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Stellaris Dev Diary #274 - 3.6.0.beta.final.final(1)v2 Copy

We're happy to announce that we've updated the 3.6 Open Beta again today. As mentioned in the original announcement, the Open Beta was originally supposed to run until the end of October, however due to the unexpectedly high number of players who have participated, we’re going to leave the Open Beta branch available until the official release of 3.6 ‘Orion’. We will continue to monitor the feedback you provide, but due to how close this is to the release, changes made from feedback this late will not be in the release of 3.6 ‘Orion’.

We’d like to thank all of those that have taken the time to try out the changes and given their feedback.

Thus, below are the patch notes for this week’s update to the Open Beta.

  • Explicitly prevented various scripted solar systems from spawning inside Marauder territory. These include Amor Alveo, Wenkwort, the Caravaneer capital, and Lost Colony origin systems.
  • Integrated Preservation for Machine Intelligences now affects Evaluators (and Chronicle Drones) not Coordinators.
  • Martial Law, Hunter Killer Drones and Compliance Drones planet modifiers now provide penalties to both mechanical and organic pop assembly.
  • Moved the repeatable technologies for strike craft into Society - Military Theory.
  • Rebalanced synchronicity traditions to match with the changes to harmony traditions.
  • Larger Unbidden ships and structures now have a point defense solution. Bzzt.

Beta Updates
  • Pacifist Xenophobe empires are no longer ambivalent about attacks on the Caravaneers
  • Fix for terraforming candidates that shown when tech is missing.
  • The Energy Siphon is now a space fauna weapon
  • Fixed a number of tooltips not showing for hive-mind cybernetic ascension
  • Fixed the tooltip for Adaptability for Void Dwellers.
  • Modular Cybernetics adds Augmentation Drones to Spawning Pools for hive-minds. Augmentation Drones turn alloys into pop assembly for cybernetic hive-mind pops.
  • Modular Cybernetics no longer gives hive-minds +10% pop assembly.
  • Ringworld colony designations and ecumenopolis planet class now provide both mechanical and organic pop assembly.
  • Updated a number of stern sections to have the correct number of aux slots for offspring ships.
  • Added the Parasitic Overmind Goverment type
  • Added checks for corporate civics for shroud patrons
  • Added missing pop growth and assembly modifiers to unity designations for ringworlds.
  • Added missing tiyanki pop assembly for hive minds.
  • Fixed most of the machine intelligence authority text having highlights.
  • Updated Integrated Anatomy tooltip.
  • Balanced numbers for the instrument of Desire.
  • Fixed that the Cordyceptic Reanimation Facility wasn't buildable inside Amor Alveo.
  • Changed ethics attraction for the Composer and the Whisperer.
  • Knight jobs now give amenities instead of stability as reward from a quest. The Order's Keep now give 15 stability as a reward from that quest
  • Players now have a wider choice of leaders to become chosen through their covenant.
  • Players should no longer be able to form covenants with all the entities if they refuse the first covenant.
  • Shroud cooldown modifiers should now appear as percentage without need for unique loc.
  • The Whisperers stability penalty has been reduced. It now comes with a reduction in Unity.
  • The Whisperers will no longer kill up to 8 (!) pops on a planet.

  • It is no longer possible to engage the Marauders or Horde in multiple dialogs
  • Lead ships should no longer run into the enemy disregarding their combat computer
  • Tooltip for opinion decay rate now shows two decimal places
  • Reunited the 'Code Changes' and 'Incompatible Code' modifiers with their icons
  • Fix for when becoming a vassal resets all Policies and Species rights to Default.
  • Reimplemented the localisation for the Trader Proxy Office.
  • Marauder clans may no longer spawn in systems which are adjacent to player empires.
  • Fixed AI's difficulty-adjusted economic modifiers, plus certain misevaluations of modifier benefits in its economic strategy
  • Pop Assembly modifiers now have decimal places.
  • Shroud Chosen Leaders will no longer lose their chosen trait on becoming rulers

  • The Epi-Genetic Triggers technology and Genetic Resequencing tradition now both allow the removal of pre-sapient traits from species via species modification. The Servile trait from the Syncretic Evolution origin and traits bestowed by the Enigmatic Cache count as pre-sapient traits for this.
  • Renamed 'Planetary Government' and 'Planetary Unification' for gestalts

  • Fixed show_in_outliner in megastructures not actually working
  • Moved most pop upkeep and resource production to inline script.
  • Removed pop_assembly_speed modifier. You should use planet_pop_assembly_(organic_)mult instead. The sole difference previously was the former only worked in species traits (the untriggered sections) and the latter worked everywhere else (but not species triats). The error log didn't warn you of this, either. So now the latter works everywhere and the former no longer exists.

Once again, by the time this dev diary goes live, the Open Beta should be updated with the above changes. This is likely going to be final update to the beta branch.

Due to the Open Beta update, this dev diary replaces our normally scheduled dev diary that would have gone out on Thursday. We'll have more news next week.

Please note that the 3.6 "Orion" Open Beta is an optional beta patch. You have to manually opt in to access it.
Go to your Steam library, right click on Stellaris -> Properties -> betas tab -> select "stellaris_test" branch.

Don't forget to turn off your mods, they will break.
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