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Stellaris Dev Diary #290 - We Have Contact (3.7.2 'Canis Minor' Patch Notes)

Hi, everyone!

This story pack has been something we've wanted to bring you for quite some time, so it's my great pleasure to bring you the release notes for the Stellaris 3.7.2 'Canis Minor' update and the First Contact Story Pack. I've also attached the 3.7.2 Script Documentation file for those who will find it of value.

canis minor 37 features.png


#################### First Contact ######################​


First Contact Story Pack

  • New Origins
    • Payback - Your civilization was invaded by – and repelled – an advanced invader from the stars. With access to their technology, your empire is now ready to enter the galactic stage and find out just what else is out there.
    • Broken Shackles - Band together as the survivors of a crashed slaver ship and build a diverse empire with multiple species from across the galaxy. Embark on a quest to find your various homeworlds, as long as you escape the prying eyes of your former captors.
    • Fear of the Dark - A portion of your population has embraced isolationism and xenophobia, ever since a planet in your solar system suffered an “incident”. Will you ignore their concerns and explore the stars, making “friends” along the way? Or will you appease their isolationism in order to grow your civilization even more powerful?
  • New Pre-FTL interactions
    • Enhanced mechanics for observation and diplomacy
    • New Espionage Operations for infiltrating and uplifting pre-FTL targets
    • New stories and events
    • Unique Pre-FTL civilization: Renewable Society
    • Added Pre-FTL Hiveminds (requires Utopia + First Contact)
    • Pre-FTL civilizations can have a small chance to spawn with one of the following origins:
      • Shattered Ring (Requires Federations)
      • Mechanists (Requires Utopia)
      • Life-Seeded (Requires Apocalypse)
      • Ocean Paradise (Requires Aquatics Species Pack)
      • Subterranean (Requires Overlord)
  • 12 new Insight Technologies added - A new category of techs gained from observed Pre-FTLs
  • New Civics allowing early jump drive based exploration at the cost of starting without Hyperdrives:
    • Eager Explorers
    • Private Exploration
    • Stargazers
    • Exploration Protocol
  • Added Cloaking and Cloaking Detection
    • Up to 10 levels of Cloaking/Cloaking Detection, with smaller hulls being easier to cloak than larger hulls
    • Military Ships cannot be detected by normal sensors, may ignore closed borders as long as they remain undetected, and can decloak to ambush hostile ships
    • Science Ships may cloak to explore beyond closed borders, gather intel from other empires’ planets, and boost cloaking detection of a starbase
  • 8 new achievements introduced


