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HoI4 Dev Diary: A.E.I.O.U

A.E.I.O.U Diary.png

Greetings commanders!

As you’ll be aware, it has been a while since our last dev diary, and I’m super thrilled to finally release what we’ve been working on since No Step Back.

We take great pride in our attention to gameplay telemetry that we receive from keen HOI4 players from across the globe, and our data wizards regularly furnish us with relevant information with which to steer development of features. After NSB, we were informed of a clear and scientific trend in the data:

pasted image 0.png

That’s right folks, it turns out that 99.5%* of you exclusively play monarchies. It was quite clear to us that we had a mandate to finally concede to public demand, and add the long-awaited Habsburg branch to the Generic focus tree!

*These results were verified by independent election officials.

Now, regardless of which nation you hold dear, you too can find and install a local member of the Habsburg dynasty, taking part in the restoration of everyone’s favorite neighborhood hegemony.

pasted image 0 (1).png

After discovering a stray member of the Habsburg dynasty, steer your nation to glory by choosing an appropriate spouse or accidentally inheriting some countries you weren’t aware existed.

No Habsburg tree would be complete without an edifying array of royal marriage candidates, so we’ve included plenty of historically accurate examples:

pasted image 0 (2).png

Once you have secured the bloodline, you can, naturally, expand your sights to join your relatives in other countries in vying for the ultimate prize:

pasted image 0 (3).png

As you might expect, every nation can now join and restore the Holy Roman Empire regardless of where they start.

In addition to the usual focus tree content, we’ll be expanding our ambitions somewhat! We’ll be including three new realistic continuous focuses to the Habsburg branch:

pasted image 0 (4).png

Ultimately we feel that this adds a great deal to the generic focus tree experience, importantly providing a thoughtful, plausible and historically inspired approach that you can enjoy with nations as far afield as you like.

A.E.I.O.U, folks!

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Honestly, having played HOI4, this actually wouldn't surprise me.
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:)How to fix the bug that France capitulates too fast to stop players from further invasion?
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A nice, but overly sarcastic one. I mean, it was too obviously a joke that didn't fool anyone who read at least one line of the post.

Also, what have you actually been working on? ;)
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We out here memeing but the choose your own leader paths have actually been a great addition to the game - Polands monarchy choices really shine through!
Habsburg Universe DLC release date when????
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Hoch Habsburg!

Can't wait to see what you guys have been working on! (hopefully next week?)
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Does France get Habsburg or Habsbourg to lead them to greatness?
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