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Stellaris Dev Diary #71: The Adams Update (part 2)

Hello everyone and welcome to another Stellaris development diary. Today's dev diary is the second part on the 1.6 'Adams' update, with a couple more breakdowns of features we wanted to highlight for the update. Additionally, we're also going to post the full 1.6 patchnotes, along with an announcement of the release of 1.6 'Adams' on Tuesday, May 9th, the 1-year anniversary of Stellaris' release! Save games from 1.5 should be fine to be continued in 1.6, but we will as always provide the ability to roll back your game to 1.5 if you experience any issues with your save.

Devouring Swarm
A new addition in 1.6 for those with Utopia is the Devouring Swarm civic. This civic represents a Hive Mind that is hell-bent on consuming or absorbing all other life in the galaxy and has no use for diplomacy with those that are not part of the Hive. Devouring Swarms have the same diplomatic restrictions with other species applied that Fanatic Purifiers do, and will effectively be unable to conduct any diplomacy besides wars and insults. Like Fanatic Purifiers, they get no additional tradition cost from alien Pops and get a boost to society research for each Pop they devour. They also get significant boosts to Army Damage, Ship Hull Points, Society Research and have a small amount of constant hull regeneration on their ships.

We have also fixed regular Hive Minds so they can choose to displace rather than devour non-Hive Mind Pops.

Terraforming Enhancements
Another new addition to 1.6 is the 'Ecological Adaptation' technology that can be researched after Atmospheric Manipulation and allows for terraforming of inhabited worlds. Terraforming an inhabited planet will leave the sentient population alive, but give them slight happiness penalties while the process is underway. You can still only terraform planets that are either owned by you or uninhabited but within your borders.

Additionally, for those with Utopia we have also made some slight adjustments to the World Shaper perk. When it is taken, you will immediately unlock the Atmospheric Manipulation technology (if that technology is not already researched) and will be more likely to have other, more advanced terraforming technologies be available for research.

And now, without further ado, here are the full patchnotes of 1.6. Click the 'spoiler' button to show them. Enjoy!

####################### VERSION 1.6.0 ########################

# Expansion Features
* (UTOPIA) Added Devouring Swarm civic to the game for Hive Minds
* (UTOPIA) It is now possible to find and repair ruined Megastructures in the galaxy

# Features
* Possible to repair ruined Ringworlds with the Mega-Engineering technology
* Reworked the empire diplomacy rooms into a set of 16 different rooms themed around AI personalities that can be freely chosen between when designing an empire
* Replaced Growth Time modifier effect with Growth Speed and rebalanced related values
* Added the ability to drain sector resource stockpiles, giving you 75% of their stockpiled resources at the cost of 100 influence. The cost is reduced to 25 influence during defensive wars
* It is now possible to terraform inhabited planets if you have researched the new Ecological Adaptation tech
* You can now set taxes for Energy Credits and Minerals on sectors separately
* Ironman autosaving is now quarterly instead of monthly