################ VERSION 3.7.2 - Canis Minor ##################​


Changes and additions

  • Archaeotechnologies feature added to Ancient Relics DLC
    • Completed Archaeology Sites and Precursor Anomalies now have a chance to spawn Minor Artifacts Deposits.
    • A new branch of society research has been created, with new technologies revolving around the study and use of minor artifacts to create unique ship components, starbase modules and planetary buildings.
    • Several Archaeology sites now reward you with rare Archaeotechnologies.
    • Completing the Secrets of [Precursor] projects now rewards you with unique technologies.
    • Added the new Archaeoengineers Ascension Perk to make the most out of your archaoetechnologies.
    • Adjusted the prices of the minor artifact actions.
    • The Rubricator now grats 500 minor artifacts.
    • The Remnants origin now starts with a Faculty of Archaeostudies building replacing its original science lab.
    • “Secrets of the…” Projects now give you access to a followup archaeotech research.
    • Amount of Minor Artifacts in store is now capped. They can also be traded with other empires, but not on the Internal or Galactic Market.
  • Various Pre-FTL civilization changes and additions
    • Pre-FTL civilizations tech and awareness system added
      • Technology Progression has now been standardized and is visible on the UI.
      • Awareness is gained through a variety of actions such as space battles or blowing up the pre-FTLs moon. Once Awareness reaches max the pre-FTLs will contact the observing nation.
      • Pre-ftl civilizations now spawn with a random amount of technological progress in their current age. Early Space Age civilizations are capped at having a maximum of 50% progress and thus 20 years away from achieving FTL tech.
    • Passive and Aggressive Observation now give 50% less resources than before, but their output increases by 10% for every 10 Infiltration Level your spynetwork has on the pre-FTL civilization being observed, up to a maximum of 150% resources at 100 Infiltration.
    • Pre-ftl civilizations that are enlightened by another empire and did not have a unique origin will now be granted the Enlightened origin, giving +0.5 Monthly Loyalty, +10% Research Speed and allowing them to become Specialist Subjects (requires Overlord) regardless of any technological disparity with their overlord.
    • The Old Foes pre-ftl civilizations now have the post-apocalyptic origin and the survivor trait.
    • Pre-FTL civilizations now display the Developing Civilization origin if they do not have a unique origin.
    • Pre-FTL civilizations now change their authority whenever they advance a technology age.
    • Added a pre-FTL Deneb system.
    • Pre-FTL observation missions and event chains reworked and improved
    • Reworked how pre-sapient life is spawned in the galaxy. Pre-sapient species are now generated on galaxy generation instead of being spawn by anomaly. There is a 5% chance for habitable planets to have a pre-sapient species present. This can be increased by the “Pre-FTL Civilizations and Pre-Sapient Species” galaxy generation slider.
    • Implemented new trait icons for Pre-Sapient Traits.
    • If you start as a Necrophage Hivemind and own “First Contact”, your guaranteed pre-FTL worlds will now also be hive-minded.
  • Alien Zoos have replaced an Entertainer job with a Zookeeper job, providing society research and amenities.
  • You can now keep livestock slaves in alien zoos.
  • Alien Zoos on planets with pre-sapients (and with the preserve policy selected) provide Conserved Fauna jobs, providing additional amenities. If the empire instead has the Warrior Culture civic, these are swapped for Gladiatorial Beasts.
  • Allowed pop stealing bombardment stance if you own First Contact or Apocalypse DLC.
  • Anniversary Portraits free DLC is now part of the base game.
  • Added 1 new achievement.
  • Main menu background updated.


  • Toxoid species who wear clothes are now valid targets for scathing diplomatic insults about their fashion choices.
  • Added speed control shortcut shift + up/down arrow.
  • Assorted edits to the texts which comprise the "Old Gods" event chain. The doctrines have been refined without disturbing their protective lacquer.
  • Energy Torpedo ship roles will now only show up if you have the relevant technology.
  • Mercenaries now offer you a chance to hire them before the Khan does.
  • Players are now given the option to play as the Daemonic Incursion.
  • Rogue Servitors now have the option to pacify Space Amoebas.
  • Automated colony designation has been improved.


  • Overlord and vassal related changes
    • Enlightened empires can always become specialist subjects.
    • Federation members are now excluded from taking part in independence wars between members of their federation unless they are supporting independence of one of the vassals rising up.
    • Vassals can now invite other vassals of their overlord in a joined independence war even if they are all part of the same Federation.
    • Fixed a bug where vassals were not allowed to declare independence war from their Overlord if they were both part of the same federation due to their restricted diplomacy agreement.
    • All vassals who are fighting in a joint independence war will now become independent if they win instead of only the Empire who initiated the vote.
  • Added a new class of reactors for Juggernauts and Star-Eaters which have a construction and upkeep cost.
  • Building an Alien Zoo in the spirit of scientific inquiry and preservation now pleases Xenoist Pop Factions. This Demand does not apply to empires with the Warrior Culture Civic.
  • Technologist Factions' Demand to carry out Science Without Borders may now also be satisfied when you establish a diplomatic means of technologically enlightening a pre-FTL civilization.
  • Technologist Pop Factions are no longer disappointed when your empire joins Holy Covenants, however they remain pleased when you join a Research Federation. Similarly, Traditionalist Pop Factions are no longer outraged when your empire joins a Research Federation, though they do still encourage membership of Holy Covenants. Religious scholars rejoice!
  • The disapproval you receive from Traditionalist Factions for having The Flesh is Strong go unfulfilled has been halved, from -30% to -15%. In addition, they raise their complaints a little sooner: upon completion of the "Flesh is Weak" special project.
  • Xenoist Factions are now satisfied by policies of Non-Interference or Subtle Interference in pre-FTL civilizations.
  • Defender of the Galaxy now gives +200 opinion instead of +20.
  • Influence gain from uplifting pre-sapients is now 50.
  • A society research leader with the Psychic or any Chosen trait now increases the chance of drawing the Psionics technology.
  • Reduced the spawn rate of the "Solar Sailer" anomaly by about a third on uninhabitable planets.
  • Subterfuge traditions now grant a 5x weight modifier on drawing subterfuge related technologies.
  • The Refinery planet and habitat designations now grant 20% bonuses to refiners, translucers, chemists, and all strategic resource mining professions.
  • The default Habitat designation now acts similarly to the default Colony, providing stability and amenities while the habitat population is low.
  • Capped resource upkeep/cost/production reduction modifiers to -90% for any given case. I.e. you will no longer be able to have completely free upkeep on jobs which are meant to cost upkeep.
  • Juggernauts now have the same maximum speed as Battleships and Titans.
  • Slingshot to the stars now gives 50% more catapult accuracy.
  • Radioactive Flora event now gives 3 pre-sapient pops.
  • Refinery planets now give 15% an +10% if the galcom resolutions are active.
  • Remnant origin now starts with the archaeostudies tech and building.
  • Spiritualist perk is now taken into account for the bureaucracy designations.
  • The Vultaum Reality Perforator now has a low chance of giving all the modifiers at once for a single year.
  • Yeeting a fleet now gives it a 33% fire rate increase as an Ambush modifier. 50% with the Slingshot to the Stars origin.
  • You no longer lose one of your guaranteed habitables with Slingshot to the Stars origin.
  • Torpedoes are now a tier 1 technology that requires Fusion Missiles (and thus, Fusion Power) as a prerequisite, instead of being a tier 2 technology.
  • Changed the requirement for auto-research to Space Exploration technology.
  • Switched a number of leviathans (and their reanimated versions) to line computers instead of artillery.
  • Commercial Pacts now give High Economic Intel on Colonies.
  • The Seize Galatron casus belli is now unlocked the first time the Galatron is used, instead of upon acquisition


