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Mar 14, 2001

# Paid Features
- Unique mechanic for Dutch Republics, balanding the Orangists vs the Statists.
- Merchant Republics can now place trading posts in each tradenode, to boost their tradepower.
- New Diplomatic Action against Elective Monarchies, to support Heirs of own dynasty in that realm, giving power, prestige & legitimacy bonus if they win.
- New action for Elective Monarchy to support their own noble for the throne.
- Lots of new events for Dutch Republics, Merchant Republic Factions, Elective Monarchies & Dictatorships.
- Dictatorships are now special cases in a Republic when tradition goes too low, and can then last the rest of that rulers life.
- National Focus: Change priotity on power from 3 in each category to +5 in one, and +2 in the others.

¤ Free stuff

# Gamebalance
# Governments
- Elections now use scaled republican tradition.
- Added Oligarchic Republic as a new, basic republican government form.
- The new category of dictatorship added, that is treated as a republic if Res Publica is not enabled.
- Merchant Republics no longer get +10 tradepower.
- Constitutional Monarchy lost the prestige decay bonus and instead got -5 years on nationalism.
- Enlightened despotism no longer gets -5% core cost, but instead -10% accepted culture threshold.
- Administrative Republics lost their tolerance bonuses, and instead got -10% Culture Conversion Cost & -5 years on nationalism.
- Republics no longer become Monarchies at 0 Republican Tradition. Instead, they have a chance to become a Dictatorship if they fall below 40 RT, with the chance depending on how low it is.
- Merchant Republics now have 3 different factions. Aristocrats, Traders & Guilds,
- Countries that becomes dictatorships will return to previous government form when the dictator dies.
- Removed the legitimacy penalty for changing governments.

# Military
- Removed manpower impact from productionsize, to be tied to increased by 5% from each military tech.
- Ships trying to break a blockade to flee a port will now return back to that port if defeated.
- Fleets attempting to break blockades will if they retreat retreat back to port.
- Can no longer detach blockade fleet of 0 subunits.

# Diplomacy
- Annul treaty now lasts 10 years.
- Truce length now scales to the amount of warscore taken in the peace, from 5 years at white peace to 15 years at 100% warscore.
- Call for peace is now applied to all attackers.
- Winning an independence war no longer gives Imperial Authority.
- Merchant Republics now have a slightly harder time diplovassalizing.
- Merchant Republics are now very difficult to diplovassalize.
- Can now diplovassalize without having a royal marriage.
- Having a royal marriage now gives a bonus to acceptance when diplovassalizing.
- Can no longer use Claim Throne on countries with a different dynasty.
- Enforce Peace option will now properly account for Current Wars and will be disabled if they cannot join the war. It will also tell the reason why.
- Opinion malus for different religion is now reduced by positive tolerance.
- Native vassals migrating will make overlord discover province.
- Selling provinces now results in the seller getting inflation at the same rate as from gold taken in peace.
- WE loss calculation from peace deals is no longer 100x what it should be.
- Fixed issue when offering renouncing cores in peaceoffer would cost diplo points for the renouncer.
- Having a regency council will no longer prevent independence wars.
- Declaring independence war no longer gives massive AE.
- Minimum relations for Support Independence is now -25.

- HRE electors vassals is now considered under control of the overlord is in alliance.
- IA no longer gained when princes convert to the Emperor's religion.
- IA is once again lost when princes convert away from the Emperor's religion.

# Buildings
- Marketplace and Canal are now +2 trade power instead of +1.
- Customs House is now +10 trade power instead of +5, and also adds +2 trade value.

# Rebels
- Culture Conversion is now twice as long as default, but culture conversion cost modifiers can reduce it.
- Overextension over 100% now increases revoltsize by multiplying with OE.
- Peasant rebels will no longer change a country's government when they win.

# Religion
- Capped tolerance towards heretics and heathens at +3.
- Conversion Zeal no longer disappears on conquest of province.
- Hindu republicans can now set new deity when a new ruler has been elected.
- Rebalanced and added decisions across religions to make sure they have similar chances to get high missionary strength.

# Rivals
- Countries that are 50% or more apart in tech speed can no longer set each other as rivals.
- Countries that have chosen you as a rival are now always available to be set as a rival.
- Can no longer buy provinces from or sell provinces to rivals.
- Powerprojection added when vassalising rivals, or fully annexing them.
- Fixed a bug where potential rivals being calculated wrongly when handling countries with overseas provinces
- Powerprojection will also be added when annexing rivals.

# Colonisation
- Being bankrupt now decreases settler growth by 200.
- Can no longer colonize provinces that are adjacent to non-core provinces if they are outside colonial range.
- Colonists will now be cancelled when country is annexed. The colony will belong to the annexer.

