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Stellaris Dev Diary #223 - Release Date and Patch Notes for the 3.1 Lem Update

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Hello everyone!

To get the most important thing out of the way: we are happy to announce that 3.1 “Lem” Update, named for Sci-Fi author Stanisław Lem, will be released on September 14th! We named this patch “Lem” to honor the 100th Anniversary of Stanisław Lem’s birth.

This marks our first release by the Custodian Team and it will surely be an interesting experience as we keep working, iterating, and defining what a Custodian release looks like. I’d like to say a few words about this release to set some expectations for the future:

This update has been worked on for a long time, which you can probably tell from the massive changelog :D , but future updates made by the Custodian team will most likely not be as beefy. What we’re trying to achieve is smaller releases more often (as stated when we announced the Custodian initiative initially here). So now that we’ve hit our first release, we will aim for another one in roughly 3 months. Given the shorter timeline, that will also mean smaller releases.

However, I see that as something to celebrate! Since we no longer have to wait up to 6 months between releases, it means we can get things done quicker and respond to community feedback much more easily!

Watch the 3.1 "Lem" Update Feature Video:

The team has truly put their heart and soul into this release and I assure you that we will continue to do so with each Custodian release. So without further ado, here are the patch notes for 3.1:

######################### VERSION 3.1.1 ###########################


# 3.1 Stanislaw "Lem" Free Features​


## Buffing the backlog

# Plantoids

* Idyllic Bloom civic added. Can be used for Plantoids and Fungoids and gives the ability to transform ideal worlds into Gaia worlds.
* Added Phototrophic, Radiotrophic and Budding species traits for Plantoid and Fungoid species.
* Added Catalytic Processing civics for all government types.
* Maweer Caretakers pre-scripted empire now uses Idyllic Bloom civic in place of Inward Perfection.
* Owning the Plantoids Species Pack adds the Phototrophic trait to the Nu-Baol.
* Owning the Plantoids Species Pack adds the Radiotrophic trait to the Nivlac.

# Humanoids

* Added Masterful Crafters Civic.
* Added Pleasure Seekers Civic.
* Added Clone Army Origin.

# Synthetic Dawn

* Rogue Servitors can now take the Arcology Project Ascension Perk and restore Relic Worlds to Ecumenopolises.
* Ecumenopolises owned by Rogue Servitors have Sanctuary Arcologies, capable of housing Bio-Trophies.

# Apocalypse

* Added a new 'Unyielding' tradition tree.

# MegaCorp

* Subversive Cults no longer have access to the Temple of Prosperity, instead gaining the Subversive Shrine.

# Ancient Relics

* Added three new archaeology sites for Ancient Relics.

# Lithoids

* Extended the Rock Brain anomaly event chain for certain Lithoid empires.

# Necroids

* Reanimated Armies Civic has been renamed to Reanimators and their empires can now reanimate Biological Leviathans, among other things.
* Enabled Necrophage origin for Hive Minds.

# Nemesis

* Added a new 'Subterfuge' tradition tree.

## Selectable Traditions

* Reworked the Traditions interface to make Tradition Trees selectable. Allowing Empires to have access to more than 7 different trees (Empires are still limited to only having 7 active trees).
* Adaptability, Synchronicity and Versatility traditions are now their own tradition trees, rather than being tradition swaps.
* Diplomacy and Adaptability are now both available to almost everyone, and are no longer mutually exclusive.
* Added a new 'Mercantile' tradition tree to the base game.

## Other

* Updated the star system layout of Alpha Centauri to be more scientifically accurate.
* Updated the visuals of the Sea of Consciousness star system.
* You can now queue construction of starbase buildings that require certain modules before those modules have completed construction (such as the Offworld Trading Company).
* Void Dweller empires with species that eat food now start with a 100 food stockpile instead of none.
* Added two new archaeology sites to the base game.