  • AI will no longer overspend Unity on Traditions.
  • AI will no longer rent mercenary reinforcement fleets enroute to the main fleet.
  • AI will no longer attempt to apply species templates with negative trait points.
  • Fixed a bug where some game logic treated a fleet's final target as its current position while in FTL.
  • Fixed a bug blocking AI from selecting bombardment stances correctly.
  • Fix for incorrect weight for bombardment policy.
  • Prevent AI from trying to mod species it doesn't have.
  • AI will no longer clear blockers to no purpose.
  • AI will no longer assign all its science ships to archaeology.
  • Improved how the AI picks civics.
  • AI may now use Unrestricted and Armageddon bombardment against crisis-occupied friendly planets.
  • AI now takes economic impact into account when computing acceptance.
  • AI now understands that Ranger Lodges produce Unity.
  • AI personalities can specify roles to use for specific ship sizes.
  • AI with restricted voting capabilities can now always vote on an invite to war of independence against their own overlord, from another vassal.
  • AIs with Environmentalist civic will no longer clear blockers that can be turned into Nature preserves.
  • Prevented the AI from updating species rights for a period of time after a player leaves a multiplayer session.
  • Prevented the AI from using raiding bombardment when a planet is below 2 Pops.
  • AI should now send military fleets to investigate special projects when needed.
  • Necrophage hiveminds will auto-set their invaded pops to be full citizens so they don't accidentally purge the whole planet.


  • Fixed a crash when older custom names contained certain special characters.
  • Fixed an OOS related to fleet templates.
  • Fixed crash in observer mode when switching to a non-crisis empire while the crisis view is open.
  • Fixed crash when updating ambient object graphics.
  • Fixed an out-of-sync when an envoy died at the same day a player hot-joined.


  • Improved performance when merging fleets.
  • Improved performance on some newer CPUs.
  • Fixed stuttering from zipped music files being played.


