only one option. (Note that this only covers events between stages, not the ones that end stages, which may also only have one option). You can tell if your first contact chain is not blocked by a pending event because the alert icon will look a bit less threatening.
  • Fixed megastructure outliner right click not focusing on the megastructure (as is standard for other outliner objects)
  • Fixed misleading tooltip for why an AI will say no to your request to join their federation (it suggested they did not want to be a federation partner with a current member, but actually it meant that that member did not want to be a federation partner with you)
  • Fixed the tooltip for commercial pacts showing the wrong value for how much you would benefit in terms of trade income
  • Reduced notification spam from empires having certain CBs on you
  • Selecting fleets from the galaxy map will now no longer select fleets merging with larger ones - so you can select all the large fleets in a system and move them somewhere without disrupting all the single ship fleets that are on their way to merge with them
  • The subject will no longer be able to press the "Build Holdings" button in the agreement view.
  • Tooltips regarding offering or receiving Federation Association status now explain that this is basically a non-aggression pact


  • Increased the monthly random chance that an AI will decide to start preparing for war.
  • AI empires will now bring their assault armies towards the enemy during war preparation phase.
  • Reduced the maximum AI war preparation period from 60 months to 30 months.
  • Fixed an issue where AI would use their "prepare for war" gather logic even during an ongoing war.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would try and gather their fleets for an upcoming war in a system which they could not access.
  • Fixed AI sometimes not hiring enough scientists to keep researching.
  • Fixed some cases where AI would inexplicably spam admirals.
  • AI hive-mind will no longer destroy hive warrens.
  • Fixed AI not allocating at least the desired_min to its budgets. Double-allocating resources is less risky than having it not be respected, as with the Influence budget there's a fair chance that the desired minimum may never be hit
  • Improved AI's early game alloy expenditure (it wanted to put a lot into buildings)
  • Xenophile empires are now more likely to build trading hub type starbases, changed from materialists.
  • Fixed issues with starbase module logic which made AI forbidden from building anything on certain starbases.
  • Fixed an issue where AI fleets would get stuck in a loop of resetting their move orders during hyperlane windup time.
  • Fixed an issue where AI empires were not allowed to downgrade shipyard type starbases if they had an ongoing construction of ships which made AI empires have much more shipyards than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where bombarding AI fleets would get stuck in a loop of flying between the starbase in the system and orbiting the bombardment target when they were waiting for assault armies to invade their bombardment target planet.
  • Added additional logic for AI to merge fleets which are close to each other during wars to reduce the amount of small AI fleets.
  • Fixed an issue where AI empires would incorrectly try and merge their assault armies together by using FTL reinforcement mechanic, causing their ground troops to be indefinitely stuck in MIA mode.
  • Fixed several issues with AI regrouping logic where fleets would suicide one by one instead of grouping up together before attacking.
  • AI empires who do not use food will no longer build hydroponics on starbases

  • AI will not get stuck trying to activate tradition trees it was blocked out from activating, like the ascension perk trees. (This previously mainly affected modded games)
  • AI will now correctly avoid superior enemy forces when pathing to link up with fleet group
  • Fix an issue where the Prethoryn Scourge did not get all AI updates it should
  • Fixed AI sometimes not hiring enough scientists to keep researching
  • Fixed an issue where AI would sometimes build strongholds even though their economy plan for navy cap was not activated
  • Fixed another issue where AI fleets would get stuck in a loop of resetting their move orders during hyperlane windup time
  • Made the AI generally want more battleships, and generally varied the AI's desire for a certain distribution of ship sizes between personalities


