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No. UK and France start with 25% peacetime penalty. In the mouseover it shows up as -25% for the UK and apparently -29% for france. This small difference to 25% is because the penalty applies to effective ic, but for that display it is calculated as absolute reduction of effective ic divided through base ic.
I think that this must be an AoD or AoD version issue:

Experimented on upgrade costs:
1. AoD 1.10, GER, November 1937, -8% hawk lobby, +20% army slider, +15% central planning, no relevant ministers or ideas, one INT-2 to INT-3. 9.58 IC/day (9.78 after day 57) x 65 days = 624.3 icd.
2. All same except July 1938, -12% hawk lobby, +20% army, +20% central planning. 11.64 IC/day x 52 days = 605.3 icd.

The gross change is -3.0%versus -5.1% (from 0.92*0.92*1.35 to 0.88*0.88*1.40) predicted by the sliders. And the two components separately are way off.

Also have no clue why the IC/day changed partway through case 1. (In my first trial of case 2 I forgot to spend anything, and the IC/day increased by +0.20 at the same point and +0.19 more after 70-odd days).

Is there a formula or file that would explain?

EDIT: I did a 3rd trial starting 7/15/1938. This one started at 11.64 but escalated to 12.03 (+about 0.39, as with trial 2 except that it happened in one step and after just 10 days). 53 days = 633.7 icd, or 4.7% than #2. (Counting days is hard b/c of the 1 day delay in these numbers showing on the production screen. So if trials 2 and 3 actual took the same number of days the difference in cost was closer to 2.8%. But why should there be any? The only thing I can think of is that #3 took place in a difference provint with higher infra, but why should that raise cost?
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Just installed AoD after a loooong time. Thank you for still patching this game. It runs super smooth so far. Keep up the good work.
Really great news!

Just one question, is there a chance that finally new buildings will be added?

I mean there are already pictures (Ill_inst_disp3 to Ill_inst_disp25) existing, and also some data for the university for example. Will they ever work?? It would be so nice!
I know it must be in this thread somewhere, but can't find.

What are the recommended HD, graphics card, and processor specs to play 1.10

Is this different from 1.09? Thanks!
I donnot believe there is a meaningful difference. Better CPU and better RAM do of course help and a faster HD can do wonders on the time needed to say load a savegame. But the free space on the hardrive and the graphics card hardly matter.
Doesn't the processor speed and type of graphics card matter? I was hoping for some specific recommendations. So far I have learned that the graphics card can be internal or external, and to play any video game one should get "external". That's only a term and not really external. It's still in the laptop but not part of the main component (forget if that was the HD or motherboard). Many laptops have the graphics card built internal to that major device (which I forgot) and don't work as well as a specially designed graphics card which is external to that main device.
I also thought processor speed was crucial and I have had various processors recommended. I think recommended was Pentium 1, 2 or 3 (but am unsure which is why I posted here).

Turns out I can't even continue my game using the 1944 scenario once I got to 1947. Because so many units, the game is now doing runtime error when I have nearly nothing moving and zero battles. It even crashed left on overnight with nothing at all moving.

So I need better laptop and simply asking for clear answer on what minimum specs to look for.
I cannot give you a reasonable minimum. But i wonder why you even bother asking. My current pc is older than AoD and it works fine. Given the speed the computers are getter better any new laptop and even most used ones should be OK.
I think I would have used a Pentium D, dual core or AMD processors at a similar rate. I think you might get much more slowdowns on a pentrium4.
My former PC was built in 2007 it had only 256mb graphic card and I did not not replace it before 2014.
So I deftly would focus on processors and somewhat ram (Radom access memory).
You do not need much of a graphic card, but I would recommend aiming at 512mb graphic card so that you get a better overall performance for your computer.
I’m assuming approximately AOD minimum:
256mb graphic card, Pentium D/dual core, 1 gig ram, 2.5 gig hard drive space.
Today I use a much more modern PC so the states for AOD is not at all an issue.
Thanks for the info, Pioniere.

Because I can't even play the 1944 scenario past 1947. And that's with zero battles going on and nearly nothing except the Red Army units moving.

Wonder if it could even be the new HD I had recently installed.

On all 3 computers I used to play AoD over the past` I always had the occasional runtime error crash. I learned to save only when on political map mode and not too many battles to minimize a crash occurring. As its the same installation of AoD before and after the HD change, I don't suspect my AoD. But I wonder if it really is the scenario as this is first time I played it and first time problem of crashes so bad I literally can't play it any further?
Hi Players!

Can someone tell me please what (if) are hardcoded regressions in 1.10 patch compared to 1.08 (1.09 was only softcoded patch IIRC).
I've been playing other HoI games in previous months... and years :) and ain't much into development progress as well.
Just to clarify, until 1.13 is released, is 1.10 the latest patch?
1.12 is the latest patch, which should be available on Steam.