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Iron Cross ist the best Mod for AoD, with the best Map

I think the map for darkest hour was better than Iron cross becuse it was easyer to use in general. Try darkest hour if you havent.

* Qustion for the Iron cross + DH should be amied in its correct forum. Keep in mind that Iron cross do no longer suports DH and AOD.
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we love AoD: DH does not have a logistic system and supply stock on units. ridiculous.
AoD has an artillery attack mission, DH not.

Ironcross for aod has no hardcoded modifications, only softcoded:
you can play AoD 1.11 with Iron cross 1.04

What's more ...AoD has power plants, synthetic oil and rare material plants...
It has also, a nice trading system...and a few other things...

DH is faster...
DH has decisions...and a few other features...
DH is a modders dream...with all these modding goodies!!!

Well I love AoD, too...but I often find myself wishing that a merge with DH was possible! :)
I have been getting conflicting info on IC/AoD compatibility. One said IC not supported above AoD 1.08, another says through 1.11

Those who said it's OK to go with AoD v1.10 or 1.11 for IC didn't even buy the game or read the forums. Me, on the other side, I am in the Iron Cross team and I'm familiar with the AoD subforum, and I'm telling you the latest v1.04RC1 of Iron Cross works only with AoD patched to v1.09. It can be read in the v1.04RC1's changelog.

Take your pick, whom to believe.

And sorry for derailing this thread a bit. You can get back to it, people.