Europa Universalis IV - Development Diary 3rd of May 2022

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Apr 20, 2021
Greetings everyone!

Today I want to present to you the upcoming content for our Northern Europe Focused DLC. Yes, you heard it right, the next Immersion Pack is about the Baltic and Scandinavian countries!
Sorry to everyone who was wishing for an Atlantis DLC :p

But before I get started with it, I want to share with you what we learned from the Origins DLC and the free content alongside it, so you can get a general idea of what the design of this DLC and Patch 1.34 will be like:
  • Branching missions are quite a success, and players are appreciating the flexibility of this new design. Because of that, you can expect that we continue with this philosophy for the Baltics.
  • Gaining Development from buildings was an interesting experiment. Although it was not as overpowered as many players have claimed, its snowball effect is definitely not something we will continue with.
  • Special units are one hell of a problem child to balance around. The Cawa units have shown that they have their niche, but they never really made it to become something of a backbone of your forces. While this is not necessarily tragic in Ethiopia’s case as the Cawa fulfill their role, it shows that we should dare to be more experimental with it.
  • The Mali experience is probably the most polarizing one in EU4 - you either love the punches given to you by the game, or you absolutely despise the rebel spam. In all honesty, we do enjoy having tags in the game which are more painful to navigate with. With that being said, in the Baltic DLC we want to have a similar on-the-edge experience for one of our nations, but not in the form of rebel spams. How this can be achieved - and if it will be achieved in the first place - is still an open question though.
  • The estate privileges and the new formables which came with the free content patch have been received very positively too - especially the Religious Diplomats. So we want to continue this trend of adding region specific content to the DLC, while more common additions - like estate privileges or government reforms - will be part of the free patch.

Speaking of the free patch: I know that there are people who do not care too much about the content of the Immersion Pack. Because of that, the end of every “Mission Tree Dev Diary” will also have a section addressing free content or balance changes concerning countries outside of the DLC’s scopes for Patch 1.34.

With that being said, let’s get started with the content reveal! But first, as usual, take into account that this content is currently under development and unpolished, so there will be placeholder art, typos, tweaked numbers, etc. before the release version.

“Where some states have an army, the Prussian Army has a state.” - Mirabeau

“Prussia was hatched from a cannon-ball.” - Napoleon Bonaparte

“I promise the chastity of my body, and poverty, and obedience to God, Holy Mary, and you, to the Master of the Teutonic Order, and your successors, according to the rules and practices of the Order, obedience unto death.” - Oath sworn upon admission into the Teutonic Order

As you can guess, the first dev diary is about our favorite space marine nation, the Teutonic Order, and to some extent, Prussia.

Requested by Duke Conrad of Mazovia in 1225, the Teutonic Order conquered the land of the Old Prussians, converting them to Christianity while the Prussian lands got Germanized over the two centuries. As the Teutonic Order was eventually conquered and vassalized by the Poles, secularized into Prussia and inherited by the Hohenzollern, the mission tree of the Order is less about recreating history and more about the “what if”.

And the many question marks of their mission tree show it:
Teutonic Mission Tree.png
The Teutonic Mission Tree has only 6 missions you can do from the get-go, which handle the very basics of the Order’s needs: gain protection from Poland, ally (and vassalize) the Livonian Order, build to force limit and of course handle the Prussian Confederation - which has become its own little disaster:
Prussian Confederation.png
Note: the way it works is still the same as it is right now in EU4. Just the first event which gives your burghers a ton of land has been moved from a random event into one triggered by the disaster. Without the DLC you will have a decision to end the disaster, while with it the mission “Handle the Confederation” will finish it.

The mission “Seek Imperial Protection” is about joining the HRE. As you are surrounded by Poland and Lithuania, it is only natural that you want to find a way to protect yourself from these two.
Join HRE event.png
The Emperor will of course receive the corresponding event to it too.
Join HRE event Emperor.png
Note: The Emperor will receive this event if you join the HRE through the HRE menu instead of the event - and they can kick you out if you are on the Emperor’s bad side.

The Emperor will most likely choose to accept the Order in the Empire - but under the heavy restrictions that internal wars within the Empire are forbidden. Of course you can choose to reject this…
Joined the HRE.png
A lot of guides will probably have to be rewritten now as the HRE is no longer a viable expansion path in the early game.

The mission “Defeat Poland”, which can be finished by either conquering 4 provinces of Poland or by defeating 3 Polish armies in battle, will unlock the rest of your mission tree.
Prussian Path.png

Crusader Path.png
You have the choice of two rather big paths for your country. You either can choose the Prussian path, which is the more historical (as historical as it can get with a Teutonic Order repulsing their doom) choice, and the Crusader path, which will let your order become more zealous in the Catholic faith than ever before, but the idea of a “Prussia” or “Reformation” becomes alien to you.

