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Stellaris Dev Diary #25 - Reverse Engineering and Unique Technologies

Greetings scavengers and fellow interstellar gangsters!

Today I will be talking about debris and reverse-engineering. Whenever you defeat hostile creatures or ships in Stellaris, there is a possibility that they leave some debris behind. By studying the debris you may gain new insights into technologies unfamiliar to you.

probe amoeba.jpg

Not long after reaching for the stars, our fledgling empire encountered some strange creatures. In order to further study these creatures our fleet began to carefully probe them with a modest volley of nuclear missiles. After our fleet finished its “pilot study”, our researchers on our science ship could begin to collecting more data by studying the debris.

study remains.jpg

By studying the data collected from the remains, our science ship can give us insight into how these creatures stay alive in the void of space. These particular creatures manage to stay alive due to their regenerative skin. If we continue to study how this tissue is composed, we may in the future be able to apply the technology of regenerative hull tissue to our own ships.

Sometimes a technology might not yet be a valid research option for your empire. In such cases, reverse-engineering the debris of technologically superior spacecraft might yield you the possibility to research things that would otherwise be beyond your understanding.

In addition, some technologies in Stellaris cannot at all be researched by normal means, but must rather be discovered in other ways.

Next week Doomdark will return and tell you about Migration, Slavery and Purging!
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I feel the most interesting part of this DD is the "giant space monsters" part :)

Although reverse engineering debris is also cool.
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A bit short, perhaps. But you Paradogs have promised us big news this week...
What's in store for us the next week in the Dev Diary department?
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A bit brief, but interesting. Nice big bioship that regenerates. I notice the fleet has its strength represented as a whole instead of each ship. I also notice no mention of a diary for next week, which lends credence to the idea of something else happening in the next week.
Was this deleted and reuploaded?

Pretty sure it was.

And like I said before, I pleadingly hope that this isn't one of "several awesome things." While interesting and all, it still doesn't tell us anything more than that could have been inferred from previous DDs and announcements.
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Typical human nature:

"We have barely made it into space, and we have found a giant space-travelling creature that's larger than our ships! What should we do???"


In unrelated news, nice DD
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That is a fancy looking ship there in the first picture.

Will the aesthetics of our ships change based on what we've researched? e.g. after researching organic regenerative hull tissues, can we give our ships a glistening organic sheen?
UI change: the fleet in the outliner no longer reads 6/20, but 6, and the 6/20 has been moved to the top bar. Have they changed the ship per fleet cap to a total cap?
So how exactly will this insight into "These particular creatures manage to stay alive due to their regenerative skin." affect the card tech system? Does it increase the chances of a related card popping up? Can you study it for a long enough time (fill a bar) and then a choice of relevant technologies pop up? or how?
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