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Stellaris Dev Diary #177 - Edict Rework


Today we’ll touch upon a subject dear to the hearts of many galactic rulers - namely Edicts!

Edicts are meant to be a way for your empire to focus on certain issues without necessarily taking a permanent stance on them. More permanent stances on issues would be covered by Policies.

Although we felt that Edicts do fit this role pretty well, there were a couple of issues with the system that we think could be improved. The fact that Edicts would always time out felt like a little bit of unnecessary micromanagement at times, and didn’t really emphasize the feeling of “I am choosing to focus on these 2 things right now”. We felt that it would fit better if Edicts had a greater emphasis on making choices that you can go back and change, rather than being things you constantly go in and refresh.


An old friend with a slight makeover. Some Edicts are now toggled on/off instead of being on a timer.

Edict Capacity
Enter Edict Capacity – a new mechanic that puts a soft limit on how many Edicts of a certain type that you can have active at once. Similar to Starbase Capacity, your empire will suffer penalties if you exceed it, and the penalty in this case being Empire Sprawl. For every toggled and active Edict above the Edict Capacity, your Empire Sprawl will be increased by +25%.

By default, an empire will start with an Edict Capacity of 2, and can be modified by things like Authority, Civics and Ascension Perks. These values are very prone to being changed as more balance feedback comes in.


Dictatorial and Imperial Authority now increases Edict Capacity by +1.


The God-Emperor knows best.


You can now vigorously enact more Edicts.

Not all Edicts will use Edict Capacity, but rather only the ones that last until cancelled will. Edicts that can be toggled will have an Activation Cost and a Deactivation Cost, which is usually Influence. This means that you are paying the Influence when you are making changes, rather than paying to upkeep the Edicts you want.

Edicts that last until cancelled will be marked with a different icon from the edicts (and campaigns) that expire once their duration runs out.


An example of two different Edicts. Red: toggled - lasts until cancelled and uses Edict Capacity. Blue: temporary - lasts for 10 years and does not use Edict Capacity.

Some of the Edicts have changed and we have added a couple of new ones, to better fit with the Edict Capacity. Let’s take a look at a few of them:


Whenever you need to stimulate your economy, subsidies can be the way to go. There are Farming, Mining, Energy and Industrial subsidies.


Neighbors suddenly turned hostile? Need to secure your borders? Pass this Edict to refocus your efforts!


Has the galaxy become more hostile? Do you need to build a powerful fleet to project your power? Focus on Fleet Supremacy for a more powerful and imposing fleet.

Pop Growth is problematic, so we have made some changes in the upcoming patch that will reduce Pop Growth from different sources across the board (more on that later). Food Policies are no more, and the popular Nutritional Plenitude is now a toggled Edict instead.


No longer a food policy (they don’t exist anymore). There are different versions for Hive Minds and Rogue Servitors.

Resource Edicts, Campaigns and Unity Ambitions
The model for the new Edict Capacity doesn’t fit very well for all types of Edicts, which is why the rare resource Edicts, Campaigns and Unity Ambitions remain unchanged and keep working like you are used to. This is also better for modding purposes, so that modders have the opportunity to use Edicts however they see best.

Finishing thoughts
Overall we feel like the new system better allows us to structure how the players get the tools they need to focus their empires for certain tasks. As we make more additions to the game in the future, this new system will also allow us to give the players more tools to address certain issues.


That is all for this week! We will be back again next week with another dev diary, this time about some federation-related content!
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It's cool that this is a soft cap. From the reactions I saw, it seems others thought it was a hard cap. I wondered that too. And I was going to ask if there were "several" different kinds of edicts due to the rough power levels of them, but it seems I don't need to :)

Instead, can I ask that we get a "Liberator" stance for Pacifists in place of "Belligerent/Supremacist"? And that they get a faction that accommodates this?

Industrial subsidies.
So does this mean that the Industrial policy is no more too?
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I was hoping that it will be the democratic/oligarchic authorities that would get more edicts. As is democracies really feel like a bad choice.
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Pop Growth is problematic, so we have made some changes in the upcoming patch that will reduce Pop Growth from different sources across the board (more on that later)
I'm really looking forward to this :) i hope there will be someday a new mechanic, maybe one unrelated to the number of planets you own
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I like the concept overall, but a whopping 25% Empire Sprawl penalty for one additional edict seems a bit extreme. Hope the numbers aren't final yet!
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Pop Growth is problematic, so we have made some changes in the upcoming patch that will reduce Pop Growth from different sources across the board (more on that later).
I'm hoping any such change is more than just some general nerf. I thought the problem with pop growth wasn't that it was too fast, but that there was only one good way to obtain it: aggressive expansion and acquiring as many colonies as quickly as possible.
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Capacity Overload for 80/100 Influence thats cheap.

Edit2: @grekulf Are these the base costs or reduced by some civics/ethics? 80 somehow looks to me like it is reduced in the screenshot.
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there should be more policy too
maybe some policy that determine how much a single researcher artisan or metallurgist cost and produce
a much higher upkeep for a slightly higher base production or much lower upkeep for a slightly lower base production
and please make encourage growth a global edict and not a planetary decision
How are these edict costs calculated, is it a fixed amount or does it scale with the empire size.
Second does implenting an edict costs more than revoking it or is it an identical amount.
Looks good. Nutritional plenitude makes so much more sense as an edict. I like that you can use excessive administration capacity for additional edicts.

I guess the obvious question here is - if autocracies are getting bonus edict capacities, what are other authorities getting? I guess we will find out in time!
Is there any chance of some kind of "continue" option for campaigns, timed edicts and planetary decisions? Re-buying them once they expire can get tedious if doing so is a no-brainer, so having them convert to a monthly cost once that happens would be better.
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