  • Added options for displaying designation and planet type overlay icons for planet entries in the outliner.
  • Added indicators for low stability and ongoing revolt to planets in the outliner.
  • Added overlay icons for habitats in the outliner.
  • Replaced the outliner planet low stability icon overlay with a status icon.
  • Updated the look of leader level icons in the outliner.
  • Gateway Sites and Ruined Gateways now show up in the outliner.
  • If the player has full intel on a planet we show more data than previously.
  • Strike Craft now lists their Engagement Range in tooltips.
  • Fixed lists in old UIs sometimes getting a longer scroll area than what is needed for the list content.
  • Fixed the "Special Values" tooltip appearing when hovering outside of elements below the Special values field in the ship designer.
  • Fixed the tooltip of the "Select Ship Role" button in the ship designer being white rather than red when the button is disabled.
  • Now showing Minor Artifacts in the top bar.
  • Added Minor Artifacts income to the relics view.
  • Fixed a portrait overlap in the first contact window.
  • Some longer time measurements will now be displayed in larger units than days.
  • Aligned planet view rename button to match name text.
  • Fixed black or white square appearing in the ship appearance menu.
  • Made background for diplo view stats UI sections not draw over certain icons.
  • Improved the description of the mouse side button accessibility option.
  • Fixed the "Select Ship Role" button in the ship designer not showing its tooltip when hovered.
  • Fixed tooltip on locked building slots not explaining which district type to build in order to get more slots, unless some districts were already constructed.
  • Fix inaccurate tooltip for too many components of one type.
  • Right-clicking a Quantum Catapult with fleets selected, orders them to enter its orbit instead of showing a menu with an unusable button.
  • Fixed wide species portraits clipping in some UIs.
  • Fixed the army UI not immediately updating its information when a new general was assigned to a transport fleet.
  • Fixed UI not updating when selecting an empire in the dropdown in the diplomacy view.
  • Fixed icons being shown in diplomacy view for CBs that should be hidden.
  • Fixed climate preference not being shown in empire creation.
  • Fix certain windows (e.g. ship orders) being too small compared to the sprite tiling, which caused graphical bugs


