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HoI4 DevDiary: No Step Back Achievements

Hello, and welcome back to another Dev Diary for Hearts of Iron 4. As we close in on wrapping up this major operation, code-named Barbarossa, before winter falls (the first snow fell in Stockholm this weekend, I am sure it’ll be fine), today we will talk about the new achievements that will be added with the release of No Step Back.

As far as the process is concerned, we usually have an open list of achievement suggestions during the whole DLC development cycle. Near the end of the cycle, we take a vote on what achievements we want to see in the game (after eliminating any that would be technically impossible) and start the process of implementing them and ordering art.

For No Step Back, we started with a list of 49 suggestions, and whittled it down to 20 Achievements:


At least they run on time!: As fascist Italy, have max level railways in all your core states


Not much fun in Stalingrad
: As Germany, capitulate the Soviet Union without taking Stalingrad


No more Partitions: As Poland, be independent and ensure that both Germany and the USSR are either in your faction or don’t exist


Habsburgs. Habsburgs everywhere: As Poland, install a Habsburg monarch and be in a faction with another Habsburg monarch.


The Pope? How many Divisions does he have?: As the USSR, take Rome.


This is going to be LIT: As Lithuania, hold the capitals of all of your neighbours


It has my name on it: As any Baltic State, conquer the entire shoreline of the Baltic Sea

this _achievement_is_cheesy.png

This Achievement is Cheesy: As Latvia, form Ostland and occupy Vasterbotten. (n.b.: Vasterbotten is located in Lappland State)


Esti is Scandi: As Estonia, secure Scandinavia (n.b.: Every state in Scandinavia needs to be controlled by Estonia or a Subject of Estonia)


Not a step back!: As the Soviet Union never lose 1 core territory to anyone before 1945


One Step Forward: As the Soviet Union, declare war on Poland and Germany before Germany attacks Poland.


The Soviet Onion: As the Soviet Union, have only puppets as neighbors


Crusader Kings III: As Poland, crown a Monarch and capture Jerusalem


The Romanovs laugh last: Restore the Romanovs to the throne and conquer Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia,Turkey, and Bulgaria.


We don’t really like statistics: As the Soviet Union under Stalin, conquer Germany while suffering less than 1 million casualties total


Race for Germany: As the Soviet Union, capitulate Germany after the Fall of France but before the Allies control one German core state


Siberian Tiger: As Tannu Tuva, form Siberia


Just proper gander: As the Soviet Union, activate 30 propaganda campaigns before 1945.


Around Eurasia in 80 days: Have a railroad from Gibraltar to Singapore


Poland Peasant Revolution: As Poland, have the Peasant’s Strike overthrow the government.

That's all from us today! Next week, you will get the Patchnotes for 1.11 Barbarossa (unless we are thrown out of position by a sudden enemy counter-attack).
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I have no idea what I'm doing!
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I finally was able to knock out the "Miklos Horthy and the Habsburg Prince" achievement today, and I noticed that some of the NSB achievements are already showing non-zero completion rates.

When the new achievements first appeared on Steam last week, they all showed 0% completion. Now some of them are showing as being completed by 0.1% of the player community.

Is this just people using Steam Achievement Manager to reward themselves, or has an early release version of No Step Back already hit the market?

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Possibly cheating, although I'd doubt that since it's so blatant and an obvious way to mark out cheating.

More likely, at least from my perspective, devs testing functionality acquiring the achievements or possibly reviewer early access? Not to sure if they do the latter for DLC and if they did, if they'd do it this early.

Possibly also a hiccup in Steam's achievement servers. Looking at when people got achievements is practically worthless because of things like that. I've got a game where I got one achievement and all the others available at the time triggered as well. That must have been 2, 3 years ago? From an outside view, that looks like I was cheating in that game.

Only worse group are console achievements. I had an achievement trigger quite literally a week after the last time I'd touched the game.

It wasn't sitting open or anything like that. I did earn the achievement the last time I played. But for some reason it was a week later that it went, hey, you did it!

Scared the shit out of me as well, just walking by my TV and suddenly an achievement notification ping.

Edit: Really need to stop leaving tabs open.
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The 80 day train run is also the one I'm looking forward to. Annoyingly I just finished my Fascist UK EU+Federation WC run last night where it would have been easy. Still, good opportunity to play with the new train mechanic.
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Feb 19, 2021
I just finished my Fascist UK EU+Federation WC run last night

Jap, me too :) I started "One empire" just before PDX announced new achievements and finished it yesterday. i don't like play almost this same game for achievements, so I think, that "The 80 day train" will be cool as combination with some USSR achievements (we have most of required lands at the starts) or with "Not much fun in Stalingrad".


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Aug 14, 2020
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I am 100% sure it's just Achievement Manager because Paradox tends to not test their achievements at all
You sure about that?
1) Yes, it is part of acceptance testing.
1) Have you guys tested and obtained these achievements yourselves? I just want to make sure we are not going to have a similar sh*tshow to "Putting the band back together" (which, to this day, is still broken) with the "Habsburgs everywhere"