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Stellaris Dev Diary #242 - 3.3 'Libra' Patch Notes and Release Date Announcement

Hello everyone!

First of all I’d like to thank all of you that participated in the beta and provided feedback on the unity rework that we’ve been working on for quite some time now! Your feedback has been invaluable in making sure that we release this update to Stellaris in the best state it can be. :D

Second of all, we are now ready to reveal the release date for the free 3.3 “Libra” patch. The Libra patch will be released on Wednesday, February 23rd at 10:00 am CET!

And with that announcement out of the way, here are the full patch notes for the 3.3 update:

######################### VERSION 3.3.1 ###########################

# Features

# Unity Rework

* Suppressing or Promoting factions no longer costs Influence.
* * Known Issue: Unity costs for Faction Manipulation are not yet functioning.
* All other technologies that increased unity production now instead increase Edict Fund by 20.
* Autochthon Monument, Corporate Monument, and Simulation Site building lines now generate a small amount of Unity and increase Unity generation from jobs on their planet.
* Autochthon Monuments and other similar buildings now produce Unity based on the number of Ascension Perks the Empire has taken.
* Cutthroat Politics now also reduces Edict Upkeep by 20%.
* Executive Vigor Ascension Perk now grants 100 Edict Fund instead of 2 Edict Capacity.
* Grand Council and Harmonious Directives Traditions now grant 50 Edict Fund instead of 1 Edict Capacity.
* Imperial Cult Civic now grants 100 Edict Fund instead of 2 Edict Capacity.
* Inwards Perfection now grants 50 Edict Fund instead of 1 Edict Capacity.
* Planetary Unification now grants +5% Unity production and a one time Unity award instead of +2 Unity.
* Brand Loyalty civic now grants 25 Edict Fund instead of 1 Encryption. Subsumed Will and OTA Updates now also grant 25 Edict Fund.
* Capital designations now provide production bonuses.
* Feudal Society now also reduces Leader hiring costs by 50%, waives Unity upkeep costs for employed Leaders, causes employed Governors to instead generate Unity equal to their skill level, but removes the ability to dismiss Leaders.
* Finishing tradition trees now unlocks the ability to select previously locked Federation types.
* The Imperial Authority now gains increased Influence from Power Projection.
* Added Planetary Ascension Tiers to enhance Planet Designations through Unity
* Reforming government now costs Unity. The cost is based on Empire Size.
* Renamed Administrator jobs to Politicians. Assigned Bureaucrats, Priests and other related jobs to the new Administrator economic category.
* Resettling pops that previously cost Influence now costs Unity. Abandoning colonies still costs Influence.
* Unity Ambitions and Campaigns now function like Toggled Edicts and last until canceled with upkeep rather than costs.
* From Beta: Increased Spiritualist discounts on edict cost and upkeep to -10%/-20% from -5%/-10%. Cutthroat Politics now grants -20% edict upkeep.
* Hive empires can now build a variant of the Autochthon Monument line called Sensoriums.
* Leaders have a base cost of 100 unity and cost 50 additional unity for every leader owned leader, not counting the ones you start with. The cost goes down whenever a leader dies or is fired.
* Memorialists and Death Cults can now choose whether to build their specialized Unity buildings or regular ones. Memorialist buildings now replace the Autochthon Monument line.
* Merchant Guilds no longer produce bonus unity.
* Rulers now provide +5 Edict fund per level instead of their previous Edict Duration and Unity Boost.
* Technocracy no longer generates unity. Instead the Civic now doubles the chance that your scientists will discover a technology from within their expertise. The civic only requires you to be partially materialist.

# Necroids Species Pack Features

* New Civic: Permanent Employment added.

# New Content

* Added 2 new bespoke star systems and 3 new anomalies to be discovered: “Temporal Prism”, “Lost Soul” and “Ancient Vending Machine”. Also added a colony event chain, “Insidious Ophidians”.
* 2 new archeology sites were added to the base game: “The Mask of Transformation” and “Rage Sage”.
* Added Plantoid, Lithoid, Necroid, and Aquatic pre-sapient pops to discover for owners of the respective Species Packs.