# Balance​


* Sectors released as vassals from megacorps are now released as Oligarchies with the Merchant Guilds civic and one or two random civics (depending on their technology).
* The Federation Science Challenge now takes greater account of empires' relative technological standing when picking a winner.
* When a Reanimator country defeats an organic army in battle, they have a 1/3 chance of creating a new undead army.
* Reanimators no longer need to research any techs before they can build their necromancy building. Their necromancy building now gives two Necromancers instead of one. Necromancers now produce +2 each extra society and physics, but one fewer defensive armies.
* Increased chance of pops escaping Necrophage purging to 25%.
* Reworked the Void Dweller trait to now provide a Pop Output bonus of 15% on habitats and a Pop Output penalty of -15% on non-artificial worlds, ringworlds have neither a bonus nor a penalty. Additionally, they have a -30% happiness penalty on non-artificial worlds.
* Removed stability modifier from Memorialist building and added it to Memorialist job instead.
* Death Cult sacrifice bonuses now depend to a far greater degree on the % of your population you have just put to death (rather than on the sheer number of sacrifices). They will generally be far more impactful in the early game.
* Death Cult: number of Mortal Initiate jobs from upgraded buildings reduced to 2 and 3 from 3 and 5, as your demographics can usually not sustain massacring 5 pops per planet every decade.
* Beacon of Liberty: Gave +15% produced Unity -> Now ALSO also gives -15% Empire Sprawl from Pops
* Imperial Cult: Gave +1 Edict cap -> Now gives +2 Edict cap
* Idealistic Foundation: Gave +5% Happiness -> Now gives +10% Happiness
* Environmentalist: Gave -10% Consumer Goods Upkeep -> Now gives -20% Consumer Goods Upkeep
* Parliamentary System: Gave +25% Faction Influence -> Now gives +40% Faction Influence
* Efficient Bureaucracy: Gave +10% Admin Cap -> Now gives +20% Admin Cap
* Nationalistic Zeal: Gave -10% War Exhaustion Gain and -10% Claim Cost -> Now gives -20% War Exhaustion Gain and -15% Claim Cost
* Functional Architecture: Gave -10% Building and District Cost, -10% Building and District Upkeep and +1 Building Slot -> Now gives -15% Building and District Cost, +2 Building Slots, Upkeep reduction removed
* Subspace Ephase: Gave +15% Naval Capacity -> Now gives +20% Ship Speed and ALSO gives +15% Naval Capacity
* Divided Attention: Gave +10% Admin Cap -> Now gives +20% Admin Cap
* Constructobot: Gave -10% Building and District Cost, -10% Building and District Upkeep and +1 Building Slot -> Now gives -15% Building and District Cost, +2 Building Slots, Upkeep reduction removed
* Slaver Guilds : Reduced enslaved population from 40% to 35%
* Indentured Assets: Reduced enslaved population from 40% to 35% (Megacorp civic)
* Technocracy: Added 1 Consumer Goods upkeep to Scientist Jobs that create unity because of Technocracy
* Non-homicidal Necrophages no longer start with two extra pops. (The purifier and swarm variants keep it, since they lose a few pops during the purge).
* Necrophages can now only have Stone, Bronze or Iron Age primitives as their guaranteed planets. These planets are also guarded by a few more defence armies than they usually would be.
* The Necrophage Elevation Chamber no longer provides a planet stability bonus.
* Reduced Slaver Guilds and Indentured Servitude slave percentages from 40% to 35%.
* Open Markets diplomatic tradition moved to Mercantile.
* Insider Trading diplomatic tradition moved to Mercantile.
* Secured Shipping diplomatic tradition removed. Effect moved to Mercantile traditions.
* Added three new traditions for Diplomacy: Diplomatic Networking, Direct Diplomacy, Eminent Diplomats.
* Bulwark of Harmony tradition moved to Unyielding, replaced with Harmonious Directives which increases edict cap by +1.
* Mind and Body harmony tradition now also increases leader skill cap by +1.
* Kinship harmony tradition effect on demotion time increased from -25% to -75%.
* Supremacy adoption effect no longer increases starbase capacity by +2, but instead increases naval capacity by +20.
* Trade Policies are now locked behind the Adaptive Economic Policies Mercantile tradition.
* Rebalanced Pop costs for Caravaneer events to better reflect pop growth changes.
* Rebalanced pop rewards and costs of multiple events to better reflect pop growth changes.
* Reduced the pop requirement for Executive Retreat and Xeno-outreach Agency to better reflect the current pop system.
* Prosperity traditions finisher no longer provides merchant jobs or gestalt jobs, but rather increases planet stability by+5 and pop resource output by +5%.
* Reworked and rebalanced how some rare events are fired: e.g. repeatedly entering and exiting systems will no longer eventually guarantee certain events.
* Tweaked carrying capacity formula to make housing usage modifiers more useful again (instead of taking total housing, it now takes total pops plus free housing).
* Reduced the benefit orbital stations and starbase constructions receive from technologies when gathering resources.
* Planetary designations that provided build cost modifiers now instead provide upkeep modifiers.
* Urban World designation now reduces the upkeep of buildings and districts instead of affecting industrial district cost.
* Refinery designation now increases production rather than reducing upkeep.
* Added an Industrial World planetary designation that provide reduced benefits to both alloy and consumer good production, and do not shift jobs. The existing "Industrial World" is renamed "Factory World".
* Automatic planetary designation selection will no longer be quite so sure that Refinery Worlds are what you really need more than anything else right now.
* The Shattered Ring starting segment is now a size 25 habitable world with normal districts. Housing, Generator, Trade, Industrial and Farming districts present will convert to Ringworld Districts at a 5:1 ratio when the Ringworld is restored.
* Buildings and districts that add bio-trophy jobs no longer add to carrying capacity, since having bio-trophies that use no housing will now increase carrying capacity already.
* Reduced exorbitant fees for using Golden Rule federation elections (i.e. the money you get from distributing or appropriating the pot now more closely corresponds to the pot).
* Industrial districts now convert into Foundry Arcologies and Factory Arcologies depending on the planetary designation.
* The final level of capital building now unlocks all 4 corporate building slots (up from 3).
* Judgment Corps domination tradition no longer increases crime prevention, but rather makes Enforcers produce 1 Unity.
* Domination tradition finisher no longer increases monthly influence gain by +1, but rather increases increases admin cap by +20% for all empires.
* Colonial Viceroys domination tradition now also increases monthly influence by +0.5.
* Sacrificial Temples are now limited to 5 per planet.
* Halved the minerals from mining The Interloper.
* Replaced the mineral deposit on The Irreparable Damage with an engineering research deposit.
* Rogue Servitor industrial habitat districts will no longer provide Artisan jobs but can still access the jobs by activating the Factory Habitat colony designation.
* Cave Cleaner is now a Worker-tier job rather than Specialist.
* Gas Plant Engineer job is now less attractive.
* Racket Destroyer deal cost increased from 200 Minerals to 2000 Minerals.
* Hive Minds are now able to purge other hive pops again.
* Added so you can terraform a Tomb World to a Gaia World directly if you have the correct prerequisites.
* Made it so that empires can't get worthless buildings from Reverse-Engineering Arcane Technologies.


