Stellaris Dev Diary #180 - DLC Visibility Experiment

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Aug 13, 2012
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Hello everyone!

We hope you are enjoying your time with 2.7 and the 4 year anniversary of Stellaris! It’s very fun to see how far the game has come, and just as interesting to imagine what the future can hold.

We want to make sure that Stellaris is well-prepared for more content in the future. Something we’ve learned, especially with CK2, is that a long tail of new content can make it very difficult for players to see what kind of DLCs are available for the game. As we recently announced, Stellaris has more than 3 million players, and we want to make sure that players – both new and old – have an easier time finding content that they might like.

In order to improve visibility, starting today and lasting for a couple of weeks, we’re going to be running a couple of experiments that will be looking at DLC visibility within the game. We will be running a controlled experiment that will split up the player base into different groups, where each group will get a slightly different experience (or no change, in the case of the control group). The experiment will only affect the main menu and empire creation/selection, and will not have any effect on the game as you are playing. The purpose of this is to gather some insights into what kind of visibility features are actually helpful.

Before you grab your laser-powered pitchforks and plasma-illuminators, and complain about development focus, rest assured that all of this work has been done by an external team (who has done a great job btw!) and has had no effect on the development of Stellaris as a game :)

I want to emphasize that even though we want to improve the visibility of content for the game, it will never come at the expense of the game experience itself, so you don’t need to worry about that. It is very important for us that our players are able to immerse themselves in the Stellaris universe and to have fun while they play.

And because a dev diary can’t be complete without pictures or teasers, here’s two icons related to some future content. What could it be..?
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Would be nice even if they wrote something like "hey, we're still alive, and working on new stuff. Will let you guys know when we have more."

For all we know, the entire team might as well be being chemically reprocessed into energy by a gestalt consciousness right now.
This is true. We are currently working on future plans and have not been converted into energy or a delicious nutrient paste*, and are currently still made of meat.

It's been interesting doing some of these things remotely, since we can't do whiteboarding brainstorms quite the same way we're used to since we're scattered across the region. Some things have been extremely and unexpectedly effective though. I love one of the tools we're using for these workshops.

* Studies show seven out of ten organics can't tell the difference!
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