# Balance

* Activating an edict now requires one months upkeep cost worth of stockpiled resources.
* The Hydrocentric Ascension Perk now allows empires to flood habitats, making them suitable for Aquatic species.
* Edicts can now have a cooldown before they can be disabled.
* AI Megacorps should spawn half as often as before now.
* Increased the likelihood of getting endgame crises that are not the Unbidden.
* Beta: Empire Sprawl has no effects under 100 rather than 50.
* Beta: Increased Unity production of Bio-Trophies from 1 to 3.
* Beta: Reduced the costs of higher tier edicts and campaigns.
* Scientists currently researching a technology can now gain new traits as they level up
* Distinguished Admiralty now gain +2 starting level to their Admirals and Generals.
* Fixed unmodifiable traits so that you can now correctly remove special habitability traits, along with various other traits that you were not meant to be able to add but it was fine to remove. Also allowed you to apply existing species templates containing such traits to the rest of the species. (This mainly covers flavour-based traits - there are still some such as Mechanical or Psionic or Necrophage which you will not be able to add or remove via species modification)
* From Beta: Empire Size effects on edicts, campaigns, and ambitions now directly affect the base costs of these, so bonuses like Spiritualist ethic's cost reductions now reduce costs and upkeep by the expected percentages.
* Increased political power of ruler and specialist strata under Decadent Lifestyle.
* Increased the consumer goods upkeep of Decadent Lifestyle.
* Integrated Preservation no longer increases admin cap, instead it gives your empire a flat 30% increase to Automatic Resettlement Chance.
* It now costs 25/50 influence to upgrade a habitat in addition to the alloy cost.
* Leaders now only stay in the active pool for 1 year, hire them quickly before they leave!
* Beta: Megastructures no longer have a unity upkeep
* Pearl Divers now produce one more trade value (3 by default) and will not steal Angler jobs when food is short anymore.
* Reduced campaign costs and ambitions costs significantly, re-added Edict Cost Reduction to spiritualists for Unity Ambitions and Sacrifices.
* Regenerative Hull Tissue, Nanite Repair System and Nanobot Cloud have had their values sliced in half however they now heal on a percentage basis rather than a static one leading to a net buff in most situations..
* Beta: Removed the penalty to trade value from low habitability due to it not working properly with pops that were of a species other than the empire founding species
* Servile pops should no longer retain the trait if they become zombies.
* Spiritualist empires can now acquire the technologies associated with the Autochthon Memorial and similar buildings, as well as their faith based line.
* Spiritualists are no longer allowed to take ‘Byzantine Bureaucracy’ since they don't have Bureaucrats.
* Telepaths now give +5% planetary output and get bonuses from planet administrator modifiers
* The "Sell to Private Collector" minor artifact decision now grants a flat 500 energy and has a 6 month cooldown.
* The Here Be Dragons endgame trigger now lets Machine Intelligences with the Synthetic Age ascension perk reach it after 4 ascension perks rather than 6.
* The Living Metal technology can now be discovered as long as you have some within your borders.
* The Void Dweller finisher from the Expansion tradition tree now also discounts upgrading habitats.
* Trade value is now affected by difficulty bonus. This will make non hive mind empires more competitive on higher difficulty settings compared to hive mind AI empires.