# Performance and Stability​


* Added a sanity check to prevent a possible crash when closing the game during gameplay.
* Extend the timeout for client to respond to the startgame message so they wouldn't be kicked out the session by the host.
* Fixed an Out of Sync error on hotjoin.
* Significantly reduced the freeze caused by spawning the L-Gate.
* Slightly reduced the performance burden of the auto-migration system.


# UI​


* Changed humming ambient sound in main menu to "Ambient" category and volume.
* Added indications in the UI (purge tooltip in species rights and planet view) as to how likely pops are to escape your current purge type, so long as the chance is not 0% or 100%.
* There is no longer a "Close" button on diplomatic events, so you can no longer accidentally close important decisions by hitting "Esc" to e.g. save.
* In the pop selection within the planet interface, you can now see how much of their output comes from buildings such as Mineral Processing Centers (which increase mineral output by lump sums), as well as how much of their upkeep is from edicts.
* Various job modifiers have been improved to indicate Gestalt alternatives and similar variations.
* The left-hand navigation bar will remain in a collapsed state when the mouse is left hovering, after making a menu choice.
* Fixed so it's possible to click the lock icon when leftbar/navbar is in expanded state.
* Switched the presentation order of Alloys and Consumer Goods in various UI contexts to match the order in the top bar.
* Added clearer information on when you will next be able to use certain espionage operations in tooltips.
* Added information on when the next Necrophage Elevation Ceremony will be on their elevation buildings' tooltips.
* Corrected several errors in the tooltips for setting or unsetting a forced assembly species (specifically in the amount of assembly progress you will lose).
* Fixed UI for Operation Sabotage Starbase.
* The game will now tell you that the game is ready to start in the hotjoining interface (where previously there would be no message after "synchronizing game").
* Food from deposits should now be possible to see on the map.
* Added Hyperlane Opacity slider, defaulting to 0.3.
* Clone Vats building is now sorted under Pop Assembly in the Construct Building list.
* Tweaked colors of Restricted systems names to be slightly more readable.


# AI​


* The AI will now cancel espionage operations for which it lacks the available spy power / infiltration level.
* AI can now build 4-6 construction & science ships depending on how well it is doing financially, meaning some empires will expand and have their mining stations quicker than others.
* The AI should now upgrade its fleets during peacetime.
* AI now waits 15 years to fully take over the player.
* Improve AI human takeover behavior:
* * No naval bonus from difficulty in takeover.
* * AI does not colonize after takeover
* * AI does not destroy buildings after takeover.
* * AI stops building armies after takeover
* * AI stops building starbases & starbase modules after takeover
* * AI stops buying & selling pops after takeover
* * Code:
* * * AIs taking over for a human player now take that into account when deciding on buildings to construct.
* * * AI now considers building caps when deciding on what buildings to construct.
* * * Removed the Upkeep check for approximation because of locking itself out of building certain stuff in deficit
* * Script:
* * * Reduced amount of jobs allowed to build new stuff
* * * Increased scores for deficit, focus & amenities building weights
* * * Reduced weight for pop buildings
* * * Economic plans now favor less research and more stability and economic balance
* * * Added a job weight for low income for artisan jobs
* * * Increased job weight for technicians for low income situations
* * * Reduced low income threshold for miner jobs
* Economic plan fixed for hive & gestalt.
* AI now cares more about energy & alloys. Added a building limit define.
* The AI can now propose targeted Galactic Community resolutions even if they do not have Terrible or Excellent opinion of the target.
* Changed the way that AI weight of Galactic Community resolutions is affected by opinion towards target and proposer, so that it is a multiplicative value instead of additive.
* Increase the amount of saved credits.
* Allow 10% over admin cap.
* Don't build starbases on income below 100.
* Consolidate economic plans & better subplans. Instead of economic plans based on time passed the AI now checks its own economic situation in order to adapt its strategy. As in, if I’m low on consumer goods I will not build research facilities.


# Modding​


# Variables

* In places where you use the value of a variable, you can now generally use "trigger:<any simple value trigger>" or "scope.another_scope.my_variable" (or a combination of the two: "capital_scope.trigger:num_pops" would work).
* Made variables work in the last few scopes they didn't previously work in.
* Overhauled how triggers using a single numerical value work. You can now do the following with them:
* * Check against another scope for which the trigger would be valid, e.g. num_pops = from.owner.
* * Check against a variable in the current scope, e.g. num_pops = my_saved_variable.
* * Save the value the trigger would return true at (i.e. with = operator) as a variable, e.g. export_trigger_value_to_variable = { trigger = num_pops variable = my_var } => sets my_var to 61 if the current empire has 61 pops. For triggers using { }, you can specify parameters in “parameters = { }”
* Enabled the use of variables for values in effects using a single numerical value work. E.g. add_experience = my_var
* Changed format of check_variable_arithmetic considerably to let you specify multiple parameters (including e.g. multiple add parameters).
* Added round_variable_to_nearest effect, in case you don't want to set something to 47.152
* Added a time_multiplier parameter to add_modifier, so that you can multiply your number of days/months/years by a variable.
* Added ordered_script_lists. So you can order, say, all playable countries, by their number of pops and run an effect on the one with the most, least, or e.g. 3rd most pops.
* Enabled use of variables in all "modifier = { factor = X }" calculations.
* Triggered resource tables can now take a "multiplier = variable" parameter, e.g. "produces = { multiplier = my_var energy = 100 }".
* You can now use variables for the count parameter in "count_country" and the like.
* Fixed multipliers for add_modifier in country scope (it worked elsewhere fine, just not in country scope...).
* Simplified check/set/add/multiply/etc_variable to use the new format for "value". I.e. you don't need to specify = { } for complicated things anymore (in fact that won't work) but should instead use dot scoping.

