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HOI4 Dev Diary - Portugal

Olá everyone and welcome to another dev diary for La Resistance! Let me begin by introducing myself: My name is Manuel, I’m from Spain and I joined Paradox as a Content Designer for HOI a couple of months ago (just on time to attend PDXCON, yeah!).

I’ve been working on the implementation of Portugal for La Resistance. The original design of the focus tree was made by Portuguese professor Pedro Santos. He came with what I consider to be a really interesting idea, where the political branch of the tree has multiple possible interactions with the Spanish Civil War.

While I worked on Portuguese Events and Decisions, the whole tree was implemented by our producer, Vachon (big kudos to her!). We tweaked the design of the Focus Tree a little bit, specifically the communist branch, which we felt was a bit dull compared to others, and the SCW-related branches to make them properly interact with Spain. Now I’m the one who will polish the tree and will attempt to get rid of all those lovely bugs our great Betas are reporting. Talking about Betas, our freelance artist @Indyclone77 is the one to blame for all the wonderful Portuguese event pictures and new icons you are about to see in the focus tree and national spirits, he has done an amazing job not only in making all that cool art, but also in providing crucial feedback during the development, so big kudos to him as well!

Before going on, please note that balancing is still a work in progress, so there may be changes in what you are about to see.

So I’d like to start talking about the National Spirits Portugal will start with in 1936:
  • Unreliable Army: Representing the poor state of the Portuguese army during the period of the First Republic, which historically led to a major reorganization in 1937, it provides some penalties to Division Organization, Recruitable Population Factor, War Support and Division Attack, so you want to get rid of this before entering any conflict (probably not the best idea to join the Spanish Civil War only to see how your disgusting Spanish enemies defeat your unprepared troops and occupy your precious mainland in a blink...).

  • Unstable Republic: During its 16 years, the First Portuguese Republic saw the inauguration of nine presidents and 44 cabinet reorganizations. Even during the Ditadura Militar there were several failed coup attempts. In 1933, after Salazar’s creation of the Estado Novo and the new Constitution approved in a referendum, Portugal’s stability slowly increased (maybe the censorship system and the different police forces that repressed all kinds of dissidents also helped a little bit with that). So another no-good spirit applying penalties to your Daily Political Power Gain, Stability and Construction Speed. You will be able to remove it through the different political branches, and you will probably want to do it ASAP.
01 Initial NSs.png

Now let’s look at the Portugese Focus Tree and talk about the different paths a player can choose from:

02 Focus Tree.jpg

As you can see, the general structure varies a little bit from the standards of other trees, where you have clear separate branches for industry, military forces and politics.

Let’s start with the colonial branch, shall we?

Through the first focuses, Portugal will receive big bonuses to non-core manpower that will prove really useful in the early stages, since Portugal’s initial manpower is really low. The player can then choose between integrating the African colonies (which will also provide some extra manpower), or allowing them to form their own governments and puppeting them (something that will be appreciated by other democracies in the world).

There is also a sub-branch that joins the industrial one, developing industry and infrastructure in the African colonies.

03 Colonial Branch.png

Regarding Industry, by continuing the public works initiated by Salazar’s regime around the early 30s, Portugal will gain access to the first focus that will provide her first extra research slot (take into consideration that Portugal starts with only two research slots, so it seems just fair for her to get an early focus to fix that). The player can also choose between a fast development of the civilian industry receiving more factories or, with a slower approach, invest in future development getting some nice bonuses to industry research and construction speed.

Portugal can also improve infrastructure and resource extraction industries on the mainland and, of course, there is a focus representing the construction of dams, something Iberian dictators liked very much to do.

And then we have the military industry sub-branch, where the player can get (much needed) military factories and some useful bonuses to production and research for aircraft, vehicles and artillery. Make sure you don’t miss the extra research slot “hidden” between all these industrial focuses!

04 Industrial Branch.png

The first focus on the Naval Branch will unlock decisions to buy ships from either The United Kingdom or Italy. If they accept to build your ships (make sure you have good relations with them before activating the decision!), you will then be presented with three different options to choose from.

05 Purchase Ships Decisions.png

06 Purchase Ships Event.png

The central and left sub-branches focus on Convoy protection and submarine warfare, providing a number of research bonuses for destroyers and submarine warfare, as well as adding a couple of dockyards to boost your naval production. These sub-branches then merge, eventually leading to a focus that unlocks Portugal’s third and last research slot (for a total of five).