# AI

* AI can now create more specialized planets by switching place of buildings on two different planets with each other.
* AI will no longer instantly buy ever single slave pop on the slave market.
* AI will now prioritize its alloy expenditure in a more sensible way, focusing on ships then starbases modules/upgrades and only building defense platforms as a last resort.
* AI bonus willingness to choose rare tech has been reduced from 400% to 50%, AI would often spend a very long time researching expensive rare tech in the early game if they had the chance.
* AI is now much more likely to pick cheaper research options when all else equals.
* AI will now take into account free jobs and items in the construction queue when setting its economic targets.
* AI empires are now more likely to pick the mind over matter ascension perk when available.
* AI empires are now much more likely to finish their ascension path.
* AI empires that require food will no longer build bioreactors.
* AI empires who are not using food will now delete agricultural districts if they happen to have one, for example when they conquer.
* AI ethics such as militarist, spiritualist and materialist will now have an effect on the AI overall economical strategy where they will have additional focus on alloys, unity or science respectively.
* AI fleets who are following a player fleet with "take point" will now merge with each other when they reach the player fleet.
* AI fleets will now follow the player more closely with a follow command when they are in the same system.
* AI is now much more likely to prioritize surveying a system if they know there is a colonizable planet there resulting in faster expansion.
* AI rogue servitor empires will now build an organic sanctuary on each planet that has upgraded their capital building, and build additional ones on planets with high science or industrial output.
* Overhauled AI weightings for picking techs so that it favors technologies that increase research speed instead of almost always researching weapons (faster research means better weapons in the long run). Also fixed various bugs with this, for example extremely low weightings on researching robotics.
* AI can now balance how many pops it needs that produce amenities better (mostly relevant for Hiveminds, so they don’t put ALL their pops on amenity creating jobs).
* AI will no longer destroy superfluous buildings and districts during a temporary occupation of a planet.
* AI will now demolish superfluous districts, commonly obtained during conquest and purging the previous owners.
* AI will now favor the trade policy which generates consumer goods over the default wealth creation policy.
* AI will now favor researching techs unlocking the weapon type they favor (according to their personality).
* AI will now make sure planets contain at least one free building slot if it has unemployed pops and it is unable to find any possible construction which contributes to the AI's economic plan.
* AI will now only build defense platforms if they have maxed out their fleet cap.
* AI will now only upgrade fleets if there would a substantial benefit (+30% fleet power determined by define SHIP_FLEET_POWER_UPGRADE_THRESHOLD )
* AI will now remember if they have fought against a crisis together with the player and continue following their fleets as long as the threat of the crisis remains.
* AI will now spend more of its alloys on upgrading starbases when they have reached their fleet cap.
* AI will now more reliably build habitats again.
* Ai budget for alloys will now heavily favor building colony ships if we have claimed planets we want to colonize.
* AI now understands how to evaluate energy grids and other buildings that apply modifiers to the planet (so now it can create specialized planets better).
* Allied AI will now help its allies defend against the mid and late game crisis.
* AI is now much more likely to prioritize surveying a system if they know there is a colonizable planet there resulting in faster expansion.
* AI will now look at the individual unemployed pop when considering what job to create for it, solving various issues where jobs were created for pops who could not work them.
* Fixed AI often aborting jump drive orders during windup.
* Fixed Lithoid Tree of Life food building and destruction loop
* Fixed a bug where the AI would sometimes try to replace one lost science ship with an excessively high number thereof.
* Fixed an issue where AI can not build any buildings when negative on food and consumer goods at the same time.
* Fixed an issue where AI would continuously upgrade buildings and create an excessive amount of jobs.
* Fixed an issue where AI would incorrectly multiply the trade value generated by a building by the number of jobs provided by the building twice.
* Fixed an issue where AI would only consider solving amenities issues with buildings if there was no unemployment.
* Fixed an issue where AI would put too many pops working amenities jobs.
* Fixed an issue where hive minds were unable to build the spawning pool.
* Fixed an issue where repeatable tech were getting an extra chance to be research as if they were rare techs.
* Fixed an issue where the AI did not colonize low habitability planets when there are no other options causing doomsday origin empires in particular to often experience a very swift end to their species.
* Fixed an issue where the AI would not budget to use ship boost edicts.
* Fixed an issue with AI budgeting preventing it from using terraforming gasses when it wanted to.
* Fixed several issues where AI would get stuck and not build any modules or upgrade any starbases when there were open module slots which were unable to be filled according to the AI's starbase template.
* Improved "Take Point" Follow behavior for fleets.
* Improved AI construction ship behavior, construction ships will now prioritize tasks that are close to them and avoid going to another system that already has a construction ship in it. Heavily increased priority of building starbases in systems with planets.
* Increased allowed budget for alloys on planet construction which prevented AI from building energy grids.
* Life Seeded AIs now always want the World Shaper ascension perk.
* Lithoid empires are now more liberal in spending minerals on their colony ships.
* Reduces AI willingness to take a lot of planets with very low habitability.
* Removed weighted random from AI construction as it now more correctly prioritizes which buildings to build.
* The AI will now use minor artifact decisions with extra focus put on Arcane Deciphering.
* Total overhaul for scripted AI tech selection. The important techs are now: extra research speed, extra resource production, resource producing buildings, ship types and starbase types.
* Updated AI construction ship logic so that they will keep working around the system they have been sent to instead of going back and forth between the empire borders (which was a very inefficient way of building stations)
* Updated AI tradition selection to align better with the current state of the game.
* Adjusted AI tradition tree and ascension perk selection.
* Nanite repair system will no longer be used by the auto designer when the empire does not have access to nanite income.
* Fixed an issue where AI necroid empires didn't build chamber of elevation on their planets.
* Fixed an issue where clone army origin species would not always build ancient clone vats on their new colonies when possible.
* Fixed an issue where the AI were not allowed to build Gaia Seeders.
* Fixed an issue where the AI would incorrectly evaluate the potential resources gained by constructing a building.
* Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes revert to obsolete fallback behavior when deciding what to build.