# Other

* Consolidated has_non_swapped_tradition and has_swapped_tradition triggers into a single has_active_tradition trigger.
* Added define for maximum allowed number of tradition category selections.
* Added potential trigger to tradition categories.
* Added num_researched_techs and fixed a bug where num_repeatable_techs wouldn't count you researching multiple levels of the same tech.
* Special projects can now take triggered descriptions.
* Fixed the AI being able to pick is_dialog_only event options and therefore escape the consequences of an event.
* Defensive armies now have a pop-scope spawn_chance, so that you can control a bit better which ones are spawned.
* Added save_detail_ai_build_plan console command.
* Added reroll_random effect, which can be used in cases where random_lists would return the same result multiple times, but don't use in places where the random is used in tooltips as the result in the tooltip is likely to be wrong.
* Adoption and Finisher tooltips of Tradition trees are now automatically generated.
* Added ability to specify a numerical empire_limit for buildings (and have it show nicely in tooltips, like the planet cap).
* Corrected spelling of "is_for_colonizable" and "colonizable_planet".
* Added triggered pop modifiers for species traits.
* Added defense_platform_modifier to Starbases.
* save_ai_build_plan_details now also saves the decisions to ai.log.
* Added fire_and_forget parameter to Resolutions.
* Added num_sapient_pops trigger for planet and country scopes.
* The clone_leader effect now copy the event leader and immortality flags.
* Added parameter in starbase levels to exclude them from trade collection, so that trade collection range modifiers in country scope can be useful.
* Added country_hostile_claim_influence_cost_mult modifier.
* Added starbase_defense_platform_capacity_mult modifier.
* Colony type icons now take keys instead of numbers.
* Added num_tradition_categories trigger.
* Created a triggered planet modifier that only works for pop_growth_speed.
* Added on_actions for on_tradition_picked and on_ascension_perk_picked.
* Added set_visited effect to make you able to see a solar system you have never visited before, also fixed the "no" case of set_surveyed.
* Added triggered desc = { } for districts (to overwrite the base district, not to added an extra line to the tooltip as in the current triggered_desc).
* Added set_saved_date effect.
* Added script flags (with effects and triggers as usual) to all scopes missing them.
* You can now use scripted loc in the names of button effects.
* Added hostile_<type>_difficulty_add and hostile_<type>_difficulty_mult modifiers.
* Added hostile_<category>_difficulty_add and hostile_<category>_difficulty_mult modifiers.
* Added espionage_hostile_operation_difficulty_add and espionage_hostile_operation_difficulty_mult modifiers.
* Added espionage_hostile_operation_cost_add and espionage_hostile_operation_cost_mult modifiers.
* Added use_armynames_from to army types (works like use_shipnames_from in ship sizes).
* Added a modifier diplo_action_acceptance_add that increases AI acceptance of all diplomatic actions.
* Added on_building_downgraded on_action.
* set_name now works on sectors and wars.
* Added add_blocker effect (which unlike add_deposit will let you have control over which deposit the blocker will block).
* Rephrased pop_can_live_on_planet trigger to can_live_on_planet (working in either pop or species scope, and taking a planet event target rather than a boolean).
* added triggers "is_starbase_building_module" and "is_starbase_building_building" checking if the scoped starbase is building a specific item.
* added trigger "starbase_buildable_is_in_queue_before" to check if a buildable is in queue before another. Scope is starbase.
* Split has_system_trade_value trigger into that (and fixed a case where it would return the wrong number), has_collected_system_trade_value and has_uncollected_system_trade_value.
* Fixed various issues with setting species archetype restrictions for government elements (civics, authorities) so that it is now checked in every case and can be used safely.
* The effect "change_species_characteristics" can supports "add_trait", "remove_trait" and "add_traits_at_start_of_list"-flag.
* Added effects to set a country's ruler title or heir title to a specified value, and to restore them to default.
* Added should_remove_response_message_when_not_possible property for diplomatic actions, to remove response messages of the diplo action type if the possible check fails.
* trigger_docs has been split between its components, which are now in their own subdirectory. Modifiers are now also in their own log file.
* Fixed a bug where using a solar system as a location on various effects (e.g. enable_special_project) would not work but also not give an error log message. It now sets the location at the primary star in that system.
* Added documentation for certain advanced scripting functionalities in scripted_effects/99_advanced_documentation.txt.
* Added GetFossil and GetFossilPlural loc keys for species.
* Added Civics and Origins "species_class" condition. Old "species" requirement is now called "species_archetype" instead.
* Added galcom_member and council_member script lists.
* Replaced AI define RESOLUTION_WEIGHT_OPINION_FACTOR with multiple other defines.
* Replaced use of icon_frame in army types with sprites.
* Changed observation_outpost into a scope change rather than a trigger/effect. This means it can be used on the right hand side of effects and triggers, e.g. exists = observation_outpost. On the other hand, "limit" no longer works on it, and it will no longer refer to every observation outpost in the country from country scope.
* Removed any/every/random_mining_station/research_station as you should use just mining_station/research_station instead (more efficient).
* Added on_action on_country_released_in_war.
* LOGISTIC_POP_GROWTH_CEILING, REQUIRED_POP_GROWTH_SCALE, and REQUIRED_POP_ASSEMBLY_SCALE defines have been removed as they have been replaced by sliders in galaxy generation.
* Traits can now be restricted to a Species class (e.g. fungoid).
* Removed need for bombardment_stances to use icon_frame. The game will now look for a sprite called GFX_planet_modifier_ground_support + <key>.
* Planet classes also now use "icon = <sprite>" instead of icon_frame.
* Removed hardcoding of species archetype behaviour. Relevant happiness and growth modifiers are now automatically generated. (Note: a few of them have changed name slightly, and "robotic = yes" has been shifted from species classes to species archetypes).
* Added on_star_system_destroyed on_action (called at the start of destroy_star_system).
* Added orbital_station script list for country and system scopes.
* The detail view shown when clicking ambient objects will no longer cut off text longer than a couple of lines.
* Removed count_diplo_ties, as it is the same as count_relation but used older code.
* Removed count_armies as it is the same as count_owned_army and count_planet_army but with older code.
* Removed use of icon_frame in non-starbase ship sizes. It now only does something on starbases. Other ship sizes use "icon = key", which will look up several individual sprites; modders can therefore add new ships without overwriting the sprite sheet dds file.
* Allowed you to define triggered descriptions for jobs and buildings.
* Ambient Object descriptions can now take [loc.GetProperty] commands.
* Added game_rule should_force_decline_species, which if true will set a species to decline on a planet regardless of purge status or overcrowding.
* Fixed on_army_killed_in_combat so it can't be called multiple times per army.* In certain cases where one would use "mult" in weight scripting, you now should use "factor" (the game will warn you on startup in error.log).
* Added has_climate trigger for planets.
* Added abort_trigger for event chains (the ones in common/event_chains).
* Fixed issues with scopes when using finish_site and finish_current_stage archaeology effects.
* Added GetRemnantName/GetSpeciesRemnantName for cases where you really want your dead robot not to leave a skeleton.
* Improved the randomness of random functions within while loops and every_x loops.
* The "after" effect in events will no longer fire when an "is_dialog_only" option is picked (making it fire multiple times for the same event).