The right side of the naval branch is focused on the production of the big ships, as well as fortifying the vulnerable Portuguese possessions in the Atlantic Ocean and Asia.

07 Naval Branch.png

The Army Branch, although fairly small (don’t worry, you will find more military focuses under the Political Branch), will help Portugal to get its army in shape for the conflicts to come. The first focus removes that nasty Unreliable Army National Spirit and leads to some research and production bonuses in the next focuses. Finally, you will have to choose between building heavy fortifications in Lisbon, or creating a light fortification line along the coast.

08 Army Branch.png

Now, let’s take a general look at the whole Political Branch before getting deeper into each of the sub-branches:

09 Political Branch.png

As you can see, you can choose between Popular Front and Estado Novo. The first focus leads to the Communist branches, the latter to the Fascist and Monarchist ones, and both of them lead to the Democratic one.

If you choose to go with Popular Front you will unlock the National Communist branch (to the left). This sub-branch starts with the training of socialist militias, followed by focuses that will help make your people see the benefits of living in a Communist society. Nationalize Industry will get rid of the private capital draining your country, putting you in control of new civ factories, but also hurting your stability. After the Reorganization of the Communist Party, your country will be ready and willing to have a Communist government, and the Soviet Union will receive a nice opinion modifier boost on you, which should help you joining the Comintern via the next focus.

The Popular Front also unlocks Support the Republic, allowing you to support the Republicans and send volunteers to the Spanish Civil War, it leads to two different sub-branches:
  • To the left, we have a “radical” approach to the Spanish Civil War. Workers of Iberia, Unite! will trigger a Civil War in Portugal, in which both sides will instantly join their Spanish counterparts (I mean, you do not have a proper civil war unless you have 6 different tags fighting in it). After (presumably) winning the SCW along with your comrades in Spain, you will be able to unify the Iberian Peninsula, annexing the Spanish Republic. Finally, you will be able to create your own faction and appeal to the Latin American countries to join you.
10 Workers of Iberia NS.png

  • In the right, we have the “cautious” approach to the Spanish Civil War. Here you won’t be able to join the SCW until you have swapped to a communist government. It’s a much slower approach, but after the war, you can pick different focuses to interact with foreign countries, including one that will grant you a war goal against Spain, in case their ideology is no longer desirable for you.
11 Fight Alongside  the Republic Decision.png

If you go with Strict Neutrality you won’t be able to interact in the SCW, but you will gain some nice boosts to your industry, production and Democracy support via the British, as well as some recurrent decisions to purchase equipment from them.

11 bis Democratic Leader.png

You will then allow free elections, swapping to a Democratic government and unlocking not only focuses to join the Allies, but also some shared focuses with the communist branch and the right-wing shared focus Iberian Summit, which unlocks the decisions by which Portugal and Spain can jointly send a petition to join the Axis or the Allies together.

12 Iberian Summit Decisions.png

13 Iberian Summit News.png

In case you go with Estado Novo, you will have to choose between Strict Neutrality (mentioned above), Support the Nationalists and the Monarchist branch.

Support the Nationalists, as its Republican counterpart, will allow you to support Nationalist Spain and send volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. You can join the SCW against the Republic in further focuses, and also intervene in Spain after the civil war if the Spanish government does not match your ideology.

13bis Fascist Leader.png

National Syndicalism will pave the way to become Fascist, leading to some interesting focuses: You can either join the Axis, or claim that Portugal will be the nation that finally unites the entire world under the same rule, ideology and faith (this will provide a powerful National Spirit, but it will also annoy some people around the globe).

Refuse the Naval Blockade unlocks a decision for countries at war with the United Kingdom, by which they will use some of your convoys to carry supplies where they cannot reach, increasing their War Support and, of course, diverting the production of one of their factories to meet your needs.

14 Refuse Naval Blockade Decision.png

From there, you can claim the African territories between your Angolan and Mozambican colonies (righting the humiliation of the British Ultimatum of 1890), recover the East Indies and Brazil, and even declaring war on a threatening Japan!

Last but not least, we have the Monarchist Branch. You will start by uniting the Brazilian and Portuguese royal houses (wedding bells ringing in the distance). After that, your goal is to restore the Monarchy not only in Portugal, but also in Brazil, some recurrent decisions will help you in that matter. Once you succeed in that, you will be able to politely ask Brazil to submit under your rule, re-establishing the Empire of Portugal and Brazil.

