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Who shall take home the CrusadAAR's Chalice in 2013?

  • Rise of the Hohenzollerns by Avindian

    Votes: 6 14,0%
  • de Hautevilles by hjarg

    Votes: 2 4,7%
  • Dominus Regni Poloniae by NewbieOne

    Votes: 3 7,0%
  • In the Shadow of Certain, Painful Doom by Philo32b

    Votes: 15 34,9%
  • The Serpents of the Nile by Tommy4ever

    Votes: 17 39,5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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A neck and neck competition, but in the end, Tommy4Ever took home the 2013 CrusAARs Chalice for his superb AAR! Congratulations!

By a mere two votes did Philo32b's AAR fall short, and there is no shame in that. I personally find it fascinating that CKII, a game ostensibly about European crusaders, produced two outstanding AARs about Africa.