  • Fixed one instance of fleets becoming stuck in a one sided battle where only one side is dealing damage to the other (invincible fleet bug).
  • Fixed a bug preventing many colony designations from being selected by auto-designation if Sector Automation was active.
  • Fixed being unable to accept Pompous Purists as federation members or associates.
  • Fixed hidden Casus Bellis being shown in country tooltips in the Casus Belli lists.
  • Fixed hidden Casus Bellis being shown in "Is target of Casus Belli from" tooltip.
  • Fixed it being possible to save a species template when a trait was invalid due to climate preference.
  • Significantly reworked the Hive Mind namelists, which now provide more random names in order to avoid name clashes — particularly when trying to save ship designs.
  • Fixed unsaved Multiplayer Chat Speech To Text Shortcut setting not clearing when exiting settings.
  • The Galactic Market will no longer form on planets which have not been nominated to host it. Thus, it will not form at all if Galactic Community members do not nominate at least one host world. Should that happen, the resolution is made available again for subsequent hearings.
  • The Galactic Market will no longer be moved to a random host world if the Resolution to relocate it then receives no valid nominations. Instead, should this occur, the Galactic Market remains with its previous host. The Resolution to relocate the Galactic Market will then become available again, subject to normal Galactic Community cooldowns.
  • Fixed sounds sometimes being possible to play again sooner than intended
  • The "Corrupt Survey Data" anomaly may no longer spawn on worlds which have moons, are being colonized, are gaia worlds or which feature archaeological digsites.
  • Minor edits to a "Distant Stars" event, "Star Crazy".
  • Setting your pre-sapient policy to ‘hunted’ will now correctly have pre-sapients produce food (or minerals).
  • Standard pre-ftl systems will no longer spawn in Fallen Empire clusters.
  • Added a bespoke first contact scenario for the handful of entities set up as 'neutral factions', such as the Ghost Ship and Unscrupulous Salvagers. These fleets are no longer incorrectly identified as pirates.
  • Fixed being unable to re-add a newly removed negative trait without closing the Template Modification window.
  • Fixed two leaders sometimes being assigned to the same fleet after merge.
  • Prevented raiding bombardment from resettling pops to planets that are being colonized.
  • Fixed misleading tooltip in subject agreement UI if the overlord cannot build holdings.
  • Updated Pop Faction descriptions such that they more accurately reflect the flavor of their own political demands.
  • Fixed synthetically ascended empire not being able to assimilate machine pops.
  • Fixed cybernetically ascended hive-minds being able to set assimilation living standard for species that had already been assimilated.
  • Pre-FTL species now generate armies again.
  • Fixed pop sometimes being shown as declining if it has stopped declining.
  • The brainslug event now correctly has pre-sapient reptilians on the planet.
  • Fixed pop category modifiers not working in Galactic Community resolutions (e.g. the worker modifiers in the Greater Good resolutions).
  • Fixed fleet view becoming unresponsive after exiting it while dragging ships from it.
  • Fixed “None Shall Pass” achievement not being unlocked for planets with a Planetary Shield Generator.
  • Fixed multiple issues with countries joining an existing war. Their subjects will now properly join the war, fleets loaned to the enemy will be returned and fleets in enemy territory will go MIA.
  • Fixed ships with non-auto-generated designs auto-upgrading to auto-generated designs.
  • Fixed galaxy generation changing species' climate preference.
  • Fixed vassals not being generated with namelists correctly.
  • Fixed alliance names being incorrectly incorporated in e.g. war names.
  • Fixed alerts for timed special projects in event chains appearing after the project is completed.
  • Fixed planetary automation not constructing anything for ringworld segments with the "Colony" planet designation.
  • Special projects regarding pre-ftl civilizations are now removed from the situation log if they no longer own their homeworld or they develop hyperdrives.
  • Contingency AI Cores are no longer missing their second titan lance.
  • Fixed an issue with mercenary fleets not reinforcing and upgrading correctly.
  • Fixed graphical glow effect on machine worlds.
  • Advanced torpedo computers now correctly upgrade to sapient torpedo computers.
  • Blocked pre-ftls from being megacorps.
  • Blocked psionic pops gaining the latent psionic trait in some rare cases.
  • Covenant Chosen should now be properly treated as chosen in arena events.