# Bugfixes​


* Fixed some cases where someone else opening the L-Cluster would cause the related Situation Log entry to stick around forever.
* Archaeology sites (and espionage operations) now correctly use the difficulty of the current stage, rather than that of the last stage.
* Reinforcement fleets now get removed when destroyed.
* Fixed colony ships not being affected by ship construction modifiers.
* Fixed a number of inconsistent id3 tags in the Soundtrack DLC's MP3 and FLAC files.
* Removed negative Void Dweller trait, preventing players from genetically modifying species to avoid taking penalties.
* Removed the hidden event to flip Void Dwellers traits.
* Made it so that only Organics get taxed for the growth discouraged decision.
* Scions can no longer choose to comply with staying out of the War in Heaven.
* Fixed Lithoid Craters being removed when terraforming into Hive worlds.
* Fixed an unlocalised tooltip in the Baol event chain.
* Made it so Calamitous Birth can't stack multiple Lithoid Craters or Buried Lithoids.
* Fix for typo in Sanctuary of Repose building tooltip.
* Fixed it so that if you ever reforge your Doomsday homeworld it will no longer have the Doomsday modifier.
* Gestalts will now quickly stamp out crime on conquered planets.
* Made it so Nanites can't ever spawn on terraformable worlds.
* Made it so that a shielded planet won't show up in the event art when you pacify a habitat.
* Shortened the Voidborne description so that it fits inside the Ascension Perk UI.
* Fixed Messenger Project not being visible on galaxy map.
* City Sizes on the planetary view now increase faster to account for recent changes to pop growth.
* Replaced certain parts of localisation which were plain strings with appropriate localisation references.
* Point Defense will no longer ignore missiles if strike craft are present on the battlefield.
* Fixed non gestalt empires from being able to colonize with gestalt pops while in a federation.
* Fixed it not being possible to issue move orders to explored and surveyed systems while having only science ships selected.
* Fixed some interface elements using hardcoded strings rather than translated text.
* Made the Event ‘The Cube’ more gestalt friendly.
* If you swap from organic to artificial pop assembly or vice versa during mid-assembly, you now lose all progress in that assembly.
* Fixed you finding an encryption key on your own empire (again!).
* Fixed Target Uplink Computer effect not applying to defense platforms.
* Added weightings which were missing from the Fanatical Purifiers name parts list.
* Addressed issues with synchronized loc. entries for Pop Faction names. The various faction names now use the correct strings and may be rendered in Simplified Chinese.
* Contact Report: Remnants event now happens when you encounter a ruined megastructure.
* Fixed Ministry of Culture displaying the wrong job description for Machine Empires
* Updated the job priority tooltip to be more clear
* Made it so the Earth Custodianship isn't locked behind the Humanoid DLC
* Addressed issues with various synchronized loc. entries for Empire names. Random names for empires including Hive Minds, Necrophages, Fanatical Purifiers and Corporate authorities now use the correct strings and may be rendered in Simplified Chinese.
* Ascended Synthetic Spiritualists will no longer outlaw their own rulers.