# Balance
* Humans are now Adaptive, Nomadic and Wasteful instead of Quick Learners and Nomadic
* The cost of species modification projects is now based on the difference between the traits at the start and end of modification, rather than on the sum of the trait cost
* The Prethoryn Scourge crisis will now show up more often and the Unbidden less often
* More than doubled the base strength of the Prethoryn Scourge invasion fleets
* Doubled the base strength of the Extradimensional fleets, and their initial fleet has been more than quadrupled
* The power of crisis fleets now scales to the size of the galaxy
* The power of Fallen/Awakened empire fleets now scales somewhat to the size of the galaxy
* Certain common anomalies will no longer spawn repeatedly
* It is no longer possible to technologically enlighten Fanatic Xenophobe primitives
* Choosing the religious awakening end of the Old Gods event chain now just shifts your empire's ethics towards spiritualist rather than completely replacing them
* Increased warp wind-down time
* Charismatic and Repugnant now only impact opinion of other empires (+25/-25 respectively) rather than affecting happiness
* Pops that are freed from slavery in a Caste System will now have some lingering unhappiness about being made slaves in the first place
* Delicious Titans now gives +50% food (down from +100%)
* Hive Minds can now choose to eat titanic life
* World Shaper ascension perk now also unlocks the Atmospheric Manipulation technology
* Master Builders ascension perk now increases megastructure build speed by +100%, but no longer provides a cost reduction
* Terraforming-related technologies are now less rare, and even more likely to appear if you have the World Shaper ascension perk
* Planetary Survey Corps now gives 1/10th of monthly research (min of 3) instead of 1/3rd
* Reduced likelihood of enclaves and space monsters spawning within player borders at game start
* Tuned Xeno Outreach agenda weights
* All consumer goods are now paid for on the empire level, to make it more clear to the player what costs are incurred by living standards
* 'Megastructure Demands Rejected' modifier set to 7200 days
* Withdrawal effects of Chemical Bliss are now less severe and do not last as long
* Extradimensionals now turn planets barren after destroying colonies
* Sensor techs now increase planet sensor range instead of survey speed
* Automated Survey Protocols now provides +50% ship survey speed (up from +15%)
* Reduced distance at which Xenophobe Fallen Empires are angered by Frontier Outposts
* Corporate Dominion civic no longer requires you to be Egalitarian
* Leviathans will no longer occasionally spawn right next to empire starting systems
* Spiritualist Fallen Empires are no longer upset by colonizing tomb worlds, as this caused issues with various event chains and was inconsistent when they would not be upset over terraforming them
* Upgrading transport ships is now instant and has no cost
* Ships caught in FTL magnets no longer warp in right on top of a station, but rather near it
* Boosted the damage output, shield hit points and hull points of military stations and frontier outposts substantially
* Increased the distance at which military stations have to be built from each other
* Boosted the output of Science Nexus to +30/+60/+90
* Habitat Solar Processors can no longer be built in a system with a at least half-completed Dyson Sphere
* It is now possible for Fanatic Xenophobe Spiritualists to be Fanatic Purifiers
* Strength of Legions Civic now also adds -20% army upkeep
* Faction Issues have been remixed, with multiple new and re-tuned demands
* Increased the effect of promoting an ethic to +100% attraction
* Fallen Empires now spawn slightly further apart from other empires
* Removed influence cost from Fleet Academy spaceport module
* Guardians of Zanaam are now a bit more difficult to defeat
* There is now a 30-day cooldown on insults, to prevent spamming of them in multiplayer
* Homeworld habitability is now a +30% bonus instead of always being 100%
* Colonial Centralization is now a tier 2 tech
* No longer possible to trade away systems while at war
* Galactic Administration and a number of technologies depending on it are now tier 3 techs
* Pre-FTL civilizations can no longer achieve FTL in the first 25 years of the game
* Share the Burden edict is no longer possible for synthetic empires
* Removed weapons from Mining and Research stations
* Adopting domination now gives +20 to acceptance on diplomatic subjugation actions
* Properly completing the Enigmatic Fortress event chain now yields a random Enigmatic technology rather than all of them
* Hive Minds now get a +25% Pop Growth Speed
* Hive Minds now get +10% habitability
* Each tradition group adopted now adds +10% to tradition adoption cost
* Terraforming technology is now more common
* Pops will now only voluntarily migrate away from planets that are heavily crowded
* Fanatic Purifiers civic now increases Xenophobe attraction
* Mechanist civic now increases materialist attraction

# Buildings
* Symbol of Unity building and related technology have been removed from the game
* Artist Monument no longer affects happiness or unity as a modifier, but instead has its unity ouput increased from 3 to 10
* Champion of the People trait effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
* Inward Perfection civic effect on citizen happiness removed
* Peace Festivals edict effect on happiness replaced with +30% food
* Paradise Dome building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
* Dragon Monument building effect on happiness replaced with 15 unity output
* Dragon Shrine building effect on happiness replaced with 15 unity output
* Stellarite Trophy building effect on happiness replaced with 15 unity output
* Cultural Center habitat building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
* Cultural Center habitat building unity output increased from 3 to 4
* Loop Institute building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
* Loop Institute building society output increased from 4 to 8
* Omega Alignment building physics output increased from 8 to 10
* Clinics now produce society research instead of food
* Habitats are now a little better at mineral production, and a little worse at energy and science production (though still much better at the latter than the former)

