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Mar 24, 2009
Fall 1974

FALL 1974

I lost my narrative for this screen shot so I hope a picture is worth a thousand words. I am up to 21 supply centers at this point.

P.S. When I played the game, I didn't know how to save screen images. I started to make mistakes in my "Sandbox" recreation at this point. The fleet in Liverpool ought to be an army.


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Mar 24, 2009



The Yugoslavians ended up in Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria; Soviet forces recaptured Rumania. The Swedes ended up in Norway when the Soviets attacked Sweden. I positioned my forces for my fall attacks: Liverpool to Edinburgh, Piedmont to Tyrolia, Mid-Atlantic to Western Med., Rome to Tyrrhenian Sea. I also made sure no one captured any territory I held.


The Yugoslavians didn't go anywhere. I took Trieste from the Soviets (attack from Venice with support from Tyrolia/Adriatic Sea), Tunis from the Tunisians (Spain convoyed by Western Med and supported by Tyrrhenian Sea) and Norway from the Swedes (Edinburgh convoyed by North Sea and supported by Norwegian Sea); the Swedes took St. Petersburg from the Soviets. The Soviets left Sweden before they gained control of the supply center.

I built armies in Belgium and Rome with a fleet in Liverpool; I'm up to 24 supply centers, 2 short of victory. The Soviets disbanded two fleets since they went down to 8 supply centers. Sweden built a fleet in Sweden. Yugoslavia built no units. Tunisia was conquered.


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Mar 24, 2009
NATO Triumphs (1976-1979)

Sorry about the lack of pictures but I was really tired and making lots of mistakes as I recreated my game at this point.



When the Swedes refused to help me attack the Soviet fleet in the Baltic Sea, I invaded Sweden from Denmark with support from Skagerrak/Norway. I moved my fleet in Constantinople to the Black Sea, the army from Ankara to Constantinople, a fleet to the Aegean Sea, and another fleet to the Ionian Sea. I made sure Berlin and Trieste wouldn't be recaptured. The fleets in Liverpool, the Norwegian and North Seas moved closer to Denmark. The Swedish army in St. Petersburg occupied Moscow.


I attacked the Soviet fleet in the Baltic Sea from Denmark with support from Sweden; the defeated Soviet fleet was disbanded since it had no place to retreat. The Swedish army in Moscow moved to Livonia avoiding the Soviet counterattack. The Soviet fleet in Livonia moved into St. Petersburg. The Yugoslavians captured Budapest from Serbia. I could have ended the game by liberating Greece, the only NATO member still occupied by enemy forces, but I'm going for a big win.

I built an army in Belgium; my supply center count is 25. The Yugoslavians built an army in Serbia. The Swedes disbanded their fleet in the Gulf of Bothnia.



I drove the Soviets from Silesia to Bohemia, blocked the Soviet attempt to move to Armenia, convoyed an army from Naples to Symrna. The Yugoslavians occupied Vienna and Rumania. I offered to convoy the Swedes back to Sweden but they refused.


I attacked Prussia from Silesia supported by Berlin/Baltic Sea. The Soviets eliminated the Swedes when they attacked Livonia from Prussia with support from Moscow/St. Petersburg. The Soviets occupied Budapest. The Soviets and Swedes prevented each other from moving to Warsaw.

No one built any units. I and the Soviets had no extra supply centers; the Yugoslavians already had an army in Serbia. The Swedes were conquered.
The Soviets have fleets in St. Petersburg and Livonia, armies in Moscow, Ukraine, Budapest, Galicia and Bohemia. The Yugoslavians have armies in Vienna, Serbia, Bulgaria and Rumania. This was the Yugoslavian high water mark (5 supply centers, 4 armies).



I advanced from Berlin to Silesia and kept the German provinces packed with troops; I also convoyed the army in Apulia to Albania. The Soviets drove the Yugoslavians in Rumania to Sevastopol and the surrounded Yugoslavians in Vienna were forced to disband after the successful Soviet attack on Vienna.


The Yugoslavians traded Serbia for Rumania; I kept the Soviets from recapturing Sevastopol. The Soviet army in Rumania retreated to Budapest.

The Soviets built an army in Warsaw since they went up to 8 supply centers this year.



I captured St. Petersburg from Norway with support from Finland/Barents Sea; I captured Livonia with from the Baltic Sea supported by the Gulf of Bothnia; both Soviet fleets disbanded. I captured Bohemia from Munich with support from Silesia/Tyrolia. I captured Greece from Albania with support from the Ionian/Aegean. The Yugoslavians recaptured Serbia from Bulgaria; the Soviets recaptured Rumania from Serbia.


I liberated Warsaw (Poland) from Silesia with support from Prussia armies and Vienna (Austria) from Trieste with support from Tyrolia/Bohemia. I captured Bulgaria from Constantinople with support from Aegean Sea/Black Sea/Greece.

I gained 7 supply centers this year bringing my total to 32 and winning the game. The Soviets were left in control of Moscow, Rumania, and Budapest. The Yugoslavians controlled Serbia and Sevastopol.

The map looks quite good in blue (the NATO color). Now I have to see if I can do better than the Eagle AI when I control the Warsaw Pact. Should I describe that game? I'd be able to save screen shots as I played the game.

If you want to play this version of Diplomacy, follow this link: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/showthread.php?t=227386
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Oct 17, 2007
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The game looks simple, but definitely is not according to this! :eek::cool:
Great aar!