# UI

* Added a textbox for Cost in Edicts UI. Also rearranged neighboring elements to align better.
* Added column for upkeep in Edicts interface (entry as well as sort button)
* Hid Empire Sprawl impact from top of Edicts UI. Put Edict Fund in its place to keep neat alignment.
* Added upkeep into the leaders entry in Leaders View.
* You can now see Unbidden anchor systems on the galactic map.
* Clicking the fleet size icon in the top bar now opens the fleet manager.
* Improved legibility of approximate job output indicators on districts and buildings, and made those on buildings also show country modifiers (those on districts already did).
* Optimized elements for leader upkeep and age to fit localization better and avoid UI overlaps.
* Technologies which let you clear blockers now give a tooltip which says how many such blockers are on your colonies.
* Tooltips should no longer show any percentage values with decimals.

# Stability

* Fixed a bug where the closest_system effect could cause an OOS (it would OOS when hovering over the tooltip of certain events).
* Fixed a crash if script tried to change the species rights of a country (e.g. pirates) without species rights.
* Fixed a crash that would occur if a timed modifier element in the expansion planner was hovered after the modifier expired.
* Fixed an OOS if you ever use every_system_in_cluster in a tooltip (luckily, we never did that)
* Fixed crash when using pass_targeted_resolution in events

# Performance

* Reduced frame rate impact of opening planet view.
* Optimized (slowed down) recalculations of species view and colonization menu so that they don’t tank framerate.
* Refactored bonus resources that civics grant to jobs.
* Refactored unemployment benefits from living standards.
* Refactored Living Standards to use pop modifiers on the living standards script, instead of being checked for each pop category.
* Updated ship shader to support empire color in emissive, decreasing the amount of draw calls for Aquatic ships.
* Greatly improved performance of upgrading fleets. This mainly affects the tooltip of the UI (which was very expensive when hovered over), but also saves some time each time the AI attempts to upgrade its fleets.