  • Fixed Toxoid presapients having Aquatic portraits.
  • Fixed gateway tags not showing up in the solar system map.
  • Fixed megastructure outliner right click not focusing on the megastructure (as is standard for other outliner objects).
  • Fixed one of the outcomes of the Ancient Robot World arc site featuring visual bugs (placeholder model due to not having a correct graphical culture set).
  • Updated tooltip for Mutagenic Spa to match values given by Bath Attendent jobs.
  • Fixed farm appendages bonus from “Damn the Consequences” edict.
  • Fixed low maintenance to be an actual bonus.
  • Added the actual effect of Damn the Consequences to its effect tooltip.
  • Fixed Situation modifiers not updating in some circumstances when you changed Approach or Stage.
  • The Debris Field anomaly will now reliably fire an event when you research it.
  • Fixed copy paste error in Toxoids 3 name list (male regnal names).
  • Fixed the Toxic God branch office building not reliably boosting quest progress, depending on your chosen civics.
  • Fixed radiotrophic simple drones for lithoid hive minds having their mineral upkeep increased instead of decreased.
  • You can now only consecrate one habitat per activation of the Toxic Maw.
  • Updated the tooltip for requiring additional activations of the Toxic Maw.
  • The Prethoryn Brood Queen relic now correctly sets the relic activation cooldown timer.
  • Machine Intelligence pops are now correctly purged again when conquered by an organic empire.
  • Fixed Heritage Sites and Hypercomms Forums not converting to Pillar of Quietuses and Galactic Memorials respectively.
  • Fixed an ungrammatical pronoun being used in one of the early Toxic Knights quests.
  • The primitive habitats in Federation's End system are no longer in danger of being turned into barren worlds by asteroids.
  • Fixed a stray “?” in the event where the Shroudwalker enclave is destroyed.
  • Corrupt Survey Data event can no longer happen on planets with moons, as it would leave the moon orbiting nothing, and due to cost cuts we can assume that the holographic projection couldn't also cover the moon.
  • Fixed the Toxic Knights end bugging out if you *SPOILERS* using a mercenary fleet.
  • Clarified the negative happiness impacts of the Noxious trait in a pop's happiness breakdown.
  • Fixed misleading tooltip for why an AI will say no to your request to join their federation (it suggested they did not want to be a federation partner with a current member, but actually it meant that that member did not want to be a federation partner with you).
  • Fixed Luminous Blades modifier stating it was a bit more effective than it actually was.
  • Fixed megashipyards not benefitting from certain country-wide ship cost and build speed modifiers.
  • Fixed cases where if a hive forced a regular empire to release a vassal with a status quo peace deal, the resulting empire would be a hive empire without hive pops. (Also fixed it for machines, and for the opposite case of regular empires attacking or machines).
  • Added missing effect to the tooltip of the Psionic Archive relic.
  • You can now once again apply species templates that would remove beneficial traits, so long as you were able to make the template a valid combination in the first place.
  • Leader and envoy portraits now switch correctly after undergoing synthetic ascension.
  • Science ship modifiers are no longer doubled in the tooltip.
  • You should no longer be able to have multiple monuments on a single planet (again).
  • Fixed issue where invalid research alternatives may be left in TechStatus after adding pre-learned technologies at start of game.
  • Spiritualist Empires now care about Relentless Industrialism on their holy worlds.
  • Chemical Bliss no longer states that it causes unemployed pops to produce unity.
  • Fixed various crashes.

  • Added check for disabled fleet when ships are destroyed and end combat if the last ship is disabled.
  • Vassals that leave an overlord's war by a change in the agreement will now get a truce with every opponent.
  • Habitats built in orbit of large zro, alloy or dark matter deposits now also collect these deposits.
  • Habitats built in orbit of planets with multiple deposit types, such as the mixed energy and alloy deposit spawned as part of the KotTG initialiser can now only have one of research, mining or generator districts instead of spawning too many district types.
  • Executing or eating the envoys that hand-delivered a strongly worded letter no longer incorrectly locks policies that are not causing you to be in breach of galactic law.
  • Added close button in caravaneer diplomacy view
  • Added missing megastructures to the Giga-Engineering achievement check.
  • Added missing tooltip for district sorting in expansion planner
  • Adjusted textbox max height to remove truncation in korean fleet view
  • ai hive-mind will no longer destroy hive warren
  • All other resolution in the Galactic Market category now require the market to be formed in order to be proposed.
  • C.A.R.E. Relic World now has Dense Ruins rather than Former Relic World (which it could then get twice if you made it an ecumenopolis)
  • Colony event "Wasteland Radiation" won't trigger anymore if your species is immune to radiations
  • Corpse-Filled blockers now take a year to clear.
  • Corrected the caravaneers focus button sprite and added a location for every related diplomacy event script so that the button shows up.
  • Currently picked anomaly scientist's skill icon now has the correct tooltip
  • Devouring Swarms should no longer come and inspect your ringworlds.
  • Expand the Planetary Sea is now no longer available on a planet you are terraforming
  • Fix a missing "Missing DLC" tooltip for authority type
  • Fix declared crisis war names
  • Fix issue with war names using the wrong Country's name
  • Fixed "blocker cleared" VO not playing
  • Fixed "Crystal Ball" event not triggering correctly upon entering the Crystalline Home System
  • Fixed a case where the caravaneers would ask a country they had never met to relocate there after their home system was destroyed
  • Fixed a tooltip for the Life-Seeded Origin which would appear to repeat a query on the Relentless Industrialists civic.
  • Fixed being unable to reorder the build queue of your branch offices and subject holdings
  • Fixed colony auto designations really thinking you wanted hydroponics stations
  • Fixed Corporate Dominions requiring to have finished Mercantile Traditions to form a Trade League.
  • Fixed galcom resolution Neutral Defenders, Tiyanki Pest Control and the Tiyanki Conservation Act not correctly unlocking sanctions
  • Fixed inconsistent coloring in leader trait descriptions
  • Fixed it being possible to get Slave Optimization agenda and Iron Fist trait without actually having any slaves
  • Fixed missing alpine world modifier in Contingency's habitability preference
  • Fixed missing goto button for "Mineral Factorial" anomaly event
  • Fixed missing X on Xeno-Compatibility tooltip for non-xenophiles.
  • Fixed some cases where orbital deposits could spawn on habitable planets
  • Fixed that the ruined quantum catapult in the salvager system spawned above the black hole.
  • Fixed the diplomatic mapmode showing tooltips saying you were in a Commercial Pact with someone if you had a Research Pact with them, and vice versa
  • Fixed the negative happiness impacts of the Noxious trait being a bit unclear in a pop's happiness breakdown
  • Fixed the possibility that the automatically-spawned Commonwealth of Man or United Nations of Earth could spawn next to a xenophobic fallen empire
  • Fixed the Toxic Knights end bugging out if you *SPOILERS* using a mercenary fleet
  • If you open a Vault on a tomb world Earth, you will now find Humans inside rather than random aliens (unless Humans already exist in the galaxy)
  • Moved process string from effect_impl to CGraphicalModifer::GetFullDescription
  • Removed out dated sector automation logic which was activated for planets when sector automation was enabled but planet automation was deactivated
  • Repairing the Shattered Ring now makes it have your graphical culture too (as restoring ruined ring worlds does)
  • Robot empires will now take planet habitability into account correctly for auto-survey targets
  • Stopped you getting the Xeno Comedy event as a gestalt empire as it didn't really work flavour-wise for them
  • Synth ascension now gives a warning for the Overtuned origin.
  • The asteroid colony event will no longer get distracted when shot and is now slower to allow for more time to react.
  • The Horizon Signal events converting your empire species' portraits wholesale now give you a little bit of warning ("This may have significant and unpredictable consequences")
  • The last pop on a planet will no longer auto-migrate away
  • The resolution Form the Galactic Market is now in the Galactic Market Resolution category.
  • The Spiritualist Awakened Empire should no longer be capable of making a gestalt consciousness turn into a spiritualist empire.
  • The tooltip for planetary ascension upgrade will no longer show upgrade info for the non existent tier 11.
  • The unbidden no longer have an increased opinion of you if you destroy the Caravaneer's home.
  • Updated credits.
  • Using plant crackers against pre-ftl civilizations now requires the Unrestricted Native Interference policy.
  • You can now crack pre-ftl worlds within your borders.
  • You will no longer get a notification of another empire completing their gateway construction when you are the first to make a gateway and it activates some other gateway somewhere.


