[2.7.2 60bf] Changing living standards on Cyborg species sets them to Transubstantiation Synthesis

[2.7.2 60bf] Changing living standards on Cyborg species sets them to Transubstantiation Synthesis

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As you can see in the screenshot my main species , who are already cyborgs, now have Full Citizenship with Transub Synthesis Living Standards. What happened is that I tried switching their living standards from Stratified Economy to Academic Privilege and got Synthesis instead. It's not just a display bug, the pops really do get the Synthesis penalty as you can see for yourself in the attached save.

I expect this thread will not get any answers, just like the one I previously reported a cyborg namelist bug, but I'm hopeful someone is actually seeing them and they'll get fixed after summer.

The only mod I'm running is Kaityo's Tiny Outliner.

edit: I was able to bypass the issue by setting my default rights to Academic Privilege and genetically modifying the species. The new subspecies had the correct rights.


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Hi folks, thanks for raising this. The issue has been logged internally.