  • Fixed a case where players could get two shroud patrons at once.
  • Fixed an issue where a rebellion in a country you did not have communications with could ask to join you (fluently, in your language).
  • Fixed Armor Hardener technology having incorrect prereqs and weights.
  • Colonisable shattered ringworlds should no longer spawn inappropriate colony events.
  • Fixed issue where critter weapons used mammalian models for plantoid, aquatic and toxoid.
  • Fixed issue where only one fleet would upgrade rather than all selected fleets.
  • Fixed Machine Fallen Empires missing one of their ring world segments if a Shattered Ring empire was present in the game.
  • Fixed vassals being able to participate and win in federation arena challenge.
  • Fixed you getting some events on the Shallash tomb world when you colonise it.
  • Machine uprisings now spawn all available fleet-types.
  • Pre-ftls in the Federation's end system now have the Void Dweller trait and origin.
  • Prevented planets with a tree of life from getting the No Tree of Life modifier at game start even though they have one.
  • Prevented players from using duplicate scavengers and ascensionist civics after becoming galactic sovereigns. The upgraded communal housing from Shared burdens now correctly flips into a paradise dome when owned by a non shared burdens empire.
  • Removed Spymaster envoys when empires lose communications.
  • Reworked shroud patron logic so that you can still attempt to contact a patron with opposing ethics, but it won't get rolled naturally.
  • Several ship sizes that lacked role definitions now have them.
  • Fixed the Megastructure Built alert not showing when an Orbital Ring was built.
  • Stealing the Dimensional Manipulation Device now correctly increases research output from the Lord Commander.
  • The Caravaneer country is now removed if they don't own a system and all caravaneer fleets have been destroyed (checked yearly).
  • Crystal Reefs and Crystal Forests should no longer disappear when terraforming a world.
  • Fixed Barbaric Despoilers and Nihilistic Acquisition empires being put in an endless loop of stealing from the Beta Universe. Fixed broken localisation for the Robot variant of Not of this World Fixed the Beta world sometimes not spawning with buildings.
  • Random espionage events should now automatically show the correct title and description.
  • Colonists will no longer get deprioritized by Amenity automation on newly settled colonies.
  • Fixed an issue where Fallen Empires would spawn with their species diplomatic background instead of their bespoke background.
  • Fixed an issue where pre-FTL species would sometimes spawn with portraits that didn't fit. No more Stone Age astronaut parrots!
  • Fixed the Cordyceptic Reanimation Facility message not displaying its description.
  • Nuked Sol should no longer spawn when you are playing with a Sol start.
  • Convenient Mining will no longer spawn on moons meaning that you won't get weird overlapping orbitals.
  • Fixed missing event localization upon the Sky Dragon's death.
  • Improved descriptions for Titan and Colossus techs.
  • A tooltip for Militarist Pop ethics now displays the correct text when your empire does not have a Policy allowing wars of aggression.
  • Country tooltip will no longer show overlord or federation if you don't have intel about them.
  • Fixed "cannot declare war" tooltip showing the same truce multiple times.
  • Corrected the format of some Technologist Faction names which were being displayed in the wrong word order.
  • The tooltip for not being able to open a branch office on a planet owned by a gestalt empire now explicitly mentions the reason is because they are a gestalt consciousness.
  • Fixed certain empty frigate design names in the ship designer.
  • Reworked tooltips for the Planetary Unification Tech it no longer state that edicts use influence.
  • The “No Loose Ends” tradition should now have clearer effects: Modifier description has been updated and the color has been changed to green.
  • Planetary and Sector Automation should once again upgrade Capital buildings.
  • Fixed disabled ships from defeated fleets sometimes showing up in the system where the battle took place, rather than going MIA and returning home.
  • Fixed Galcom resolution name not being displayed for triggered modifiers.
  • Fixed the Galactic Union federation perk not working.
  • Fixed a couple of hull technologies using hull_add modifiers instead of hull_mult modifiers.
  • Adjusted ship behaviors for Carriers and Torpedo ships. Carriers should now be better at remaining at maximum range, and torpedo ships should be willing to get closer to enemies.
  • Colony events should no longer fire during the colonization process.
  • Fixed missing conditions tooltip in colonization species list.
  • Fixed assorted issues with ship roles and offspring ships.


