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HOI4 Dev Diary - Bag of Tricks #2

Welcome to another bag of tricks dev diary for 1.5 “Cornflakes” and the unannounced expansion. Today we have several smaller features and improvements for you and all are connected to equipment in one way or the other.

Building your own stuff
Managing production lines is something you do all the time, and thus we want the interface to help you as much as possible. We have done several things to help out with this, like allowing you to collapse entries:

The UI now also has more filters, so its easy to just look at lines lacking resources, lines used for upgrade, lines going straight to stockpile etc. Its also possible to assign up to 150 factories to a line (not naval production lines) by using the x5 and x10 toggles.


Toggling on x5 lets you put down 5 factories with each click so its easier to manage big lines (this part is still a bit more work in progress than normal and may see changes before release though).

We have also added drag-and-drop to the production interface and the civilian construction interface too. It makes reordering and changing priorities a breeze. See the future! In moving pictures:

Hopefully this will make it a lot easier to manage things for everyone and if it proves popular we may start adding this to other interfaces too.

Taking other people's stuff
At the end of combats it will now be possible to capture enemy equipment. The divisions involved will grab stuff depending on participation (higher level maintenance companies help a lot here if you want to take full advantage of capturing). If the equipment isn't something the division needs it goes back to your stockpile. This one will be available for people with the DLC.
Captured Equipment.png

Pasted image at 2017_10_25 03_43 PM.png

Getting rid of stuff you don't want

There are sometimes situations when you just want to get rid of some of your equipment stockpiles. Death or Dishonor added the ability to convert equipment, but that is not always applicable. For people who get the DLC we have now added the option of straight up cleaning out your stores of stuff you don’t need or want anymore. To avoid exploits around surrender where someone in MP would try to destroy things to keep them out of enemy hands these are held in a special “being destroyed” storage, and will be accessible to the conqueror if you fall within 90 days.

Also finally there is another way available to all. Lend Lease has been changed to allow to send equipment that isn’t originally yours. This means that you can give captured stuff to your allies etc.

Sending equipment that isn't yours like this will however not give you any XP (you wasn't the one who did research and development after all).

See you all next week for more updates and details!

Also, do you need more friends to invade and annex? Tell them to take a look at our new stream starting later today, Blitzkrieg for dummies! As always on Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive .
Arg, you are so cruel. People expected to see another focus tree overhaul. Instead you give us news about interface changes. >_<
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Good stuff, some of these I've been waiting for since launch. :)
Finally, we can throw away equipments from all over the world! *tears with joy*
Here is my take on the new features:

6 Min. video of me talking about the new features. If you don't want to watch, in short I like them.

Best Part, captured equipment from battles!

Second Best is Lend-Leese for captured Equipment.

For a few hours Youtube would not process the uploaded video & I feel asleep so it is delayed.
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Toggling on x5 lets you put down 5 factories with each click so its easier to manage big lines (this part is still a bit more work in progress than normal and may see changes before release though).

What happens if I have some production line running, let's say, 12 x 1 factories and click the x5 button? Do I get 2 x 5 factories (with same efficientcy as before, since I basically removed 2 factories from the line), 3 x 5 factories (with slightly worse efficiencey, since I sort of added three factories to the line) or 12 x 5 factories (with greatly decreased efficiency that will probably still remain terrible even if I manually tone that back to 3 x 5 factories)?
Love it!

I'd love it more if scrapping stuff would result in gaining resources, though...
Nice features!!! Especially the possibility to add 150 factories.:eek:

But please don't forget the "do not upgrade/modernize" button for air and land units !!!
I want the possibility to send outdated material to second line areas without being replaced with new stuff all the time.

The changes to the production menu have to be one of the best minor changes, especially for idiots like me who produce every tank variant just so I can feel satisfied while loosing most wars because I dont have enough tanks.
Oh my God @podcat i wub wub wub you and the team.