# Bugfix

* Beta: Bio-Trophies now cost Unity to resettle instead of Influence.
* Fixed Shared Burdens not providing unity for unemployed pops.
* Fixed an issue where pops would mass switch from one job to another (for example maintenance drones).
* Fixed modifiers for Police State civic.
* Reduced Unity gained from the Trade League trade policy.
* Trade value from jobs now get a penalty from low planet habitability.
* Colony designations that increase unity from Administrator jobs now have weighting for spiritualist, hive and machine empires.
* Fixed order of Galaxy Size options in galaxy setup not being ordered based on the number of stars.
* “Synths Scuttle Starbase" now refers to the starbase orbiting a star, rather than a planet.
* Assorted, minor fixes to grammar and punctuation.
* Added Planetary Automation behavior for districts that grant Bio-Trophy jobs.
* Added missing custom icon for ship component "Nanite Repair System".
* Beta: Rogue Servitors can now upgrade their Simulation Centers.
* Beta: Rogue Servitors now have access to the correct Unity producing buildings.
* Blocked ascension tier upgrade on unowned planets.
* Blocked building ships in occupied shipyards.
* Chronicle Drones now care about photosynthesis.
* Citizen Service Soldiers now produce their unity.
* Colonizing Consecrated planets no longer enables breaking the Consecrated Worlds limit.
* Deluging primitives now removes the observation outpost.
* Democratic manadates now check for uncapped rural districts, allowing democratic candidates on shattered rings to usher in a new age of digging too deep and too greedily!
* Save files can no longer be ‘resumed’ if the required dlcs are not available.
* Edicts are now canceled if an empire can not sustain the upkeep.
* Enhanced the memory of Memorialist Hive Minds (they can now correctly build the special Memorialist buildings)
* Ensured that the Arcology Project checks for agricultural districts on Wet Aquatic worlds.
* Venus realized that they were larger than Earth and has decided to shrink to a more appropriate size.
* Fixed "The Library" dig site occasionally granting unaccessible deposits.
* Fixed Criminal Heritage Galactic Emperors.
* Fixed Curators retelling the wrong info when asking again about the Scavenger's origins.
* Fixed Defense Grid Supercomputer not immediately applying its effect upon construction.
* Fixed Megacorp Death Cults not starting with a Sacrificial Temple".
* Fixed Memorialists seeing that some techs unlocked buildings they could not build.
* Fixed Planetary Unification tech description overflowing the box.
* Fixed Sociocultural History tech showing it unlocked the Bounty Sacrifice twice.
* Fixed a bug where system wide auras sometimes persisted after leaving a system.
* Fixed a bug where you could end up with multiple Zroni homeworld systems.
* Fixed an issue where Medical Workers' habitability bonuses would not affect habitability impacts on pop growth correctly.
* Fixed an issue where a ghost Unbidden Portal would continue spawning ships.
* Fixed an issue where only the fleets of the main attacker would go MIA in enemy territory when a new war starts.
* Fixed an issue where scientists would only get expertise traits based on the fields they were not actively working on.
* Fixed automatic ship design name generation often generating a design with an invalid name (i.e. one your empire was already using somewhere) when using certain name lists.
* Fixed clicking top bar influence icon opening the edicts view.
* Fixed expired timed modifiers being visible in the expansion planner.
* Fixed fleet upgrade button telling you your ships were already upgrading telling you your ships were already upgrading twice.
* Fixed it being possible to build ships in occupied mega shipyards.
* Fixed it being possible to upgrade the ascension tier of planets not owned by the player.
* Fixed leader cost sorting option in the leader view sorting by energy instead of unity.
* Fixed looping checkbox clicked audio in the Apply Species Template view.
* Fixed potential issue where Sentinels (crisis-fighters) used the same global event target as Sentinels (stone soldiers from an arc site).