# AI
* AI now better understands how to develop planets with only slaves and non-sentient robots
* Improved AI logic for calculating when it can win a ground invasion
* AI now devotes more resources to building up a force of assault armies before declaring war
* Fixed AI calculating adjacency bonuses wrong
* Auto explore no longer explores war territory
* Created define for army military power mult when calculating if AI should land armies
* Fixed bug causing fleet order within borders to be canceled when target fleet was moving between systems
* AI no longer installs two required components of the same type on a ship
* Tweaked calculation of AI fleet size to avoid fleets being split up right after the country fleet size is above the define value
* Civilians and transports emergency-FTL as soon as they are in combat and their health is below 100%
* Fixed bug where AI was trying to move a leader that was already on its way to a location
* Fixed bug where AI cancelled fleet order to attack hostiles within borders
* Fixed a bug where the sector AI was checking against the owner country's minerals instead of its own when deciding whether to build a spaceport

# Sectors
* Sectors will now properly stop colonizing when you turn off the colonize setting
* Sectors will no longer settle planets that would anger a Fallen Empire that is superior to their own empire
* Sector AI should no longer build over Alien Pets and Betharian Stone with buildings that can't make use of them
* Fixed an issue where sector AI would construct buildings on tiles worked by Livestock
* Sector AI now prioritizes building robot Pops on planets with unworked buildings
* Sector AI now prioritizes building robot Pops on planets that have biological pops that cannot reproduce
* Sector no longer gets stuck trying to colonize planet in hostile system

# Interface
* Clarified restrictions in a megastructure tooltip
* Outliner now sorts civilian ships according to ship class
* Empire creation screen is now closed when pressing back on the server lost dialog
* Added missing explanations why certain special projects could not be researched in the fleet order tooltips
* The confirmation dialog for removing hotkeys now correctly says "Remove" instead of "No"
* Food tooltip now shows the effects of food surplus on Pop growth
* Fixed an improper "We cannot afford this" tooltip in Artisan Troupe interaction
* Fixed alignment in terraforming window
* Subjects of members of the same Federation as the player now display as allied in the galaxy map
* Frontier stations now display influence maintenance cost in their upkeep tooltip
* Added an explanation for why you can't build orbital stations around planets and stars with anomalies
* Should now be more clear which is the player's empire in contact view
* Can now see who is rivaling an empire in diplomacy view
* Primitives now have different flag tiers depending on which age they are in
* Anomaly interface now displays the name of the system along with the name of the planet
* Planet view now shows number and max number of garrisoned armies
* Planets that are terraforming candidates now show their name plate in system view to differentiate them from uninteresting planets
* Faction type tooltips now show the faction's corresponding ethos
* Peace notifications for wars you're not involved in will now show what war demands were enforced
* Expansion Planner colonization view will now only list planets with Pops that are able to colonize the target planet
* Added a 'track all' button for special projects with multiple sub-goals
* Terra Incognita is now consistently applied in all mapmodes
* Added a mapmode toggle to show and hide hyperlanes
* Tooltip for private colony ship was showing minerals instead of energy
* Added an alert for having inactive civics
* Added an alert for having unspent Civic points
* Fixed 4-digit fleet capacity causing line break in top bar
* Fleet disband confirmation dialog now uses correct text for stations
* White Peace offers are now clearly labeled as such
* Added the option to send 1000 resources at a time during a trade deal by CTRL-SHIFT clicking
* Added the option to send 1000 resources to a sector by CTRL-clicking
* The Displacement icon will now always show up when a Pop is being forced away from a planet for any reason
* The tooltip for Protectorates in diplomatic view now tells you what their relative tech level to their Overlord is
* Fixed an animation bug Fleet view causing it to slide in and out from the screen
* Added information about how long truces between other empires will last in diplomacy view
* Added a map mode that displays which empires are considered neighbors
* Ships and stations that cannot do damage will no longer have displayed military power in system view
* Aligned requesting hotjoin text
* The slavery/purge sounds now play when appropriate species rights are set

