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Stellaris - Dev Diary #82: Synthetic Dawn Music

Hello everyone and welcome to another Stellaris development diary! This time I'm going to give the word to our very own composer, Andreas Waldetoft, who will be talking about new music in the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack.

I have once again been given some time to work on Stellaris, which always has been something very inspiring for me. There is so much freedom in writing the music for this that I never run out of ideas. For me, it is not the harmony or melody that is the hard part for Stellaris, it is finding the right sound and synth for the job.

For Synthetic Dawn I wanted to have the focus on simple synthetic sounds that would sit in the front seat throughout the songs. Some would call it a retro feeling with that 80-90’s game soundtrack kind of feeling, with my own style blended in. Musical lines that keeps changing more in tempo, dynamics and shapes rather than in musical harmony.

I did not however want to change the focus and soul of what has become the essence of Stellaris music so that it would sit wrong with all the other tunes that is in the game now. There is still similar musical language and ethereal sounds that we have heard before.

In total there are 3 new tracks, totaling ~18 minutes of music. Here is one of them, called 'Synthetic God' for your listening pleasure:

That's all for today! Next week we'll be going over a number of smaller changes coming in the 1.8 'Čapek' update, including the rework of Core Sector Governors and changes to democratic elections.
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Nothing beats old 80s-90s retrosynth music imho :D

To me the music feels very inspired by the end 70s space disco music (Like for example 'The Droids' ), totally loving it
Can't wait to listen to X minutes of new music!
Is this Music for free or within the paid dlc?

Says at the top it's for the story pack, so dlc.

EDIT: That track is AMAZING! Liked it at the start but the increasing tempo is what made it! Clearly you have mastered that most ancient of instruments: the synthesizer.
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