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Jan 3, 2008
  • Hearts of Iron III
You can grab it from the portals.

Confirmed so far :




Changelog :

Added Missing Flags and Shields
ARM takes a bit less damage
Artillery bombardment - now lower infra damage
Artillery Bombardment now damages Forts again
Coup Works
Cannot send expeditionary forces while in air
Fixed Russian CTD

a smaller bug with upgrade brigade found - should be ok now

Support #853 - AI convoys/escorts, AI rare/oil plants usage, fixed nuclear reactor building issues
Lower suprise modifier.
Radar in province or adjancent provinces now lowers suprise chance considerably
Runway cratering - damage against planes now scaled to target planes STR.
Fortress losses now only applied once, and this time correctly with scaling of combat damage and remaining forts.
Shortcut key for "goto" made 'G'
Convoy combat lowered a bit for surface fleet
Convoy: cannot sink more transports than are currently in province
Upgrade fuel / supply consumtion now also upgrades max stocks
Fixed a bug where unit production line couldn't be upgraded if unit was 2 or more models obsolete.
USA now should build nuclear reactors.
Balanced Canada - now should build less IC
Translation consmetic changes.
Fixed MP checksum issue
A lot of new variables in misc.txt
Some balance tweaks.

21:12 Bug #743 (Closed): Admiral AI : Random Naval Mission Assignment
21:18 Bug #735 (Closed): Unlimited synthetic materials conversion for countries lacking synthetics techs
09:12 Bug #792 (Closed): CTD on Feb 20 1942
AI Front now detects and reacts much more active to on small attempted encirclements.
Bug #820 (Closed): Nuclear submarines act like they are out of fuel
Valkyrienet removed.
Compare army now reports units by orgin, not controller (so germany doesnt show 400+ divisions just because they have a lot of allies that give expeditionary forces)
Fix for battlescenarios speedup
Logistic now again once / 24H
Front AI optimization
New ESE calculations
Safe startup
Multiple Leader ID now give warning instead of crash
After Historical Date Tech Modifier now works as intended.
Bug #831: Can not add escorts to convoys
Bug #783: Dug in bonus remains in peacetime.
Fixed Tech Tooltip
Techteams now same speed no matter which slot they have.
New Feature: New Allied Convoy System

Feature 842: added version info in game window title in windowed mode.
Bug 825: AI is building IC in provinces that IC can not be built in
Bug #846: Spy mission coup does not work
New Values in misc.txt
New balance tests by balesir
Added forced 4KB buffer on file IO

Balancing fixes:
default carried oil/supply reduced
Land combat perks effect halved
ARM overrun effect on INF halved and Squarerooted (much lower overrun effect)
HARD ATTACK SHOTS now damage more STR/ORG - so when a shot actually hits a SHARM - it hurts a bit more.

Peace modifier now Proportional in stead of absolute.
BUG 847: "kmh" and "knt" are defined in the exe file, also "we estimate that we can arrive here:" is defined in th exe file
Bug 767: Victory Point tooltip broken
Bug 782: Message Boxes for new brigades do not update if production line upgraded
Bug 810: Military control causes foreign units to appear as the wrong models
Fixed Sleep loader CTD
Bug 834: releasing Vichy France cause you to lost units
Fixed Armor comment enumeration
Bug 781: Repair Provinces slider locks after being on auto control.
Toned down Strategic and air attack on airport strike
Submarine now doesnt get bonus to its positioning value when targetting.
Submarine now cant targetting the same target when attacked - needs to do another targetting check.
Balesirs latest balancing proposal
Land Fort damage modifier now in misc.txt

New Fature: Finding language files dynamically in Additional directory - easier for mods!
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Apr 10, 2006
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Congratulations and thx a lot! We will have much fund entering the weekend with AoD! :D

Do saves from 1.02 still run with 1.04? Will check myself tonight!


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Feb 24, 2010
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The Changelog posted above seems to show that the official release 1.04 does not modify 1.04RC4.

Is this true ?



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Feb 12, 2004
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Yes thanks a lot guys. Just bought the game 2 days ago - the day the patch released!:)


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Jan 25, 2009
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Oct 31, 2008
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I can also confirm that it has been released on Impulse. Now I just have to finish up my beta game before I'll start a new game with this one. :)


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May 9, 2005
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Hm. F***NG speedy game , once again! Faster than armageddon!

Completely satisfied with paradox patches, for the very first time.

Just remember that we aint paradox ;)