[1.0.0 (9b5a)] Invalid election promise conflicting with ethics upon start

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It is possible for candidates in elections to make campaign promises that are impossible to fulfill due to ethics. I.e. they are promising the people to pursue a policy that the people are so utterly against that it is impossible to select in the policy interface (but if you could, they'd reward you with influence.)

Example observed: Individualist, Pacifist, Spiritualist custom race, Theocratic Republic.

The first ruler upon starting the game had as his election goal: Slaver - enable slavery.

Slavery is explicitly prohibited by the Individualist ethic shared by 100% of the starting population and is a governing ethic and thus cannot be chosen.

...One really has to wonder how he got elected to the job on such a campaign platform in the first place. :D

EDIT: Now that I've played further, I can see that this does not only happen with the campaign mandate at start but can also happen later on.
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