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Update through launcher or from this link http://www.gamersgate.com/eurome/Rome_1.3.exe

---- Changes for 1.3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
******* New Features *******

- It is now possible to guarantee other nations and get a casus belli on anyone attacking them.
- There is now effects happening when a ruler changes, with various options depending on type of state and the situation it is in.
- Added cloth, papyrus and wild_game as resources.
- Added the 'Smear Reputation' action, where you can lower a characters popularity. This is valid both in your own country and in foreign countries.
- You can now 'Encourage Disloyalty' on a character in a foreign country, reducing his loyalty.
- It is now possible to "Give Governor Free Hands", increasing his wealth and corruption, increasing revolt risk in the province, and also increase the loyalty of the governor.
- Events connected to characters should show portraits with links to dynastic view for each character involved.
- Added three new countries; Catuvellauni, Pictii and Siluri. All are place on the British Isles.

******* Gameplay Balancing *******

- You no longer need a casus belli to declare war on someone who is 20 civ lower than you are.
- It is no longer possible to demand more gold than what a country has in its coffers when at peace.
- Peacescores are now scaled to importance for country.
- It should now be possible to demand decent tributes from countries who lost control of many provinces during the war.
- Moved tributes over to a percentage scale.

- Revised logic of how relations progress through time.
- You can now cancel alliances with people who pay tribute to someone else.

- Reworked religion power calculations completely, it is now based on how advanced religiously the provinces with that religion has on average.
- Rebalanced probability of getting inventions, so that the more possible inventions you have, the more likely it is to get one of them. Also increased impact of research points modifiers on getting inventions.
- Movement is no longer reset if a new move order is given, taking a unit into the same first province.

- Increase cap on leader ability impact on battle from 3 to 4, and differences are now direct on the martial skill.
- Combatdice is now a d8 instead of d10.
- Sieges should no longer reset if someone in the war makes a separate peace.

- A state paying tribute can no longer colonise.
- Rebalanced trade-goods distribution on the map.
- To reward long term stable traderoutes they now get a 1% income bonus per year since creation (up to 100 years).

- Barbarians now assault when odds are favourable.
- Barbarians and rebels can no longer get their own countries after controlling provinces of a civil war participant
- Hordes spawning in colonies may now be bigger.
- Barbarian power will now grow in colonies until it is eliminated.
- Barbarians who form a new state now change its culture/religion to their own.
- Fixed barbarian target selection. They should now prefer closer targets and also look at how rich the province is (based on tax income).

- Characters commanding units at sea can not be assassinated.
- Assassination of rulers now much harder.
- Loyal troops protecting their commander from assassination works again.

******* Interface Enhancements **********
- You can now see detailed relation progress in the tooltip for a relation.
- Dynastic view now has a tooltip on the loyal cohorts icon showing cost for maintenance of the loyal troops.
- Preselected characters now have tooltips in the various character interfaces.
- Tradegoods now have descriptions in their tooltips.
- Province view should now update even if modifiers in effect
- Province view will now refresh regularly even for numerical info.

******* AI Improvements *******
- Reworked the Admiral AI. The AI will now maintain large fleets in a few base provinces. These fleets are used to hunt down enemy fleets, and broken down only to transport armies or to blockade straits and enemy ports once the hostile fleets have been neutralized.
- Front AI: Changed target province priorities.
- Front AI: Reduced army fragmentation.
- Front AI: New supply limit checks before army merges.
- Front AI: New code to check for supply limit when moving up units to front provinces.
- Front AI: Various minor tweaks to handle supply limits better.
- Peace AI: Invasion viability adjustments to perceived war capacity.
- Peace AI: Should not offer peace if acceptance is unlikely, thus reducing spam and conserving characters.
- Peace AI: Should be more dogged about annexing one-province minors.
- Military AI: Makes better use of the fact that new move orders do not always cancel movement progress.
- Military AI: Improved assault checks.
- Military AI: Fixed some problems with units being called away from sieges.
- Invasion AI: Rewrote alot of parts, and should now be a bit better at invading.
- Invasion AI: Should no longer attempt land moves before transporting units.
- Invasion AI: Should be better at evaluating enemy strength before unloading.
- Overland AI: Adopted some improvements from In Nomine.
- Recruit AI: Added manpower conservation code.
- Guarantees should now be performed by the AI
- AI no longer imprisons the living dead.
- Actual monetary value of traderoute is now factored in by AI when accepting/declinig.
- Civilization value of provinces is now correctly factored in by AI when setting up trade.
- AI now more careful about assassinating characters on the way to becoming disloyal.