  • Added open gui file/reload interface when debugtooltip is active and you ctrl+alt+right click on a UI element.
  • Fixed the GuiBounds tooltip being left on the screen if an element was hovered when the command was turned off.
  • Subject and Overlord acceptance of agreements can now be scripted independently.
  • Added MIN_ECONOMIC_MODIFIER_MULT define, in case you really want to turn off the -90% cap to economic modifier reduction multiplying.
  • Using set_name with script variables should now work again.
  • Added the "rt" console command as an alias for "research_technology".
  • Added the "rta" console command as an alias for "research_all_technology".
  • Removed checking `species_potential_add` scripted trigger when determining possible randomized traits.
  • Added support for orbital_line and planet's has_independent_orbital_line in system initializers.
  • Added the Damage vs Rival modifier.
  • Added observed_pre_ftl_within_border & pre_ftl_within_border random/every/count/any effects and triggers.
  • Enabled scripted locs for Ship components custom tooltip and for CGovernmentCivicType (including Origin) custom description.
  • Added support for triggered ship roles.
  • Add 'on_destroying_[station_type]' on_action effect for when a research/mining/starbase/observation/etc station is destroyed.
  • Add 'remove_communications' effect.
  • Added defines TOOLTIP_MIN_DAYS_FOR_ROUNDED_YEARS and TOOLTIP_MIN_DAYS_FOR_DECIMAL_YEARS for controlling when time data in tooltips switch to showing dates in years rather than days.
  • Added dump_event_data command for listing all relevant existing event keys.
  • Made it possible to use ImGui in contexts outside of ingame.
  • Added "set_current_stage" effect to set an arc site's stage.
  • Added `add_awareness` and `set_awareness` script effects.
  • Added `has_awareness` and `current_awareness_level` country triggers.
  • Added `remove_envoys_to` script effect.
  • Added ability to add random blocker/nonblocker deposit through script effect.
  • Added game rule to allow you to rename planets inside your borders even if owned by someone else.
  • Added game rules to prevent building stations around certain planets/stars.
  • Added go_to_next_pre_ftl_age effect.
  • Added has_next_pre_ftl_age trigger.
  • Added new `starting_potential` trigger for technologies, for conditional definition of starting techs.
  • Added non_pre_ftl_portraits species class portrait list to exclude specific portraits from preFTL random selection, and add random_pre_ftl class type in create species effect.
  • Added on_losing_station_control & on_gaining_station_control on action triggers.
  • Added repair_building = <key> and repair_planet_buildings = yes effects.
  • Added set_pre_ftl_age effect.
  • Added support for setting editor_format that is used for the call to open a text editor when opening a log file.
  • Added validate_and_repair_planet_buildings_and_districts = yes effect.
  • Added a ship_limit variable for ship components that limit how many of a single component can be added to a ship design.
  • Added ability to specify "effect" in static galaxy system definitions.
  • Added blocked_by for ship components that block specified component combinations.
  • Added cloaking_cooldown static modifier that is applied on ships that have a cloaking cooldown.
  • Added has_cloaking_detection value trigger.
  • Added has_cloaking_strength value trigger.
  • Added is_cloaked trigger for fleets and ships.
  • Added is_custom_tech_1, is_custom_tech_2, is_custom_tech_3 parameters for technologies. These currently use the technology frames and localisation for Rare, Insight and Dangerous technologies respectively, but new frames and localisation can be added by editing the interface/technology_view.gfx file and TECH_IS_CUSTOM_TECH_1, TECH_IS_CUSTOM_TECH_2, TECH_IS_CUSTOM_TECH_3 localisation keys.
  • Added modifiers ship_cloaking_strength_add.
  • Added new modifiers ship_cloaking_detection_add.
  • Added new scripted trigger, has_alternative_ethics, which can be used to count Pops whose ethics do not much any of those which are central to the player empire.
  • Added new sneak_attacker option for AI personalities.
  • Added num_dangerous_techs, num_insight_techs, num_custom_1_techs, num_custom_2_techs, num_custom_3_techs triggers. [X] Refactored Insightful achievement.
  • Added on_action for when commercial, defensive, migration, non-aggression, and research pacts are signed.
  • Added on_cloaking_activated and on_cloaking_deactivated on actions.
  • Added on_post_communications_established_always_fire (which fires even if comms are established via establish_communications_no_message).
  • Allowing e.g. using script variables together with custom number formats.
  • Added documentation for the recently introduced localization grammar system.
  • Enabled custom_tooltip for ship components. It functions as custom_tooltip_with_modifiers in this context.
  • Error log added when buildings don’t have categories assigned to them.
  • Fixed crash when overwriting e.g. certain pop jobs or districts individually.
  • Fixed GetFirstName returning stuff like "Petals of" instead of "Petals" (GetFirstNameFull will continue to return the former).
  • Fixed is_ringworld trigger being overwritten by a scripted trigger.
  • Fixed many issues with static maps (hopefully!) by combining a lot of the code used to generate them with that used by random galaxies.
  • Fixed some cases where you weren't able to apply certain fleet modifiers to a specific fleet via add_modifier (e.g. ones for observation missions).
  • Improved ship component template script documentation.
  • Pre-FTL technology ages are now scriptable types.
  • on_repaired trigger for buildings.
  • Removed the ‘set_primitive_age’ effect.
  • Removed redundant ‘is_ringworld’ scripted trigger.
  • Cloaking can now be activated through script with the effect set_cloaking_active = yes|no.
  • Added damage_vs_superior_empires_mult modifier
  • Added expansion_planner = yes/no for districts. This controls if the district type should be visible in the expansion planner or not and defaults to no.
  • Added controls to the fleet imgui view and added jump drive information to ships
  • Using the ImGui view shortcut for selectables (ctrl+alt+right click) on the same selectable when it's already open, will now close the view.
  • Views containing longer texts will now automatically reload when changes in localization are detected.
  • Add remove_from_federation script effect