# User modding
* Added has_valid_civic trigger
* Added country_robot_build_speed_mult modifier
* Added on_army_recruited on action
* The change_species effect now works on colony ships
* The is_same_species triggers now work on colony ships
* The "species" scope switch not works on colony ships
* Added game rule should_kill_growing_pop
* special project leader skill requirement is the minimum level required (skill = 3 instead of skill > 2)
* add init_effect to spawn_megastructure effect
* set_graphical_culture works on megastructures
* megastructure's on_build_start: add megastructure instance as fromfrom
* Removed unused effects load_parameters and remove_sector
* on_modification_complete is executed after changing the species of all affected pops and after updating the empire's founder species (if applicable). Fix FROM (species) scope of that event not working
* Which resources the AI prioritizes when placing capitals is now moddable

# Performance
* Cleaned up frame meshes so they do not get pushed to the gfx card at all
* Multithreaded ship component targeting

# Graphics
* Ringworld planets now have unique sky backgrounds
* Fixed missing effect when missiles missed their target
* Added a missing modifier and a missing tech icon
* Added two new planet modifiers
* Added new event images for utopia
* Adjusted som ship sizes icons
* Added several new modifier icons

# Bugfixes
* Precursor homeworld events are now triggered for the chain-owner immediately upon planet survey, should fix not being able to complete precursor chains in some cases
* Fixed the Enigmatic Fortress event chain sometimes not restarting properly after failing it once
* The opinion modifiers of Charismatic and Repugnant species traits are now displayed in the empire editor
* You are no longer blocked from disbanding fleets controlled by sectors
* Conquered pops now get their species rights created and setup correctly if they where not existing before
* Fixed a bug where psionic awakening of non-primary species in an empire would cause the empire's primary species to change
* Only remove fleets and armies of a country when losing it's last planet if country type needs colonies, Swarm remains even though planets are lost
* Fixed out-of-sync where spaceport modifiers were not properly recalculated after hotjoin
* Fixed out-of-sync where fleets could end up with different fleet stances after hotjoin
* Fixed out-of-sync where empires could end up with different war allies
* Fixed out-of-sync where cached ship design values were not recalculated after hotjoin
* Fixed trading Star Charts sometimes not giving Communications with uncovered Primitives
* Xenophobe factions (Isolationist and Supremacist) are now Suppressed and Promoted together
* Synthetic Evolution will now also convert any owned robots, droids or synths to your new species
* Terraforming is now interrupted when a planet has its planet class changed
* Fixed a bug where sometimes the Scourge would not properly purge pops while infesting worlds
* Fixed a bug where the buildings of Awakened Empires would be destroyed at the end of the War in Heaven
* Fixed Fanatic Purifier empires occasionally not displaying the correct contact dialogue
* Primitives on Ring Worlds will no longer nuke themselves planet-shaped
* The technology Enigmatic Disruption Field is no longer available to players
* A tooltip warning is now shown when trying to build colony ships for unreachable planets in the expansion planner
* Fixed indoctrinate natives not working properly for xenophiles and pacifists
* Fanatic Authoritarian ethic now properly disables oligarchic authority type
* Planet tile now recalculates its modifiers when a timed pop modifier expires
* Species view does not automagically create new species rights for synthetics upon opening anymore (overriding AI policy)
* Fixed modifiers such as +1 monthly influence not being applied correctly
* Fixed a bug where you could have an invalid civic and still get benefits from it in some cases (such as Agrarian Idyll)
* Fixed food deficit from sectors sometimes being ignored, causing big fluctuations in food income
* Tweaked the trade values for the "Nomad Trade Proposal" event chain
* Nomads and Artisan Troupe will no longer ask to settle pops on Hive Mind planets
* The selected flag pattern is now properly highlighted in the empire creator
* Ships no longer "skips ahead" to other queued systems when they encounter hostiles
* Xenos that are being purged no longer increase Xenophile ethics attraction on their planet
* Fixed CTD when a war is started
* Fixed a bug that was giving ethics to entities that shouldn't have them (such as the Unbidden)
* Now possible to form the League of Non-Aligned Powers even if you do not have diplomacy traditions
* Support for democratic leaders is now reset when an election ends
* Hive Minds no longer change government and ethics when becoming the dominion of a Spiritualist Awakened Empire
* Fixed bug where the Synthetic Evolution ascension perk would not change the species of colony ships
* Fixed bug where The Flesh Is Weak ascension perk would not change the species of colony ships
* Fix growing pops not being killed when population control is enabled
* Unity gained from purging pops as Fanatic Purifier is no longer capped at 6
* Fixed Armageddon bombing stance to properly affect planet
* Capital is now properly moved when it is lost in a war
* 'Tile Blocker Cleared' sound now only plays if the cleared blocker is the last item in the build queue
* Fixed bug where the species rights change date was always updated
* Fixed bug where your country could be destroyed if a planet you attacked got rebel revolts