******* Modding Support **********
- Added an "on_ruler_change" on-action method.
- Added a "previous_ruler" scope.
- Change to "slaves" trigger. it now support exact numbers as well.
- Implemented the "immediate = {}" option in events which is performed before as soon as event arrives.
- new effects
* omen_good/omen_bad - call down an omen for a country (good/or bad outcome)
* remove_fleet - sink fleet in a province
* set_ruler - sets character as ruler for his country
* barbarian_create_client - settles the barbarians in a province
- new triggers
* any_sea_province/random_sea_province
* random_sibling - scope change to a random sibling.
* can_build - true if province can build specific building
* has_more_wealth_than_ruler - true if character has more wealth
* has_more_prestige_than_ruler - true if character is more popular
* from_ruler_family - true if from ruling family
* religion_power - checks amount of religious power for a countrys religion.
* last_control_change - triggers on number of days since a province changed controller.
* province_id - triggers on it being the specified province.

*******Databases *******
- Pyrrhus is a bit more dangerious now.
- Added a new character, "Cassivellaunus" to the Catuvellauni
- Epirus becomes a Republic Confederacy in 523 AUC
- Gave Parthia cores on Amardi, Rhagae, Aspadana, Paraitacene and Tabae from 507 AUC
- Upgraded the fort in Hyrcania
- Parthia controls Tabae from 507
- Andragoras (rebel) controls Parthia from 504
- Added rebel factions for all the Barbarian states

******* Events *******
- Tweaked the modifiers for the events that change province religion
- Added a second option to the "Numidian Nation" event and increased the mtth
- Decreased the mtth for the "Judean Nation" event
- Added a army size limit in the "Mercs" event
- The "Release Parthia" event will give the owner a stability drop
- Removed the year trigger from the Parthian Nation event, and gave governor traits more importance
- Added two new rival events
- Added a new wealth event
- Added good omen events.
- Added a couple of events suggested by CE owners
- Added event to create all countries not existing at the start
- Added events for the map borders into PTI that add barbarian power in these provinces.
- Slave Uprisings – Tweaked triggers to happen more often
- Donations – Unemployed characters who have a friend as an army commander (thus to refuse will hit the loyalty of an army commander) will offer up a donation in return for a job held by a rival.
- Added an event that will mean that barbarians will create their own Kingdom if they hold a province long enough
- Added events for non corrupt governors to build various things in their province.
- A governor may now loot his province for his personal gain.
- A high priest who is not your friend will consider calling down a bad omen if you haven’t got one.

******* General Bugfixes *******
- Fixed a problem with multiple calls of allies to the same war.
- Fixed a typo in the 'militarisation_of_the_faith' and 'the_chosen_people' inventions
- Fixed bug where AI would use the wrong action to cancel tributes, and thereby avoid the CB penalty.
- Sieges now properly block tradereoutes from being created
- Fixed possible crash in military access diplomacy action
- Population distribution should no longer reset to defaults when total population changes.
- Fixed colonization problem where population ratio would be be reset.
- Fixed random unit crash.
- Fixed some text bugs.
- Fixed a rare crash in military interface for countries on the border of the map.
- The same error message can now only be seen once in file-transfers.
- Fixed a possible crash when creating barbarian client states.

Gigalocus said:
I'm sensing a release date tomorrow, why else would a Paradox teaser be the day before wednesday ... clearly they mistimed the preview for Wednesday and were forced to preview it early :eek:o

You can always hope :)

See! You all thought I was crazy! You should all bow before my Paradox wisdom :eek:o

Whens V1.4 coming out? ;)
wow, there are a lot of changes. Hopefully I will soon be able to embrace Rome, after several more changes.

Btw, why is this thread so empty :eek:. Rather unusual for a paradox title patch to be unresponded by hordes of followers.
Saber said:
Btw, why is this thread so empty :eek:. Rather unusual for a paradox title patch to be unresponded by hordes of followers.

It is early afternoon and because the thread has only been open little more than a hour?

Thank you Paradox! Now i gotta decide which country to play. :wacko:
Saber said:
wow, there are a lot of changes. Hopefully I will soon be able to embrace Rome, after several more changes.

Btw, why is this thread so empty :eek:. Rather unusual for a paradox title patch to be unresponded by hordes of followers.

I think people want to test it out before commenting too much, but I think it looks promising. I want to go home......
Thanks Johan and the Paradox team!! As the era covered in this game happens to be my all time favorite from a history perspective. You have no idea how much i want to fall in love with this game the way i have with In Nomine. Which is why i look forward to these patches and dare i say, an expansion or two. Thanks again.
Gigalocus said:

See! You all thought I was crazy! You should all bow before my Paradox wisdom :eek:o

Whens V1.4 coming out? ;)
Dont worry, we still think you are crazy! ;)

Phewie - Love the added intrigue elements and the interface changes!

Thanks for all the hardwork, Team Paradox!
Looks good, very good! Now the question is: do I end my game with Atrebates or do I jump on that patch right away???
Johan said:
- Pyrrhus is a bit more dangerious now.

That was an understatement :eek:.

Great patch by the way. Thanks to Johan & co.!
Saber said:
wow, there are a lot of changes. Hopefully I will soon be able to embrace Rome, after several more changes.

Btw, why is this thread so empty :eek:. Rather unusual for a paradox title patch to be unresponded by hordes of followers.

I think the Project Mayhem forum has distracted some attention; it did so for me! These changes look cool.