* Fixed the wrong event text being displayed for the Grassy Militia anomaly event.
* Claims distance cost modifier now considers wormholes, even if borders are closed.
* Updated First Contact Protocols tooltips to more accurately reflect the effects.
* Improved consistency in map mode names.
* Fixed an instance where Crisis factions couldn't reach their offensive targets and got stuck
* Reinforcing fleets will now arrive and attempt to merge even if the target fleet is in combat.
* Fixed jobs without employment caps being listed as X employed out of -1 available slots in job breakdown tooltip.
* Sprawling Slums tooltip changed now accurately reflects what the deposit actually does on clear.
* Fixed repealing Resolutions not working as expected.
* Repealing the 4th resolution under the Mutual Defence category now makes proper reference to the Castigation Proclamation, rather than the Military Readiness Act.
* Fixed the Prioritized and Deprioritized indicators on pop job assignment icons blocking mouse input.
* Fixed colony designations including pre-sapient pops when evaluating pop limitations for the potential trigger.
* Fixed crash when using the add_pops command.
* Corrected capitalization in descriptive text for Organic Sanctuaries and Organic Paradises.
* Fixed several issues related to planets displaying negative available jobs.
* Fixed auto-pause not working for anomalies if auto-unpause was enabled.
* Fixed the On the Shoulders of Giants Origin sometimes starting you off in a solar system with too many planets.
* Rebalanced likelihood of certain rare events from occurring.
* Starting with the Void Dweller or Shattered Ring origin in combination with the Reanimators civic now starts your empire off with a Dread Encampment.
* Fixed it not being possible to enact the "Create Resort World" decision after repealing it
* Fixed cases (e.g. Lithoid Necrophages) where species would repeatedly start assembling or growing and then cancel after the next monthly tick.
* Fixed some cases where Necrophages would pause regular pop growth during purging.
* Fixed issues with the portrait tooltip in empire creation sometimes being empty or containing empty lines
* Fixed the “Randomize Ruler Name” button not always being enabled even though the requirements for it were met.
* Fixed it being possible to open DLC landing pages during hotjoin and breaking the UI flow.
* Fixed template list in fleet manager sometimes getting stuck in a scrolled state when a template was removed.
* Industrial Worlds and Industrial Habitat designations no longer attempt to remove Foundry Drone jobs for Rogue Servitors, they now target Fabricator jobs.
* Fixed construct mining station tooltip showing maintenance on energy mining stations.
* Fixed pops sometimes staying in jobs that no longer existed after colony designation was changed.
* Hive minds now perceive the "Living Sea" event with bespoke event text, rather than seeing the same events which are granted to regular, non-machine empires.
* Fixed the Go To button for the "Unit Lost" event.
* Made it so 'Diplomatic Corps ridiculed' expires after 3600 days.
* Forge and Factory World designations now remember that a third tier of the buildings exist.
* Fixed missing strings of random names for Supremacist and Technologist pop factions.
* Fixed the icon for picking a colony designation being a robotic cow. Also made the robotic cow be used correctly for Machine Fringe Planets.
* Humiliated modifier now has a negative icon.
* Leisure districts no longer provide housing for Rogue Servitors.
* Tooltips for Organic Sanctuary buildings and Leisure Districts for Rogue Servitors have additional information about their jobs.
* Made it so you can not stack multiple "Missing Tree of Life" modifiers by trading systems.
* Updated the Tooltips of the Ministry of Culture to be more appropriate for Gestalts.
* Made it so the Infested World counter correctly updates when destroying a system with a Star Eater.
* Reworded Lithoid rare resource traits to be clearer to the player.
* Rebalanced the amount of pops required to gain certain event jobs.
* Event "Unit Lost" now makes proper reference to the affected fleet.
* Fixed Mars missing Terraforming Candidate when Sol spawns naturally.
* Machine World Preference now uses the appropriate icon.
* Fixed some consistency issues where Discovery traditions were called Exploration in French.
* Fixed tooltip for Collective Reasoning tradition.
* Fixed various instances of an invalid apostrophe glyph appearing in localized text.
* Fixed it being impossible to communicate with caravaneers in certain circumstances.
* Fixed exploitable_planets trigger always returning false (and its tooltip).
* Made tooltips for invalid species traits highlighted in red in empire creation.
* Fixed repair fleet orders not being carried out to completion if placed in a queue.
* Implemented unused icons for titan ship components.
* Fixed uncolonized Habitats mysteriously turning into shattered worlds when subjected to Star Eaters or the Aetherophasic Engine.
* Fixed DLC icons being accessible in MP empire selection.
* Adjusted a response string for spiritualists upon completion of First Contact, preventing a name reference from exceeding its bounds.
* Fixed a missing loc string if your request to form a Federation timed out.
* Fixed reference to "tiles" in collateral damage's tooltips.
* As Death Cults, you no longer lose effects from active Sacrifices if you temporarily cease to have any Mortal Initiates (e.g. by sacrificing them all).
* Fixed event-spawned leaders lacking certain traits they should have had from their species' characteristics, such as Psionic and Erudite.
* Fixed modifiers to district build speed not being applied to tooltips when you choose to build them.
* Fixed Academic Privilege Living Standard's tooltip missing some crucial information on what it does (+10% pop research output).
* Fixed certain Traditions, such as Machine Synchronicity tradition Integrated Preservation, only taking effect after some delay or upon reload.
* Fixed some issues with "Life Finds a Way" event not doing what the tooltip said.
* Fixed misleading tooltip of the Oracle Nexus event.
* Clarified some matters in the Memorialist civic tooltip.
* AI controlled slaver guilds should now colonize planets.
* Fixed a rare issue where you could have a +-1 skill bonus in first contact skill tooltips.
* Cleared planets and asteroid belt from the Shattered Ring solar system.
* Fixed a wrong Ethics reference in Polish localization
* Made the Tradition "Faith in Science" have a less misleading tooltip.
* Fixed <leader class> skill modifiers applying to multiple or all leader classes, instead of just the one they were meant to apply to.
* Fixed traditions that refund you costs of demolished buildings to properly refund you if you manually demolish or downgrade buildings using the planet interface.
* All colony designations of the appropriate type will now gain benefits from Resolutions such as Environmental Ordinance Waivers.
* Fixed buildings with a queued upgrade in progress being counted twice towards building count limits.
* It is no longer possible to shift criminals to worker jobs by manually prioritizing the worker job.
* Fixed it being possible to retain species rights that had been made invalid by a change in government type or civics
* Made it so the Hologram Planet anomaly no longer can spawn on planets with already existing dig sites.
* The Totalitarian Faction will now be happy if you have the Slaver Guilds civic.
* Agrarian Idyll Civic now properly adds 2 farming districts to your homeworld.
* Purging every primitive on a planet now removes the Stellar Culture Shock modifier.
* The ruler of the Galactic Imperium is no longer blocked from getting the Subjugation war goal / CB when they kindly offer protectorate status to another empire.