* Fixed reinforcements not arriving to the target fleet and instead showing up at the station when an evasive path was needed in order to get to the target fleet.
* Fixed reinforcements not using evasive path.
* Fixed several places where tooltips in the contacts or diplomacy views would mistake guaranteeing and being guaranteed, and supporting independence or having one's independence supported.
* Fixed some building requirements
* Fixed some faction demands
* Fixed some inconsistencies with whether Aquatic habitability modifiers were applied and displayed.
* Fixed some megastructures not animating properly.
* Fixed some misgenderings of rulers in German espionage and Galactic Imperium events.
* Fixed some spacing issues in the localisation of the fire event effect in foreign languages.
* Fixed species modification planetary trait list sometimes overflowing.
* Starbase modifiers should now be applied more quickly after changing.
* Fixed starbase modifiers not always being properly updated when removing buildings or components.
* Fixed the Manifesti faction demanding you outfit your ships with the Gestalt equivalent of sapient combat computers.
* Fixed the species gender selector not having the correct impact on certain Vanilla species' leader portraits.
* Fixed the tooltip of Open Border policies sometimes helpfully telling you that your country was default (in a way that isn't translated to other languages)
* Fixed trade UI showing negative values for Collection Range and Protection Range under some circumstances
* Fixed transport ship jump drive cooldown resetting when invading a planet.
* Fixed unlocalised text "UNKOWN_ORDERS" in a certain tooltip in the fleet interface
* Fixed various living standards incorrectly providing unity instead of a happiness penalty for unemployed pops.
* Fixed wrong color of font used in the Alien Box event in Brazilian Portuguese
* Fixing missing line break for the alert about Necrophyte Shortages in Chinese
* From Beta: Chronicle Drone and Death Chronicles now have the same production.
* From Beta: Chronicle Drones are now Administrators
* Great Khan will no longer turn hostile towards their own satrapies
* Increased reward of the "Shattered World" anomaly event from 3 to 5.
* Beta: Life-Seeded Permanent Employment Megacorps will no longer all be zombies.
* Loading... New Rogue Servitor Planetary Automation Algorithms installed. Bio-Trophy district management for habitats and city worlds updated... Have a nice day.
* Machine Intelligence empires with the Rogue Servitor civic won't be forced to burn organics during the Primordial Soup event.
* Masters Writing of War and Politics now also cost unity.
* Nanite repair system will no longer be picked by the ship auto design if you do not have nanite income.
* Pop job weight for enforcers is now adjusted based on if there is crime or not.
* Posthumous Employment Centers can now be seen even if you can't build them yet.
* Religious Arcologies should now provide appropriate jobs for Death Cults.
* Revolts in systems with enclave stations will no longer be granted ownership of the enclave station (it will remain in the hands of the enclave).
* Sacrifices now have a unity cost.
* Science ships no longer get a free survey completion when their target system gets taken over by someone else.
* Streamlined "Unknown Contact" event chain by turning the "Study the Living Sea" planetary decision into a special project.
* Taking "The Flesh is Weak" no longer makes your species lose its gender presets.
* The Caravaneers will no longer turn Gestalt Rulers psionic.
* The Materialist faction is now happy that you’ve discovered the secrets of the precursors even if those precursors are the Baol or the Zroni.
* The Nemma World colony event will now actually fire.
* The Rubricator is no longer lost to the player if a non-default empire kills Shard.
* The orbital station on New Baldarak (which is rendered useless by the events that create New Baldarak) is now correctly removed.
* The portrait selection view for empire creation now gets a scrollbar if the number of portraits exceeds the two visible rows.
