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Mandate of Heaven Video Development Diary

On Thursday the 6th of April we release the next expansion for Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven. This time focus will be on East Asia and the Chinese Empire. We also introduce new mechanics such as Ages, Devastation, Prosperity, A Diplomatic Macro Builder and more. Take a moment to view this Video Development Diary for a more in-depth look.

Jake replaced Johan ! He is looking to the Paradox Throne , watch out !

I'm glad for Jake, its cool to see him more and more involved in the development of the game

And of course, looking forward this expansion ;)
Great features, great presentation, gonna buy it again. But that HD quality of the filming is a bane to me. There is a crumb on the lip starting at around the middle and I cant unsee it, so some parts of the video became unwatchable for me.
That... Beautiful... Man.
I'm seeing new animations for the Japanese. It looks amazing. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get this when it comes out:(. I'll wait for Easter.
Why do you have to release this the same day as Stellaris' Utopia?

I mean I'm still gonna get both, I just wish I didn't have to choose which one to play first (it's going to be Utopia).
lolol, nice one @Mrop :)

Tell you what, I kind of forgot how much was being packed into the next expansion - lots of good things coming in a weeks' time (and that's not counting Banks for Stellaris - which to play first?!). Nice work by Jake in the vid as well.
Something about the Ages mechanic scares me.. What if no nation ever gets those Achievements that come with the ages. Also I think its a bit much that you get 50 years of this golden age after reaching the achievement.. That seems a bit overpowered in my books.. but maybe i am in the minority who thinks that.