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Originally posted by Doomdark on 05-29-2000 09:48 PM
I think Spain and the other countries he mentioned were Counter-Reformative Catholic as opposed to the regular, tolerant kind. :)


Yes, a 'Catholic' nation can change its religion to 'Counter Reformed Catholic'. This means that when they beat a Protestant nation at war they can impose a condition of Peace that the loser must also become 'Counter Reformed Catholic'.

So the Papacy can legitimately be either kind of 'Catholic'.

so like thats the end of the AAR?

I would like to see a screen shot of all your territories..like save it and find a way to forward it to Sapura (isn't he the webmaster of EU at sidgames?) or something and have him put it on his website....

Go turkey, crush the european weaklings!
Sapura (isn't he the webmaster of EU at sidgames?) or something and have him put it on his website....

Yeah I am, but I still need to get confirmation from Johan before I add them to the website..


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Strategy ? That is more suited for this site and the forum. The Sidgames EU site is more of an update / news site.

This is one reason why I don't put up AAr's up there.

Eh, I didn't remove the link, don't get grouchy at me. I wish I had the power to control all the sources of the internet, but alas I can't!


Sorry AP...

My game in progress is always called 'Current' which means that when I save a new game the old one is gone.

Hence no maps remain of the granduer that was Turkey. Sorry. If I get the time I'll do a full AAR with screenshots and submit it to the website.

Originally posted by APKicks on 06-07-2000 05:45 AM
You only get 1 save for the game, so if i play 1 game as turkey, and the other as Spain , i can only save one?

No No no !

I was just lazy and always saved over the same name. Of course you can save each game under a different file name. The default file name given is Country_Month_Year e.g. 'Turkey_May_1503', but I just clicked on my existing game called 'Current' and always saved as that. That way I always knew where I was rather than scrolling through a list of saved games.

The game will also autosave every Jan 1st under the file name 'Autosave' if you want it to do so.

Really? What are the feeling towards the Prince?

Ehh... you're 11 years late to this discussion. It's called "thread necromancy" but I think we need a new word for this. Thread archeology?

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