* Hive Worlds no longer have access to both the Forge World and the Hive World Foundry colony designation.
* Upon invading a Ketling primitive world the associated special project will now be removed from your situation log.
* Fixed Fungoid research station model to remove hole in cylinder.
* Passing Space Amoeba Protection Act resolution no longer allows you to pass the Tiyanki Conservation Act again.
* Passing either the Tiyanki Conservation Act or the Tiyanki Pest Control will now fulfill the "pass a resolution" Galactic Focus.
* Fixed cases where the cooldown for finding archaeology sites in quick succession would be triggered even though no archaeology site was found.
* Fixed you getting unsuitable arc sites in the L-Cluster.
* Void Dwellers are now correctly given starting resources depending on species and ethics.
* Fixed not being able to revoke nominated Galactic Market planets if the relocation vote was ongoing.
* If Shard is defeated the relevant event chains will be removed from all other nations.
* The "What Separates Us" event will no longer fire if the other species are robots.
* Added a more negative icon to the "Failed Savior" modifier.
* The Shifting Sands event now properly gives a boost to physics research.
* Lost to Bureaucracy event will no longer create planetary features out of thin air when you clear the blockers spawned.
* Reintroduced gaining menace from turning a world into a Tomb World via bombardment.
* Fixed defense platforms not being destroyed when dismantling a starbase.
* Modified mesh to resolve Z-fighting between ringworld sections.
* Enclave text boxes now reset correctly between messages.
* Fixed an issue where you could take in Caravaneer pops even if your policies would automatically purge them.
* Fixed Merchants Guilds not giving enough jobs from the Imperial Palace building.
* Dimensional Horror now shows on the galaxy map.
* "Repeal Crisis" resolutions are no longer missing an icon.
* Fixed a bug that allowed you to gain menace by repeatedly vassalizing and releasing the same empire.
* Fixed it being possible to open ship details for strange vessels via the fleet manager.
* Added missing icon to the Study Hive Mind Drones Modifier.
* Fixed a case where the third Baol arc site would not spawn.
* You now gain visibility on the systems where you know the next Baol or Zroni arc site will be if you have never been there before, rather than having to guess where they are.
* Fixed army transport fleets sometimes forgetting fleet stance and control group information when embarking
* Land Appropriation and automatic resettlement now respect whether a species is allowed to live on the planet (e.g. won't resettle organics onto Machine Worlds).
* Reanimators is now fully incompatible with Synthetic Ascension, rather than just quietly doing nothing as before.
* Prosperity Traditions Interstellar Franchising and Public Works (+Hive/Machine variants) are now fully informative of which districts they provide boosts to.
* Unemployed Lithoids will no longer move back to a Doomed homeworld through auto-migration, even if there *are* plenty of good jobs and housing available. (can_planet_receive_auto_migration added to Game Rules.)
* Notifications for refused peace offers are now properly removed when a war has ended.
* Fixed various error log messages relating to Crisis Objectives, along with several edge cases where the rewards were not granted when they should have been.
* Stopped the automatic picker for assembling species from picking obsolete species with fewer traits.
* Fixed Lithoids using Biological pop growth modifiers to determine whether they should be more likely to be picked as the next species to be grown.
* Fixed a case where a Fallen Empire could send you multiple demands to change your ways if you didn't answer them fast enough.
* Fixed pop Self Modification chain from pitting modified species against modified species.
* Vassals created by the Galactic Sovereign no longer believe that they are also Galactic Sovereigns. There can only be one.
* Fixed a too-long string cutting off invader power values in ground combat view in French.
* Fixed an issue where destroying the Contingency's final world with a Star-Eater would not not properly end the Contingency Crisis.
* Updated numbers in espionage operation roll tooltip to show correct information.
* Fixed an issue where Nomads would keep asking for a Planet over and over, before establishing communications.
* Thought Enforcement tech is now researchable with the Utopia DLC.
* Fixed a crash upon mousing over a system with planets in as an observer.
* Fixed a couple of Edicts having wrong deactivation cost.
* The tooltip when you can't reinforce a fleet shouldn't duplicate the cause.
* Fleets can be reinforced even if one ship type in the fleet can't be built.
* Adjusted the term used in French to refer to empires who oppose Galactic Community resolutions.
* Further fixes to the end of the Cybrex precursor chain.
* Added defines to support Diffuse color as Emissive rather than Player color for skinned as well as static models.
* You can no longer invite someone you are at war against to join your side in a new war.
* Fixed it being possible to get multiple Imperial Cores via certain war goals releasing new empires.
* Corrected opinion text placement in the Declare War view.
* Grammar fixes to anomaly event "Adrift", and event "The Discovery of Alien Life" (assimilator variant).
* The Manifesti faction should no longer reform after it has disbanded, either through suppression or lack of popularity.
* Fixed several cases where the Vultaum, Yuht, First League, Irassian, and Cybrex precursor chains would not end properly if someone else found the homeworld first.
* Fixed the Research Institute building not properly converting to Planetary Supercomputer when conquered by Gestalt empires, and vice versa.
* Fixed auto-resettlement for Void Dweller habitats and certain other planets (needs a new save, though).
* Fixed a typo in the Ruined World archaeology chain.
* Fixed the spelling error in the “Restored Warship” event.
* Fixed excessive unemployment caused by the Cave Cleaner job being too attractive.
* Fixed an issue where Branch Office value tooltips could be displayed based on the wrong Branch Office owner.
* Branch Office value generated from Criminal jobs for Criminal Syndicates is now properly shown in the tooltip for Branch Office value.
* Fixed typo in “Operatives Toe the Line”.
* Fixed crash on sector colony development update.
* Fixed missing tooltips for increase/decrease buttons in monthly trade view.
* Hyperlane registrar should now be unlocked with the correct technology.
* Hive Minds can no longer assemble non-hive pops from spawning pools.
* The colonizable planet icon should no longer disappear when a ship leaves an unsurveyed system.
* Victorious ground troops will no longer embark automatically if there are hostile military fleets present in the system.
* Starbase Defense Platforms can no longer be upgraded while the starbase is engaged in combat.
* Fixed fleet speed being dictated by the first ship in the fleet instead of the slowest one.
* Updated German translation for Arc Emitter.
* Fixed a typo in Haahn's species name.
* Fixed a few German text overlaps.
* Fixed broken text references in "Pirate Haven Destroyed" event.
* Fixed planetary deposit interfaces not showing triggered modifiers as icons.
* Fixed jump distance counting not always finding the shortest path.
* Fixed cases where event options with random effects were often not as random as they should be.
* Updated a couple of Neural Slug events for Hive Mind empires.
* When you play as the Commonwealth of Man, the UNE will now always correctly spawn again.