# Score
- Implemented impact of wars on the underlying monthly score, so lost wars against higher ranked countries with high peacescore are bad for you, while winning wars are good.
- Now get a 25% penalty to monthly score for each rival not set.

# Trade
- Centers of Trade now provide 100% more tradepower and naval forcelimit.

# Technology
- Countries now get +20% production efficiency for being ahead of time in Production technology.
- Countries now get +20% trade efficiency for being ahead of time in Diplomatic technology.
- Removed power point penalties from all tech groups.
- Neighbour bonus is now +5% per level, and can now reach up to 75% off, to let late westernisers have a chance to catch up.

# Ideas & Policies
- Added 3 new ideagroups. Humanism, Influence & Maritime
- Tweaked numerous policies that were too strong or too weak.
- Moved and removed policies to make sure the MP groups and idea groups have equal amounts.
- Colonial settlement act now gives +1 colonist instead of +10 settler growth.
- Colonial expansions now gives +10 settler growth instead of +1 colonist.
- Reduced legitimacy & republican tradition from policies.
- Added lots of new policies connected to the new Ideagroups.
- Reworked some national ideas to use the new modifiers.
- Moved some ideas around.
- Grand Army is now 20% land forcelimits (down from 25%)
- National Conscripts is now 10% faster regiment recruitment speed instead of +25% global manpower.
- Consolidated infantry, cavalry and artillery cost ideas in Quantity into a single regiment cost idea.
- Added ideas to Quantity: Forced Labor System (-20% building power cost) and Expanded Supply Trains (-10% land attrition).
- Swapped names on Maritime and Naval to be more appropriate to their ideas.
- Renamed Cordial attitude to Defensive.
- Effect of 'Desires your provinces' is now scaled down for countries that are weaker than the country whose provinces they want to conquer.
- AI will now form Scandinavia when it can do so.
- Fixed an exploit where you could call the AI into wars you know they will dishonor in order to get a CB on them.
- AI: Should now harder to fool with cancelled moves.
- AI: Will now never revoke embargos against countries they are at war with.
- AI: Better at converting Pagan provinces
- AI: Higher prio on production buildings in gold provinces.
- The AI should now be much better at building buildings, repaying loans, and saving money.
- Fixed display bug where wants your provinces was showing the wrong (far too large) number in some cases.
- Tweaked AI priority for Declaration of Indulgence act.
- Improvements to recruit AI.
- AI now knows when to use unfocused NF.
- General improvements to budget AI.
- Fixed an issue with budget AI that was preventing AI from building ships.
- Fixed some issues with budget AI that was crippling AI armies.
- AI: Will no longer subsidize a country they want to weaken or is in a coalition against under any circumstances.
- Fixed a bug that was preventing AI from using trade fleets.
- AI: More willing to spend legitimacy to boost a local noble if current ruler is foreign in Elective Monarchy.
- AI: Less willing to spend legitimacy to boost a local noble if current ruler is local in Elective Monarchy.
- Fixed inconsistency between call ally screen and actual AI response.
- Manually calling the AI to a war where you know they will refuse will now result in a huge trust hit.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would refuse to make peace despite being offered all of its demands.
- AI: Will no longer give provinces in peace to countries that have 'leader may negotiate' unchecked.
- AI: Should no longer desire random scattered provinces inside a country.
- AI: Will no longer set allies as rivals if keep alliance AI preference is on.
- AI: Will no longer assault at low morale.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would continously move between two adjacent provinces while supporting a siege.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would prioritize blockading straits it had no strategic reason to blockade.
# Interface
- Trade interface is now updated when stuff happens(cached). The merchant chosen will get sent( not the first available). Removed unused elements. The button when a merchant is present is now a toggle and will change between collect and tra...
- Factions view can now handle custom factions.
- Fixed alignment of faction button when HRE & Papacy are visible.
- Heir box now shows when next election is for republics with elections.
- Government tooltip no longer shows when next election is.
- Tooltip for possible policies is now shown when hovering over ideagroup name.
- Player Mapmode now colors in subjects in players color as well.
- Added alert for when your country will become junior PU partner on monarch death.
- If you have no deity selected, there will be an alert notifying you.
- Annex & Integreate now says unknown instead of never if below 15 DIP at start.
- Fixed base tax of annexed nation not being displayed in diplomatic annexation screen.
- Republican tradition not displayed as percent in tooltip.
- Rival selection now has a tooltip if you cannot change rival.
- Cleanup of tooltip and values for navies in rival selection.
- Can see the rival selection screen without being able to change rival.
- An error message will now popup if an error occurred during the save-progress.
- Global settler increase no longer displayed as percentage.
- Possible policies always shown when hovering idea group light bulb.
- Ctrl-selecting will now select only ships.
- The ingame menu are now closed after a successfull save.
- When you declare independence war, game will no longer tell you that the monarch has died.
- Correct naval leader icon is displayed in end of combat window.
- changed phrasing when vassalizing in peace offer brings taker into war.
- Siege units will now properly been removed from map even though the camera is not there upon removal.
- War exhaustion in countryecononmyview will now longer skip to next row when large
# Usermodding
# Enhancements
- Made debug memory info in CEU4Application::LoadDatabases available to modders
- Additional triggers can now be scripted for all diplomatic actions
- Exported WESTERN_POWER_TICK_MIN to defines
- Factions are now tied directly to a government form, and activeted/deactivated when switching governemnt.
- Changed GetAdjective to return adjective unmodified rather than force lowercase and GetAdjectiveCap to return adjective with the first letter capitalized.

