2.7.2 (60bf) Defense Armies not being generated correctly...

2.7.2 (60bf) Defense Armies not being generated correctly...

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I've attached a save. The problem is it's difficult to recreate the state where armies aren't being generated correctly.

Look at planet Deomia IIIa for example. There are two colonists. But even after fast forwarding the game for months, there still is only one defense army, when there should be two.

If you remove the colonists, advance a month, the one army gets deleted. Then add both colonists back at the same time, and two armies then get created in the next month. Even adding them one at a time and waiting a month between, they still get created.

I can't seem to create a case that leads to the situation found on Deomia IIIa, however. I wonder if it has something to do with pop growth taking the job?

Also, look at planet Cothium III.

There are two armies there, but only one colonist (i moved the other one with the pop resettlement tool a while back). Even after waiting months, that army is still around.
Shouldn't there only be one army?



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Nov 26, 2018
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I've seen this one. it made several fortress worlds completely useless before i realized what was going on. so naturally i genocided the entire galaxy so i wouldn't have to worry about border defense