Stellaris Dev Diary #212: PDXCon Remixed and 3.0.3

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Stellaris Game Designer
Apr 4, 2019
Hi everyone!

Two big things this week.

The first is that 3.0.3 has moved from beta to live on all platforms, with the full details available here. 3.0.3 includes numerous economic and AI adjustments, bugfixes, and two new sliders in galaxy generation to control pop growth behavior without the need for a mod. There have been a few more fixes added since the last beta update, so check out the patch notes.

The other is that PDXCon Remixed, an online adaptation of our annual convention, is kicking off!

PDXCon Remixed Logo

We’ve had a variety of events including the Treasure Hunt and Grand Campaign (praise snek) over the past few weeks, but the main events start this weekend.

I’ll list a few of the events of particular interest to Stellaris players, but the entire schedule can be found here. (insert link)

Friday, 21st of May:
  • At 20:00 CEST, the Announcement Show will have all sorts of news and revelations, you can watch at (The pre-show event starts at 19:30!)

Saturday, 22nd of May:
  • At 01:10, Product Marketing Manager Pontus Rundqvist will be hosting a talk called Fanatic Egalitarians: Bringing Stellaris to Consoles with our friends from Tantalus, Producer David Giles, Designer David Doe, and Programmer Adam Clarke.
  • At 20:00, the Paradox Awards show will be held, honoring the best community in gaming. Modders, community organizers, content creators and more will be highlighted and awarded for their amazing work with all our games.

Sunday, 23rd of May:
  • At 00:40, Community Ambassador Graeme “DJ Truthsayer” Crawford will host Defining Your Own Space: Making Great Stellaris Content, featuring some of the brightest stars of Stellaris content creation. ASpec, Enigmatic Rose, Old Man Mordaith, and Stefan Annon will give tips on making fun and engaging videos.
  • At 02:10, DJ will continue with How to Conquer the Galaxy Without Really Trying, with QA Lead Joseph Gardener, Embedded QA Byron Aytoun, Regunes, UMAR, and Stefan Annon teaching you how to turn a fledgling empire into an intergalactic powerhouse!
  • At 13:10, make first contact with some of the developers at Meet the Stars: Stellaris Dev Mingle on Discord.
  • At 14:10, DJ will host Fanatic Xenophiles: Creating Character for Stellaris, featuring Senior Artist Frida Eriksson and Artist Emma Jonsson. See how our worlds are populated with a growing array of fascinating creatures.
  • 14:55 brings us Fanatic Spiritualists: The Philosophy Behind Stellaris, where Live Content Producer Anders Carlsson grills Game Director Daniel Moregård, Content Designer Gemma Thomson, and myself (Game Designer Stephen Muray) about the stories being told through Stellaris, and how the game is designed to create those stories.
  • At 15:45, the Fanatic Materialists: A Look at Stellaris Tech panel, featuring Tech Lead Lorenzo Berni, Senior Programmer Gustav Palmqvist, Content Designer and Technical Scripter Pierre Du Plessis, and Former Tech Lead Gwenael Tranvouez will share their insight on how the technology behind Stellaris is created.

That’s not all, see the full list of events here to plan your agenda, with more updates following the Announcement Show.

There'll also be a Stellaris Virtual LAN Party on the Stellaris Discord all weekend! Join to play Community hosted multiplayer games (competitive and roleplay games), learn to play Stellaris from experienced community members, win some game keys, and maybe a chance to Play with a Dev!

Enjoy the convention!
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Alfray Stryke

Stellaris QA
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Feb 21, 2014
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Well clearly the beta was to do three things:

- test the pop mechanic adjustments with a playerbase bigger than they could do internally before a full release
- test the bugfixes (in case they lead to other bugs as sometimes happen) before a full release
- to collect feedback on the AI to inform AI changes in forthcoming patches

Yup, we've got some really good feedback from the open beta and it's informed a lot of decisions we're making. Just need more time to implement changes, test them, refine them, test them again, etc...
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