* The project for reanimating Hrozgar now uses the correct art.
* Transport Fleets should handle Landing armies better, notably when in ‘Aggressive Stance’.
* Updated various job weights
* Void dwellers no longer start with a broken Posthumous Employment Center.
* You can now build a Fleet Academy if you have queued a Shipyard (you don't need to wait for it to complete)
* You cannot drag and drop ships into someone else's fleet anymore.
* Zombies can no longer colonize planets.
* Added a missing line break in the Take Point button's tooltip.
* Added missing tooltip when hovering the shipyard tab of a mega shipyard owned by another empire.
* Added missing description for "Precognitive Interface" and "Psi Jump Drive" components in the Technology menu.
* Added missing description for "The Sentinels" planetary feature.
* Added missing description for deposit "Project Cornucopia".
* Added missing galaxy settings tooltips to the galaxy creation screen, both in Multiplayer and in single player.
* Added missing header in the description of "Omega Theory" technology.
* Added missing header in tooltip description of "Defense Platform" and "Habitat".
* Added missing information about required DLC for the Corporate Authority.
* Clarified the tooltip for automatic development to be clear when you had it turned on or not.
* Fixed Angler job name not displaying in FR
* Fixed Megastructure view description resetting so that it no longer shows the wrong description when switching between different kinds of Megastructures.
* Fixed Megastructure view description sometimes not reflecting the selected Megastructure.
* Fixed Megastructure view not always using the default image when no structure specific image exists.
* Fixed a Galcom resolution tooltip saying that the empire was already supporting the resolution when in fact it was meant to say it was already opposing it.
* Fixed a bunch of empire names being missing (and therefore English) in Chinese. Mainly Machine Empires and the Galactic Imperium.
* Fixed a bunch of issues in various federation law acceptance tooltips (several had missing or hard to interpret and ugly information).
* Fixed a dev comment being present in an event text when you encounter an empire with Here Be Dragons during First Contact.
* Fixed a missing species name in event The Dragon has Landed.
* Fixed an issue where the tooltip breakdown for the habitability of an uninhabited planet was missing country modifiers.
* Fixed an unlocalised tooltip in non-English versions of the game when hovering over a megastructure's effects.
* Fixed broken localization reference in Doomsday Origin.
* Fixed cases of unlocalised text when the Galactic Community or Empire tried to build too many Titans for its Defense Force.
* Fixed gender selection tooltip in empire creation stating that clicking a non selected gender will revert to default gender settings.
* Fixed grammar of adding a single clue to an arc site or insight to a first contact.
* Fixed incorrect description of traits "Inspired Researcher" and "Inspired Surveyor".
* Fixed it being possible to get unlocalised "Greetings!" in other languages when you opened diplomatic interactions with other empires for the first time.
* Fixed missing loc string for Nemma Mining Operation deposit.
* Fixed missing localization for PLANET_ASCENSION_TIER_EFFECT_DESC in the tooltip for planetary designation.
* Fixed that an empty broken Federation details tooltip would show up if you tried to look at the federation of a country with no federation in the contacts view.
* Fixed the tooltip of Integrated Preservation tradition.
* Removed references to edicts and factions from influence tooltip.
* Shortened string SLAVE_MARKET in French.
* The description for the Imperial Navigation System no longer speaks of the Community of old.
The tooltips giving estimated job upkeep and production are now better at dealing with stuff like rogue servitors (where it would previously estimate based on an organic pop which could not work the job, sometimes giving the tooltip a food upkeep instead of a minerals one).
* Fixed "Tebri" and "Tebiron" (prescripted empire planet and system names) being untranslated in Chinese.