# Modifiers
- Added new modifiers: build_power_cost, global_ship_repair,vassal_forcelimit_bonus, years_of_nationalism, accepted_culture_threshold, culture_conversion_cost, diplomatic_annexation_cost and ship_durability.

# Triggers
- Added national_focus = mil/dip/adm trigger.
- Added trigger has_foreign_heir = yes/no
- Added trigger ruler_is_foreigner = yes/no
- Added trigger heir_nationality =tag/root/etc...
- Added triggers has_ruler_flag/had_ruler_flag.

# Effects
- Added add_ruler_flag/clr_ruler_flag which sets/clears country flags that last until ruler death.
- Added effect add_scaled_republican_tradition which adds/takes republican tradition scaled to your election cycle.
# Script
# 5 New Achievements
- “Vasa or Wettin?” - Get a ruler of your dynasty on the throne of Poland while they are elective.
- “Sinaasappel!” - Get Orangists in power with 100% Republican Tradition, and owning a province in China.
- “One King to Rule!” - As Poland, become an absolutist monarchy, and abolish the Sejm.
- “Venetian Sea” - 90% Tradeshare in Alexandria & Constantinople as Venice, with less than 10 cities
- “The Iron Price” - Restore the Danelaw to danish rule, and make it danish culture.

# Decisions
- Created decisions to reform a monarchy into Merchant/Noble republic.
- Forming Spain now requires ownership and core of the Granada province, not the destruction of the Granada nation.
- Reduced reform desire impact of Heretico Comburendo Act.
- Move capital to Warszawa decision now gives 20 prestige instead of 100.
- Fixed check for Granada's absence in decisions to form Spain.
- Forming Spanish nation militarily now requires core on Granada province.
- Tweaked decision to form Spain.
- Simplified all nation formation decision triggers to use own_core_province.
- Added heretic tolerance to Unified Islam.

# Events
- Added events alerting affected nations to Funji forming.
- Replaced decisions for denouncing or embracing neo-confucianism with event choosing between the two.
- Increased MTTH for Hindu festival events.
- Fixed Military Funding having wrong description for some events.
- War of the Roses no longer happens if England is the lesser partner in a personal union.
- flavor_bur.7 will no longer release provinces back to Burgundy
- The Parliament of Västerås can now only trigger if the Protestant reformation has started.
- Fixed appearance of Imperial Authority events.
- Poland can now turn elective monarchy as soon as they are out of their regency, by event.
- Pacifying the Sejm will change the government away from Elective to Absolute Monarchy.
- Sejm complying to your policies will now happen 50% of the time instead of 5% of the time.
- Fixed American election events.
- Tweaked events that create a royal marriage to only target allied AI nations.
- Sikhism no longer spreads by Nanak's travels to religious centers (event-triggered Sikh Mecca averted).
- Trade Company Unhappy no longer triggers if you are at war with the nation they want to claim the province from.
- American Dream DLC events can now trigger from a Thirteen Colonies in revolt.

# Missions
- dutch_colony_in_south_africa now checks that the provinces are empty.
- French missions now gives less army tradition.
- AI Russia will no longer get missions on India/Indonesia unless westernized.

# Units
- Added a fire pip to Schwarze Reiter.
- White Coats and Frederickan Infantry are no longer identical.

# Setup
- Pskov and Tuscany are now oligarchic republics.
- Changed Socotra to Coptic.
- Brightened Uesugi's map color.
- Ottoman armies and fleets now have language-appropriate names instead of English ones.
- Fixed wrong Flute ship names in English and German.
- Fixed Hungarian provinces being occupied by Transylvania in history files while the latter did not exist.
- Fixed Venezuelan flag.
- Changed Armenia, Funj and east African provinces to Coptic.
- Change several provinces to Ibadi to fit historical records.
- Poland now starts with Feudal Monarchy before 1447.
- Added strait between Tsimshian and Tlingit.
- Fixed Mahican primary culture