15 Empire of Portugal and Brazil.png

In the case of a Carlist Uprising happening during the Spanish Civil War, you can support your Monarchist friends in Spain and join the war against all those misguided souls that refuse to bow to the god given rights of monarchs to rule the people.

16 Carlist volunteers NS.png

And that’s all from me, I hope you enjoyed the dev diary and make sure to stay tuned for the next one. Anyways, we wish you all a merry Christmas and very happy New Year. See you all in 2020!

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Going to repost my question from the other thread.

Will all this have any change about how the AI reacts to the treaty of 1373?

In the current patch it's nearly a garanteed way to get Portugal into the Allies, but I guess with this focus tree historical Portugal will be more zealous with its neutrality. Great job by the way
Looking good. I wasn’t really interested in Portugal at first but this diary has definitely sold me. Out of interest will there be a stream today and if so at what time? Also, on the matter of garrisons will garrison units be needed in colony states?

Just one question....if you are Italy or the UK and Portugal purchases a ship....what exactly happens?
Will a ship be removed from you, or will you get a mission to build a ship for them?
And that off-map civ....will it be a permanent reward for building that ship?

Thanks and looking forward to that DLC!
The focus tree is pretty good,although I have some observations about the Estado Novo strict neutrality option. Even being completely neutral, Salazar still sent volunteers to spain, and some even join Spain blue division in ww2. and having the Portuguese legion only in nationalist branch is historically wrong since it was created by Salazar´s government, 2 years after he banned the National Syndicalist party

this mod political focuses is more accurate: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1568444273
Looking good. I wasn’t really interested in Portugal at first but this diary has definitely sold me. Out of interest will there be a stream today and if so at what time? Also, on the matter of garrisons will garrison units be needed in colony states?
game start colony states? Generally no, their compliance is high and resistance low for the most part but I think there are some exceptions.
There is a stream at 16 today where France play is continued
Since the strict neutrality branch leads to Portugal joining the Allies, does this mean we'll see them participate in the war even with historical focuses on?
Ai isnt force to take focuses as fast as it can
or claim that Portugal will be the nation that finally unites the entire world under the same rule, ideology and faith

Is it just me, or is the thought of protugese fascist actually believing that their 92000km² country with 6 million people (back then) could actually unite the world rather funny? :D
Those Portuguese portraits look amazing. Just wondering how long until the art dev dairy?

Just wondering, does the 'Remember Olivenca' give you the ability to join the Allies?
Is it just me, or is the thought of protugese fascist actually believing that their 92000km² country with 6 million people (back then) could actually unite the world rather funny? :D
The portuguese used to run an empire as far as the East Indies. They weren't too shabby too (hello Italy, I didn't see you there) so it's not an unrealistic goal I suppose
Neutral shipping is good and hopefully won't get limited to just Portugal.

Was about to mod it for myself, have you introduced any new mechanics for it or it's done with existing tools/triggers? :)
Good job Manuel. I love having a Spanish guy in PDX, we are a growing dedicated community.

This tree looks so epic. Do you hear that? Herman von Göring is really afraid :D.

What about art? Really awesome!

By the way, are you streaming this afternoon?
After (presumably) winning the SCW along with your comrades in Spain, you will be able to unify the Iberian Peninsula, annexing the Spanish Republic.
Ok, this sounds interesting. How exactly does this work? Will you get cores on all of Spain this way? Inherit their navy, etc.? I assume there's also going to be a cosmetic tag or name change there aswell, as seeing PORTUGAL written across all of Iberia would be weird
As usual, looks very pretty and professional. Unfortunately, doesn't help the historical game. While interesting for alt-history fans, I'm surprised their was no mention of anything related to the Treaty of 1373, which was Portugal's only decision to make any relevance in WW2. The sub war is still "not good". NAV IIs turn the battle, not radar or sonar. Subs seems to not avoid sea regions where they die miserably, unlike convoy routes, so the Azores decision ends up being completely irrelevant, as is Portugal unfortunately. Heck, the Azores doesn't even come with any airbases (I can build them however with Allied construction project mod, something the NF Tree designers can put into the game instead of working so tirelessly on this kind of stuff). Maybe add something to screw with or make challenging Germany's Tungsten trade with Portugal - tungsten trade to Germany was actually Portugal's largest WW2 contribution, it would be interesting to have some mechanic in here to represent the various 'challenges' with this trade.