Don’t forget, you can watch our 3.1 “Lem” Update Feature Stream, live right now on twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive (or watch the Twitch VOD)! And if you have questions about Stellaris, the patch notes, or the Lem Update, we’ll be holding a Developer Q&A on discord at 1700 CEST (UTC + 2) today!

Thank you all for following us on this journey to make our game better than ever!
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Cool additions, thank you :)

I'm intrigued by the 5 new archeology sites.
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This is excellent news. Well done there, Devs! I'm absolutely thrilled that the release date is so soon, too. Thanks for not torturing us with any more wait (I mean that sincerely).

I for one feel that the more frequent turn-around of bugfix/sprucing/QoL patches is going to be fantastic for the game and the community. Here's to many more years of an ever-better Stellaris!

>So now that we’ve hit our first release, we will aim for another one in roughly 3 months. Given the shorter timeline, that will also mean smaller releases.

As someone who has found the long time between announcement of a new major patch/DLC and release (particularly the tail from the announcement of 3.0/Nemesis to its release, which as I recall was around 9 months), this is very positive. I'm hopeful you'll keep your word ;)

I need to ask, on the topic of tradition trees. There are several great mods which give big numbers of additional tradition trees. In 3.1, will the game still limit players to a cap of 7 trees (potentially including any added via mods), or will the 7-tree cap be removable by mods which choose to do so?
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*You can now queue construction of starbase buildings that require certain modules before those modules have completed construction (such as the Offworld Trading Company).

I hope this is just the first step of queueing up construction of starbases, would be awesome if it would be possible for ALL upgrades.
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* Maweer Caretakers pre-scripted empire now uses Idyllic Bloom civic in place of Inward Perfection.
I was hoping for a change like this, but I'm a little surprised they swapped out Inward Perfection rather than Agrarian Idyll. The Maweer show up a lot in my games for some reason, so I'm curious to see how these changes will impact them.
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Great work! I can't wait to play Lem, and these are some hefty patch notes.

* Fixed repealing Resolutions not working as expected.

Does this mean when players repeal? Or will AI now repeal resolutions that have been stuck at the bottom of the queue for years?

Any news on this? https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...ti-faction-event-chain.1468666/#post-27502490

Every report of it gets marked as "Needs Info", even when saves are provided. I'm unsure what else can be provided. It's simply that the "Hush Descends" event will never, ever fire. It does not happen.
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* Updated the visuals of the Sea of Consciousness star system.
Any chance that somewhere in the future the planet with the Dead God modifier will actually have a Dead God orbiting it?
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When a Megacorps "liberates" another empire will that empire become megacorp or will it works like vassals and becomes a friendly standart empire with the merchant guilds civic?
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When a Megacorps "liberates" another empire will that empire become megacorp or will it works like vassals and becomes a friendly standart empire with the merchant guilds civic?

God I really hope so! A liberating Megacorp making its own customers would be a great play through. It makes no sense to make a rival business.
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* Tweaked carrying capacity formula to make housing usage modifiers more useful again (instead of taking total housing, it now takes total pops plus free housing).

Nice! Now housing matters again and solitary is no longer a free negative trait. I'm looking forward to how this works and how it affects growth, especially on Ecumenopolis, Hive Worlds, Machine Worlds, Gaia Worlds, Ring worlds and Habitats.
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That was a really long list. Well done!

Does the AI do a better job of research priority now? That was one of the things that kept me off ironman since the last update.

Looking forward to when the update goes live!
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