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Nov 13, 2003
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I have for a time been working on a new Multiplayer balance Scenario that we are using in our ongoing DEG campaign, now I figure it would be great if more people would like to get involved in creating a well balanced MP scenario. So here is a list of current changes to the 1939 Scenario, V 1.02:

* 3 Norsk hydro events at the bottom of HOI2.txt in your scenarios\DEG folder
* silly image making the DEG scenario stand out a little bit
* Small extra rare and oil stockpile for all axis countries
* Some free rares to Germany and Japan
* Lower IC cost for 3 German ships already in queue (to give some incentive to keep them instead of just deleting them first thing), same done with some Soviet ships
* German Paratrooper already in queue will finish slightly faster to simulate the multiple air assaults done against the French during Fall Gelb
* US gearing up for war events 56-58 revamped to give 20% instead of 25% extra IC as well as a slight increase in Belligerence required for 57 & 58 to trigger.
* Strengthening of Soviet late 1940 situation
* French mainland forces have been greatly strengthened (avarage unit strength raised by 40), Germany should no longer expect to be able to overrun them before winter kicks in.
* Some French armygroups moved to Strassbourg to prevent the Mannstein Maginot Blitz.
* UK homeland forces have been greatly strengthened, all British Isle units are now 100% strength.
* Italy given 8 free rares (as it stands even if they conquer entire North Africa they will be out of rares this just feels stupid)
* Japanese free rares toned down from 15 to 10 after consideration.
* IC cost for Soviet ships in queue tuned down.
* Germany moved slightly towards proffesional(standing) army, (the German army certainly was more proffesional than the French)
* SU fortresses in Stalingrad, Moscow and Leningrad reduced making them extremely hard to take instead of impossible
* Soviet gets 10 extra IC at start, if they decide to move their industry they lose these, this is historical, moving the industry was good for the reason that it kept 2/3rd of it in russian hands instead of 3/3rds in german hands
* Luftwaffe Strength % upped
* All majors given a small increase in all resources, it is just silly that it would runt out after around a week, now you have a month to set up trades
* Axis minors given stockpiles which will last a year or two after that Germany will have to prop them up
* Greece and Yugoslavia likewise
* Some French subs changed from lvl 2 to 1
* Vichy Event will now puppet the Vichy regime it also wont trigger until january 1940

All ideas and critisism presented in a positive manner is welcomed, anyone willing to help me work on the Axis and CW minors' AI files would also be welcomed.

I'll post the downloadable Scenario later today, I just need to test a few things first.