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Imperator Dev Diary 11/25/2019 - Modding!

Greetings again!

With the team busy putting final touches to the Livy update, we thought we’d focus today’s diary on the modding power of both the script and mission systems in general. As you might expect at this stage, we are (sadly) not stuffing the Livy update full of new, unseen features, though for those of you who hunger for more substantial news, scroll right on down to the bottom of this post...

As promised, the mission system (and many other I:R features) has been built with script power in mind. Snow Crystal, one of our Content Designers; has spent some time creating a host of modding tutorials and guides to help both novices and veterans alike, to get to grips with scripting in I:R.

You can find the comprehensive guide index here.

PS: We can now reveal that the Livy update will be in your hands as soon as December 3rd! Follow this link for an overview of 1.3 and the Punic Wars.

Some social status was commented on in the estadist diary, is this something that will finally be introduced in patch 1.3 or has it been left for later?
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With the addition of new music will Livy make it possible to mod in music based on conditions?