  • Added show_in_outliner (default: yes) to determine whether a megastructure type should be shown in the outliner
  • Specifying a "key" in a triggered modifier will now at least some of the time make the modifier have that key as its "name"
  • Fixed the script profiler (previous results using it should be disregarded)

  • Added <resolution_category>_vote_strength_mult modifier
  • Added a define for the ship roles effect on the weapon selection.
  • Added a galaxy_shape trigger
  • Added a is_capitalist scripted trigger to check for corporate authority, merchant guild civic or corporate dominion civic.
  • Added a valid_leader parameter to federation types to limit the leadership candidates
  • Added ability for planet automation to forbid and allow jobs
  • Added ability to script in modifiers on ship sections
  • Added additional_crisis_strength trigger
  • Added country scope num_planetary_ascension_tiers trigger
  • Added destroy and abort triggers for starbase modules and buildings.
  • Added envoy_cohesion_effect_mult modifier for federations
  • Added federation_experience_add modifier
  • Added government_election_years_add and government_election_years_mult
  • Added modifiers planetary_ascension_effect_mult and planetary_ascension_cost_mult
  • Added on_resolution_passed and on_resolution_failed on_actions 340) Added position_on_current_resolution and position_on_last_resolution
  • Added point_defence_targets to component template, which sets valid targets for PD weapons. "missile" and "strike craft" are valid options. See 00_weapons_pointdefence.txt and 00_strike_craft.txt for examples.
  • Added set_variable_to_random_value effect
  • Added size_damage_factor to weapon components, which modifies damage based on the ship size. At 0, there is no effect. Positive values multiply the weapon damage by the value times the target ship size. (Ship size is treated as a minimum of 1 for these calculations.)
  • Added support for sound_is_advisor on show_sound in events
  • Added triggered_ship_modifier in component templates
  • Added upgrade_trigger block for planet automation which allows for individual logic of when buildings should be allowed to be upgraded
  • Fixed num_free_districts sometimes providing erroneous results if used with districts that were not capped by modifiers
  • Fixed print_scope_trigger not working
  • Integrated ship roles to the remaining components and their selection process with an additional define for utility components.
  • Made excessively confusing way of doing tradition tooltips make you have to explicitly tell the game you want to overwrite the automatic modifier and effects tooltip with a custom one (custom_tooltip). Also added custom_tooltip_with_modifiers and made on_enabled show up in the tooltip too
  • Made galaxy shapes (map/galaxy) into regular database objects. This means you can define new ones.
  • Made the fail text of a tradition's "possible" check show up in tooltips
  • Ship roles can now affect weapon selection.

Enjoy the Open Beta and thanks for your feedback! :)
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