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Hi again folks! It's a big day today with the release of the Common Sense expansion for EUIV! Naturally, we are releasing a patch for CKII in tandem, in order to keep the save game converter up-to-date.

Patch Notes here:
- Updated government calculation to be up to date with EU4 1.12
- Fixed the localisation issues on Mac and Linux with country names
- Ibadi is now its own main religion like it should be

NOTE: We are aware of an issue on Mac and Linux caused by EU4's recent engine upgrade, which broke EU4's ability to find the exported games from CK2. For now, you have to manually copy the exported save from eu4_export/mod to EU4's mod folder but this will be fixed ASAP by the EU4 team.

Now then, this time I thought I'd talk about the internal dynamics of the nomadic hordes. As I mentioned last time, Nomads use population and manpower rather than relying on levies and taxes from Holdings, so they tend to have a lot fewer normal vassals than other realms. To compensate for this, Nomad hordes rely on a variable number of member Clans instead. The Clans are similar to regular vassals in some respects, except that they also employ Manpower and Population (oh, and you are allowed to play as a vassal Clan too, of course), and each Clan has a special opinion called Clan Sentiment of the other Clans, separate from that of its chief. As a horde grows, it will be encouraged to increase the number of member Clans. Likewise, you can have too many Clans for the amount of available land.

Crusader Kings II - Clan Management.jpg

Effective management of the Clans takes some effort due to their infighting and Sentiments. We have added a new screen to give you a proper overview of the situation. Red lines between the Clans indicate an ongoing "Blood Feud" and green lines a "Blood Oath". A Clan can only have one "blood brother" Clan, but many feuds. Feuds are started either by simple declaration, or by raiding one of the other Clans in the realm... Yes, even though you might all be serving same Khan, nothing stops you from raiding a fellow Clan's land! Blood Oaths are similar to marriage alliances; they last as long as both of the Clan Chiefs are alive, but they are only type of alliance that allows you to call another Clan to war in internal wars (and that includes the Khan!) Blood Feuds are much more persistent and can only be settled with a payment of blood money... or by the other Clan's extinction.

Another twist to the Oath and Feud status is that actions taken against one Clan will affect the Sentiment of its enemy or blood brother, as appropriate. For example, an oath-bound Clan will also become hostile to whomever is raiding you, and will dislike any clans you are in Feud with for as long as the Oath lasts. Feuding parties are allowed to freely declare outright wars against each other, fighting over the grazing lands in a single county.

Crusader Kings II - Feud.jpg

Clans can be a bit tricky to manage, not just because of their own infighting but also because they don't follow any system of laws like the Feudal realms do; they are more about frankly expecting and demanding things from their Khan. If they view the Khan as weak and pathetic they are quite prone to attempt to have him replaced with another Clan chief (usually through membership in a special Faction.)

Apart from proposing Blood Oaths and declaring Feuds, the Khan also has access to a number of special actions against the other Clans. He can demand that they split in order to maintain balance within the tribe, or even absorb them; unless they refuse, of course! Clans are also free to adopt the religion of another Clan, should they like it better for some reason (steppe nomads are fairly open-minded about religious matters.)

I am sure there is more I should mention about Clan management, but since I really need to get back to work, I'll leave you with this. :) Next time; Tributaries, Nomad succession and dynamic mercenaries!
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I like the concept. Since Manichaeism was so important for these tribes, will you add it as a major religion? It was a potent force on the steppes for centuries after it died in the West.
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That's awesome. Honestly. All of you take a tasty cookie.
Nah I'll enjoy my "All-American Cheeseburger" chips instead. Best taste on chips ever.
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Yes, this will make the game so much more enjoyable while playing as hordes. Can't wait to hear more about tributaries and those dynamic mercenaries!
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Lovely diary there. The clan system sounds very interesting. It really is starting to sound like steppe hordes will have a completely different feel to a regular feudal realm. I look forward to getting stuck in when the Horse Lords appears in the near/middle future!
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It really is starting to sound like steppe hordes will have a completely different feel to a regular feudal realm.
It is what we are aiming for
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I like more ways to form alliances, but Im interested in dynamic mercenaries.

Honestly as much as I like the horde stuff and will buy the DLC Im more interested in any balance changes that will happen.
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Dynamic mercenaries? Sounds like something that could also be a thing for non-nomad governments, am I right? Also: nomad succession! Will be an interesting DD next week.
But clan politics also seem like they could be an entertaining feature. :cool:
Can´t wait to play that DLC! :)
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Dynamic mercenaries, you say?
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