We've also added 9 new achievements, 8 for First Contact and 1 as part of the Custodian update!

For First Contact:


With Interest - As a Payback empire, finish what you started.


Unshackled - As a Broken Shackles empire, eradicate slavery in the galaxy, including on Pre-FTL worlds. (Killing everyone doesn’t count!)


Dark Forest - As a Fear of the Dark empire, embrace the darkness.


Back with Your X - Restore Planet X.


Insightful - Research 12 pre-FTL Insight Technologies.


No Good Deed… - Intervene to save a Pre-FTL experiment from catastrophic failure, even though it puts you in breach of Galactic Law.


The Path Not Taken - Have 10 colonies without ever discovering Hyperdrives.


Nothing to See Here - Declare a war with a cloaked military fleet already in the primary target’s capital system.

and for the Canis Minor update:


We’ll Make Great Pets - Have at least 10 pops of your primary species on display in Alien Zoos within your empire.

3.7.2 will be released on Tuesday, March 14th.

We'll also be holding a question and answer session on Reddit later today in the First Contact AMA, at 1530 CET / 0930 ET. Ask us questions, we'll give answers. They'll even sometimes even be right. Check out the Reddit AMA Thread here!

Look to the stars... For you are not alone.


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12 seems like a somewhat limited number of techs to gain from Insights, at least on 5x primitives settings. What will earning insights provide if you've researched all such techs?

P.S. Thanks for making it possible for Xenophiles to interfere with Primitives; my Auth-Mat-Philes need to make these poor souls understand that the Primarch knows best!

P.P.S. It would be nice to set how many upliftable species there are separately from how many Primitive empires there are.
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Rogue Servitors now have the option to pacify Space Amoebas.

Does this also apply to Empath hives? And to pacification of crystalline entities? There's a values_others trigger that includes xenophiles, Rogue Servitors, and Empath hives each, did you use that?
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Archaeotechnologies feature added to Ancient Relics DLC
  • Completing the Secrets of [Precursor] projects now rewards you with unique technologies.
  • “Secrets of the…” Projects now give you access to a followup archaeotech research.

Do the points listed here refer to different things?
  • The Refinery planet and habitat designations now grant 20% bonuses to refiners, translucers, chemists, and all strategic resource mining professions.
  • Refinery planets now give 15% an +10% if the galcom resolutions are active.

    Refinery designation give 20% bonus and an extra 10 with level 4 Galcom resolution?
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Things I've forgot to ask in earlier dev diaries:

Fear of the Dark - A portion of your population has embraced isolationism and xenophobia, ever since a planet in your solar system suffered an “incident”. Will you ignore their concerns and explore the stars, making “friends” along the way? Or will you appease their isolationism in order to grow your civilization even more powerful?
Will we get alternate system initializers for Fear of the Dark? Don't get me wrong, the twin planets orbiting each other are cool, but I'd like to have some some other options too that might work better narratively for some of my empire designs.

Like for instance, an initializer that has the two planets in completely different orbits (like Earth and Mars in the Sol initializer), or an initializer that has the two planets as moons of the same gas giant (with the Divider also being another moon).

New Civics allowing early jump drive based exploration at the cost of starting without Hyperdrives:
  • Eager Explorers
  • Private Exploration
  • Stargazers
  • Exploration Protocols
Since those were made into civics as to not conflict with origins, have you considered making them into a free civics, since the lower tech and pop count counterbalances the advantages anyway?
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Unshackled - As a Broken Shackles empire, eradicate slavery in the galaxy, including on Pre-FTL worlds. (Killing everyone doesn’t count!)
You know us too well. Damnit.
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I can't wait to play First Contact!

Also, can you fix this bug? Its around since 3.0.
I know that the second part, related to Greater Good modifiers, has been fixed. I'm referring to the first part, reported many times but ignored.

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The disapproval you receive from Traditionalist Factions for having The Flesh is Strong go unfulfilled has been halved, from -30% to -15%. In addition, they raise their complaints a little sooner: upon completion of the "Flesh is Weak" special project.The disapproval you receive from Traditionalist Factions for having The Flesh is Strong go unfulfilled has been halved, from -30% to -15%. In addition, they raise their complaints a little sooner: upon completion of the "Flesh is Weak" special project.
Shouldn't it be removed altogether, or moved to disapproval to Synthetic Ascension ascension perk?

The reason the spiritualist faction disapproved so strongly to cybernetic ascension was because it was a step towards synthetic ascension, but for some reason they don't seem to have issue with synthetic ascension at all.
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  • Capped resource upkeep/cost/production reduction modifiers to -90% for any given case. I.e. you will no longer be able to have completely free upkeep on jobs which are meant to cost upkeep.
Will this also apply to ship upkeep(no more free 0% upkeep ships if you go crisis and stack it) and war exhaustion(technically capped at 98% reduction if i remember, but effectively makes war endless)? Or just job based modifiers?
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  • Fixed one instance of fleets becoming stuck in a one sided battle where only one side is dealing damage to the other (invincible fleet bug).

    Ohh... finally :) this screw me few times...
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Allowed pop stealing bombardment stance if you own First Contact or Apocalypse DLC.
What does nihilistic acquisition do now? Couldn't find any changes to it in the patch notes.
The pop abduction is pretty much all the reason to take this AP at all. If i got that for free already, why would i ever consider taking this?

EDIT: Somehow hinted at that it is implying that Nihilistic Acquisition and Barbaric Despoiler are now only available via either Apocalypse or First Contact
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