* Reworked the 'a Change of Heart' event chain to better fit the new ethics system
* It is now possible to build both defense and assault versions of robotic and android armies
* Fixed crash bug if you were kicked while selecting empire in the multiplayer lobby
* Fixed a Horizon Signal-related technology not appearing
* Fixed bug where the combat stats notification could not be opened
* War allies are now properly removed
* Fixed the tech weights for Selected Lineages and Capacity Boosters to be more likely for Authoritarians instead of penalizing them on it
* Enslaved robots no longer cause Authoritarian and Xenophobe ethics attraction
* Threat generated by vassals that are not free to declare their own wars is now given to their overlord instead
* Fixed bug where robotic species could not be picked to play after hotjoin
* Fixed a bug where timed modifiers on factions would never update
* Fixed rare CTD when starting a new game
* Contact is now properly established if another empire happens to spawn within your sensor range in a new game
* Fixed a case where ruler skill level wasn't correctly set on start of game
* Fixed sector tooltip displaying "Planning to construct none" for spaceport constructions
* Probing primitives no longer protects them from asteroids
* Quit to desktop will now trigger an ironman save
* Fixed Chemical Bliss living standard accidentally requiring the Utopia expansion
* Xenophiles are no longer upset by the purging of Hive Mind drones
* Stations no longer have warnings for FTL drive in ship designer
* Fixed a bug where a hotjoining player without the Utopia DLC could not pick countries that used Utopia features
* Ironman games now show a gauntlet
* Ironman now saves when exiting to main menu
* Fixed pre-scripted empire government types not matching their actual government types
* Fixed minor typo rendering the game "literally unplayable"
* Fixed a bug that was causing nerve stapled pops to never be enslaved
* Fixed Philsopher King civic not applying to your starting ruler
* Fixed a bug where reforming your government authority in the middle of an election after the death of your ruler could cause your empire to be stuck without a ruler permanently
* Fixed colony events inappropriately firing on occupied planets
* Fixed a bug where changing your government type would not properly update in contacts view
* Invalid research options are now instantly removed from list
* Fixed an interface issue where the 'Research Project' button would not work on planets with multiple special projects if one of those projects had been completed
* Split Fleet now properly tries to balance ship composition between the two new fleets
* Fixed "Birth of Space Piracy" event potentially spawning two stations in certain circumstances
* Fixed research project order button not showing up at all in right-click context menu when you had a scientist with too low skill
* Can no longer merge or split fleets that are in the middle of FTL wind-down, to prevent various exploits
* No longer possible to support leaders for an election when there is no election going on
* Fixed a bug where changing the size of the galaxy in game setup would sometimes also change its shape
* Background texture in ship designer is now always the same
* Fixed "return home" fleet orders considering overlord's space ports even if they are hostile
* Fixed colonizer GUI elements showing up in 'alien menace' fleet interface
* No longer possible to see which unsurveyed planets have deposits and primitives by right-clicking them while having a construction ship selected
* Ships with attack orders will now abort those attack orders if the target moves outside sensor range
* Removed open borders wargoal, since enforced open borders on war end made it redundant
* Anomaly interface now displays the name of the system along with the name of the planet
* It is no longer possible to split or merge fleets that have been given orders to upgrade, to prevent various exploits
* Fixed 'enemy troops landing' notification playing when landing on your own (occupied) planet
* Spaced out the planets of the Sol system a little bit
* Possibly fixed issue causing diplomatic invation spams from AI: AI not checking proposed actions and Diplo propose command making IsValid check instead of IsProposable
* Diplo actions which require votes and are invalid are now disabled and the reason stated in tooltip
* Fixed strange Curator system with three planets sharing the same orbit
* It is no longer possible to enter arbitrarily long names when creating new empires
* Fixed some text overflows in various interfaces
* Fixed fleets going to hostile space ports when upgrading or returning "home" when part of an independence war
* Fixed a bug where the war menu showed that the AI would accept a peace offer even if it wouldn't
* It is no longer possible to get sector excluded costs deducted as a player when building items
* Unrest alert is no longer shown for planets that are occupied by another empire
* Pop faction promotion/suppression modifiers are now removed when the faction is destroyed
* Fixed an issue causing the list of recruitable armies to show invalid entries
* The Awoken in the Limbo event chain are no longer purged by another species
* Synthetic rebel leaders now get "AI" names
* Can no longer reform governments to have invalid civics
* The species gene modify button and trait points counter are now hidden if the selected species is robotic and not modifiable
* Player no longer blocked from completing special project on species modification due to homeworld being in other's borders
* All habitability calculations are now clamped at [0, 100]
* Empires with fanatic purifier civic can't select peaceful first contact policy anymore