# Modding

* Added support for "is_essential" property on buildings which when added to the AI build queue will remove all non essential build tasks.
* Added "random" toggle to scripted loc. If you set "random = no", it will pick the loc key with the highest weight, or the first valid one if no weights are specified, rather than acting as a weighted random.
* Added ai_ignore_was_human console command for toggling ai passiveness after taking over a human controller empire on/off.
* Added complex_trigger_modifier to mtth functions: now you can use complex_trigger_modifier = { trigger = num_favors parameters = { who = from } trigger_scope = owner mode = add potential = { <triggers> } } in places where you could use modifier = { factor = 1 <triggers> }.
* Added downgrade_all_buildings and downgrade_buildings_of_type effects.
* Added error logging for when a window uses a scroll bar but does not have a background.
* Added is_starbase_type trigger.
* Added resource_revenue_compare and resource_expenses_compare triggers.
* Added script_values, which are like ai_weight versions of scripted triggers. You can refer to them by key to get a number via value:my_value.
* Added skip_federation_cooldowns console command.
* Easier mod overwriting of objects that dynamically add modifiers.
* Enabled further mathematical operations in many modifier = { factor = x } fields. The full list is now: set, mult/factor, add, subtract, divide, modulo, round_to, round = yes, floor = yes, ceiling, max, min, abs = yes (all taking a number on the right, except where otherwise specified)
* Enabled scripted localization for base scopes, meaning that "Root." is no longer needed in some localization strings.
* Enabled the use of the "distance" trigger in script maths (e.g. export_trigger_value_to_variable).
* Exposed the default megastructure portrait key as a define.
* Extensive defines to modify the math around the planetary ascension.
* Fixed a number of potential crashes on startup due to interactions between the load order and a number of effects and triggers.
* Fixed a tooltip crash firing a nonexistent event.
* Fixed a variety of issues with the use of variables as multipliers in triggered resource tables.
* Fixed ambient objects' scale_to_size making ambient objects appear a different size the first time you looked at a solar system than subsequent times.
* Fixed crash when closing TweakerGUI.
* Fixed issues where mods overwriting objects (e.g. jobs) that dynamically add modifiers would cause issues where the added modifiers would not work.
* Fixed station_modifier and triggered station modifiers on starbase modules or buildings, not immediately applying their effects upon construction.
* In value-based triggers where you would say e.g. num_pops > 32, you can now no longer say num_pops > from, but you can instead say num_pops > from.trigger:num_pops. This change was doing for technical reasons, to save on memory usage by not saving two event targets in each trigger.
* Often-reused scripted effects and triggers will now no longer show misleading file locations in error logs.
* Renamed election cost modifier country_election_influence_cost_mult to country_election_cost_mult to not reference influence, as it now costs unity.
* Replaced the modification boolean flag for traits with the additional triggers species_possible_add, species_possible_merge_add and species_possible_merge_remove.
* Stopped some weight/chance fields inexplicably returning 1 even when script said the base should be 0.
* Variables that accepted "trigger:<trigger>" now also accept "modifier:<modifier>".
* You can no longer use "count" in any_x triggers. You should use count_x instead (which uses much better code).
* You can now again specify that a leader made with clone_leader is an event leader (or immortal).
* You can now use count_x script lists in export_trigger_value_to_variable.
* You can now use script values in ships' empire_limit.
*AI economic plan and AI build plan tooltip now shows sub plans and the current income targets, also now able to name sub plans.
* Job reassignment reworked to reevaluate between each change, this means that you can now script more dynamic job weight behaviors without causing mass migration of pops from one job to another. For example, you can base energy credit weight based on empire deficit/surplus or you can base amenities job weight on the planet amenity level.

Some of the entries are marked as “Beta:”, to show what has been changed compared to the updated beta version that some of you may have been playing on. And also as a way to show the impact that community feedback has had on the game.

Be sure to catch our 3.3 “Libra” Release Stream, on Wednesday, February 23rd, at 9:30 AM CET on twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive!
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Will modders get early access? Or can they just use the Beta as a basis to update their mods ready for the release?

There will be no early access this release cycle. We are not abandoning modder early access, but as you said, the open beta is left up for them to update their mods. :)
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Uhmmm... under "Balance" section there's this entry:

* Beta: Removed the penalty to trade value from low habitability due to it not working properly with pops that were of a species other than the empire founding species

and under "Bugfixes" there's this:

* Trade value from jobs now get a penalty from low planet habitability.

... Which one is it now???
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Great job, pdx!

Has the galcom "breach of Galactic law not working properly" bug been fixed? It's nearly a year that it is around and after several patches and reports it's still present...
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I would love to know what changes have been done to planetary ascensions.

I think most people found them to be far too expensive and simulataneously far too underwhelming to ever bother with.
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Will modders get early access? Or can they just use the Beta as a basis to update their mods ready for the release?
Modder here - having the beta available (especially with most of the big changes in place) was invaluable. I'll need to check for 3.3.1 changes before I upload the new versions, but I anticipate that it will go smoothly because of all the testing I've been able to do.
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Uhmmm... under "Balance" section there's this entry:

* Beta: Removed the penalty to trade value from low habitability due to it not working properly with pops that were of a species other than the empire founding species

and under "Bugfixes" there's this:

* Trade value from jobs now get a penalty from low planet habitability.

... Which one is it now???

We implemented habitability affecting trade value in the open beta but discovered issues with it, so reverted the changes for the official release.
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