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I am having two similar issues

1) in Dyrford Crossing I cannot interact with the dragons nest to climb up and get the egg. There is simply no prompt.

2) In Lle a Rhemen I cannot get the weapon, as the second stone cannot be interacted with to get my question like the first stone. There are two prompts close together, and I can only access the one that describes the stone.


Feb 27, 2018
1) I have a PS4 but will try to explain: I had the same problem, what you have to do is click the "X" button EVERYWHERE underneath the ledge where the egg is. Eventually I got the prompt to climb (I don't know what the Xbox equivalent is for the "X" button).

2) I have not been to this location yet but I would guess if you tried the same technique I described in "1)". Also if you press and hold the "X" button it shows all possible interactions within the fog of war.