* Potential warscore cost description now shows the country with the lowest cost
* Fixed "first colony" event sometimes not showing up
* Fixed missing species class-related descriptors for Robots
* Ground combat is now canceled if the attackers and defenders are no longer at war
* Expansion planner now properly updates the colonize button when conditions change (such as getting enough minerals to be able to build a colony ship)
* Fixed some issues with the Fleet Maneuvers event
* When cancelling construction of robots, resources are refunded
* You can now build stations in systems where you share borders with another empire
* Conquering a planet before communications are established now applies the recently conquered penalty
* Fixed being able to click through background of technology view
* Fixed issue where Extradimensionals Defeated event failed to trigger properly
* Strike craft now correctly shows up as weapon components when inspecting ships
* Country types without policies will be able to do full bombardment
* Scrollbar now properly resets when flipping between researched categories in technology view
* Fix that you could upgrade a megastructure even if you lacked the necessary ascension perk
* Changing policies so that an ongoing observation station mission is no longer valid will now remove that mission from the station
* Fix Resetting species rights to default could circumvent cooldowns
* Fixed newly created Pops not getting ethics under some circumstances
* Infested planets no longer destroyed
* Species Modifications: Free traits can be selected even if no trait picks are left
* Fixed a bug that was causing the Zanaam system not to spawn
* Fixed a bug in ship designer that was causing Psionic Shields not to be picked over regular shields
* Fixed army morale modifiers not working properly
* Ships in evasive stance will now always flee from and avoid systems that have any hostiles that could potentially attack them (including different types of stations)
* A species will no longer get an increase in habitability on their homeworld if the homeworld's planet class changed
* Colony ships that have active colonization orders are no longer displayed as idle and available in expansion planner
* Only the Federation President can now rename a Federation
* Robots that are under construction no longer cost maintenance
* Landing armies on a vassal or ally's planet no longer gives a confirmation dialog stating it will turn them hostile
* Unarmed ships and stations will no longer engage each other in combat under any circumstances
* Fixed out-of-sync where killed ships had their movement updated
* It is once again possible to uplift pre-sentients inside your borders even if you do not own their planet as long as nobody else does either
* Fixed tooltip for Charismatic/Repugnant ethics attraction showing misleading information
* Fixed not being able to trade star charts with allies and subjects
* Fixed tooltip for build mining station order incorrectly showing a maintenance cost when building an energy mining station
* Gaia planets will no longer get the 'Hostile Wildlife' planet modifier under normal circumstances
* Fixed war overview always showing player and allies as 'Attackers' even in defensive wars
* Clicking a faction in the outliner now opens the Faction View with that faction selected
* Clicking the 'Sector Missing Resourecs' alert now opens Planets & Sectors view
* Enclaves are now properly placed when sorting by opinion in contacts view
* Relative Power of Enclaves is now hidden in contacts view
* No longer possible to cede and cleanse the same planet
* Fixed randomized species sometimes being generated with the Uplifted trait
* When choosing Hive Mind ethic, Hive Mind authority will now also be autoselected
* Rulers now gain experience and level up from ruling. Heirs gain experience at a reduced rate under Imperial authority
* Oligarchies and Democracies no longer start with skill level 4 rulers
* Fixed certain policies dealing with multiple species not showing up immediately for empires with Syncretic Evolution
* Spiritualist Fallen Empires will no longer demand that empires that have completed the Worm-in-Waiting event chain abandon their home worlds
* Fixed a bug where getting communications with a Fallen Empire or Enclave would immediately give you access to research options for all strategic resources
* Fixed the cheapest Artisan Patron option always being available to everyone
* Fixed overflow bug causing ethic attraction to show wrong values
* It is no longer possible to find out the hit points of 'boss' creatures through the battle screen
* Fixed missing planet or moon reference in the Irassian homeworld event
* Fixed an issue with movement arrows acting strange when lots of orders had been queued
* Species view now only shows pre-sentients within your borders when in Empire species mode
* Culture shocked Pops can no longer join factions
* Megastructures can no longer be built around planets/stars with Anomalies
* Fixed some Fanatic Purifiers getting Slaving Despots AI personality instead
* Fixed AI colonizing next to Xenophobic Fallen Empires when they did not have the power to stand up to them
* Disable slavery/purge species rights groups if they are not applicable
* Derelict Cruiser now has proper components, no longer an empty strike craft section
* Pre-sentients progress bar is now grey again
* Armies from species that are not valid for recruitment (due to changing species rights, etc) will now be disbanded
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* The power of crisis fleets now scales to the size of the galaxy
A welcome change