# Misc
- Qing can no longer form from rebels unless it has been formed by Manchu first.
- Changed references to policies being "redacted" to "repealed".
- Fixed Hinduism-Sikhism conversion.
- Anti-Christian Edict no longer remains when nation changes to a Christian religion.
# Bugfixes
- Land units will no longer have large bounding volumes.
- Army maintenance will no longer be exponential related to the slider.
- SetSprite will no longer crash when given an invalid texture (will assert instead).
- Units will no longer get exiled when starting/joining an offensive war if on the territory of allies or in uncolonized territory.
- Fixed issue with powerprojection not being added on certain case of annexation.
- Fixed a bug where the tooltip for rebel enforce demands-progress gave a incorrect number.
- Fixed remaining references to Fervor as "Fanatic".
- Fixed typos and similar errors in localization.
- Fixed potential OOS in AI strategy.
- Fixed some bad gui layout in government change.
- When declaring independence, a country will no longer be free from the current wars IF they are the original defender.
- Savemenu should now close after saving the game.
- Succession wars can no longer put the target as one of the main claimants.
- Fixed current heir being loaded properly in elective monarchy.
- Detaching blockade fleets will not detach transports with attached units.
- Fixed bug in corruption event triggers that prevented them from correctly detecting advsisor type.
- Fixed issue when switching between trade and privateering, unit would cancel all movement.
- Transfer trade power from other countries now applies to only the giver in the peace deals(bug).
- The right religious icons are now shown in the tolerance section of the religion interface.
- Fixed curly brace in event flavor_hab.3099 being a parenthesis.
- Fixed cancel trade power message reversing the tags of the nations involved.
- Fixed arrows pointing incorrectly in part 3 chapter 2.
- Peaceview will now update the prestige gain properly when contries are selected as vassals( Treaties removed from offer).
- Trade interface will now properly update when node is switched.
- Removed old vassal income base value from subjects view and economy view. Visuals only.
- Fixed we break alliance message that pops up when relation faulters.
- Loading a corrupt savegame will now bring up a error dialog.
- Culture triggers should no longer cause a CTD from incorrect culture
- Colonies will now transfer trade power if loading a 1.5-savegame.
- Removed old DirectorySettings stuff from files
- Fixed potential CTD in the subject view.
- Fixed CTD when forming nation and getting less diplomats.
- Fixed bug when vassalizing emperor and declaring war would start unending war.
- Fixed support independence of vassal modifiers to properly decay.
- Fixed fix for not being able to cancel transfer trade power without Wealth of Nations.
- Fixed a bug where the AI could invite non-native countries to a federation.
- Fixed a bug where the AI would make suicidal invasions due to counting all enemy units in the area as friendly.
- Change startdate buttons disabled when disabled should.
- Spoils of war in economy no longer displayed as "peace"(?!) and accounted in total income.
- Fixed issue with natives being able to form into non-available government types.
- Fixed special case in war where giver nor taker in peace deal is warleader, it would ignore checking if they can receive provinces.

No problem reports here please! They go in Tech Support or Bug reports, as appropriate to the issue.

And always test any problem with no mods installed before reporting; typically most mods will need to be updated every time there is a new major patch.
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Also, why are there no icons for Res Publica yet?
I got the patch to 1.7, but the DLC is not available yet on steam. I signed out and signed in again, but it is not there.
Just bought it. :)
About the Truce discussion: Why not add a policy, that reduces truce time by x%? :) E.g. by 33% so it's max 10 years, because you only can remove policies after 10 years. So the player is able to take some influence on the truce time, if he wishes so.

- Merchant Republics are now very difficult to diplovassalize.
- Can now diplovassalize without having a royal marriage.

Very nice!
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“New Achievement: Vasa or Wettin?”

I know this was a bit historical, the struggle between Vasa and Wettin for the Polish throne, but Wilhelm Wettin and Gustavus II Adolphus Vasa are two of the main characters of the alternative history book series "1632". Coincidence? Never!
this changes in game design you call "game balancing" will certainly not bring me back and certainly will not mean some money for your DLC's.

good luck next time with maybe better game design then you showed in EU IV.
Hm. Existing saves appear to have naval ideas translated into the military branch of naval ideas, rather than into maritime ideas, which I rather assumed would be the case.
Just bought it. :)
About the Truce discussion: Why not add a policy, that reduces truce time by x%? :) E.g. by 33% so it's max 10 years, because you only can remove policies after 10 years. So the player is able to take some influence on the truce time, if he wishes so.

About the Truce discussion: Why not add a policy, that reduces truce time by x%? :) E.g. by 33% so it's max 10 years, because you only can remove policies after 10 years. So the player is able to take some influence on the truce time, if he wishes so.
I would add/suggest to add reduction of truce as an espionage action that come from espionage idea...
Though I don't know what to replace...

EDIT: I wrote it as espionage bonus instead of espionage action
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