* Increased warp wind-down time
OUCH!! That's gonna hurt

Boosted the damage output, shield hit points and hull points of military stations and frontier outposts substantially

* Removed weapons from Mining and Research stations
Does this mean that Mining and Research stations will no longer be attacked by fleets when in combat with an enemy fleet?

* Paradise Dome building effect on happiness reduced from +10% to +5%
Awwww... to be fair it was a pretty easy one to get... and this is also seems like a nerf to Harmony tradition (?)
The Swarm Must Fed

And use biomass collected for build organics ships and cities.... please?

"Faction Issues have been remixed, with multiple new and re-tuned demands"

* Increased warp wind-down time

Why does warp have to continually get worse? It was already slow and annoyingly so, already
Heh. Either some fixed bugs were left out by mistake in the patch notes or are covered by some other fix, or some of the early gene-modification bugs that have been reported and acknowledged for ages will soon celebrate their first anniversary.
* Fixed minor typo rendering the game "literally unplayable"


Joke aside: has the Unbidden spawn rate bug been fixed? It isn't mentioned in the patch notes, but is one of the more obvious - and easily fixed - bugs. Especially with the now even more powerful Invaders, I don't know if I want to get them every single game.
Because i can't read anything about it specifically: Does the patch also fix the very serious "ai empires starving themselves bug"??