Let us start with the Prussian one. Taking this path will change your mission tree substantially:
Prussian Path mission tree.png
The Prussian path is mostly focusing on, well, becoming Prussia, and its role within the HRE, an improved military, Enlightenment and eventually crushing the Revolution. So if you take this path then expect to have a more long term campaign as your missions will mirror the ones of Brandenburg’s Prussia.

You might notice that there are still Branching Missions left even after taking one path. These missions are your “Path of Expansion” basically, as your Teutonic Prussia does not need to have goals of expansion like its historical counterpart had.

Completing the mission “The Order and the Empire” will grant you yet another choice of what path you want to follow:
HRE Diplo Path.png

HRE Conquest Path.png

Prussian Kingdom Path.png
If you take either of the two HRE paths (Holy Roman Diplomacy and German Conquest) and the Emperor forbid you to declare wars on HRE members until you become Prussia, you will get the following event:
Bishopric of Prussia.png
You will form a Catholic Prussia within the borders of the HRE, becoming a Teutonic Bishopric, a new government reform for a Catholic Theocratic Prussia.

Now let us go through the three different paths swiftly:

The German Conquest path has missions which are all about the pure conquest of Germany.
HRE Conquest Path missions.png
To be frank, there is not much to tell you about these missions as they are your classical “seek and conquer” missions in the HRE you are all familiar with. “An Empire of Iron and Blood” is, you guessed it, the final mission which basically asks you to conquer Germany. It is basically a glorified “Form German Nation” decision, but you get a nice +25% Governing Capacity modifier in your capital if you have one of the Prussian government reforms as your government type, at top of forming Germany (you receive this triggered province modifier as your final reward in all three of these paths).

The Holy Roman Diplomacy path is a little bit of a different story though:
HRE Diplo Path missions.png
Unlike the conquest missions, in the Diplomatic missions your goal is to actually become the Holy Roman Emperor yourself and unite Germany not through iron and blood, but through letters and words. In order to achieve this you will need to be elevated to a higher position than just the one of a simple bishopric. Fortunately, the mission “Subjugate Brandenburg” will help you with that. By vassalizing Brandenburg, you get the mission reward which enables a casus belli against the Emperor as well as three decisions, which you can use to transfer the electorship from your subject to yourself.
Gain Electorship decisions.png

Gain Electorship war.png
Purchasing the Electorship will require you to offer 6000 Ducats to the Emperor - while having no deficit nor loan. Requesting the Electorship will require you to be best friends with the Emperor, which means 190 opinions and 80 trust with the Emperor. The Emperor will also gain a substantial amount of favors with you, so keep this in mind. Gaining the Electorship through war is also an option as you can see in the image above. Finally, what is missing out is a decision which you can see when you become emperor and you have an elector as your subject, which allows you to usurp the Electorship, transferring it from your subject to yourself.

The mission “Become an Elector” will instantly elevate you to the rank of a kingdom - an Archbishopric of Prussia so to say.

Of course being an elector alone won’t make you an emperor though, so eventually you have to secularize your country. If you reach level 4 of the government reforms, have 2 stability, reach tech 10 and Protestantism has spawned, you are able to complete the mission “Secularize Prussia”, giving the following event:
Form Prussian Monarchy.png
Additionally, the mission will also disable all rebels spawned from seizing land from the Clergy.

The final missions of this batch revolve around the Religious League War, becoming the Emperor of the HRE, and eventually revoking the privilege of the HRE.

But what if you don’t want to deal with the HRE whatsoever? What if you always wondered “what would have happened if Prussia was neither inherited by the Hohenzollern or remained a subject of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth?”

For that we have the final path, which is the one of the Prussian Kingdom:
Prussian Kingdom Path missions.png
These missions will set you on a conquest spree against Poland and Lithuania over and over. While they seem like another bunch of familiar conquest missions, they do have their highlights though. The mission “Push into Ruthenia” unlocks two unique estate privileges which stand in direct opposition to each other:
Orthodox Ruthenia event.png
The “Issue the Anti-Heresy Act” is a simple Clergy privilege which increases your missionary strength against heretics by 2%, while decreasing the Burghers Loyalty Equilibrium by 10%.
The Burghers’ privilege “Grant Orthodox Autonomy” on the other hand is a little bit more intriguing.
New Burghers estate privilege.png
Coptic has been added here because Orthodox and Coptic faiths have this “Tolerated Heresy” relationship with other Christian denominations. In the context of the mission it might not make much sense, but from a gameplay perspective I think the privilege should behave the same for both.

The other highlight of this path is the “Fortify the Borders” and “Fortify Dnieper” missions which give a modifier to up to a limited number of fort buildings in the highlighted provinces, which makes the maintenance of a fort virtually non-existent.
cheap forts.png
Your missions will give you claims in all of Poland, Moldavia and Ruthenia. In other words, you become the Prussian equivalent of the PLC.

But enough of Prussia for today. Let us talk about a more Catholicism orientated Teutonic Order playthrough:
Crusader mission path.png
With the Crusader Path you return to your original purpose, which is Christianizing the pagans and heathens, but also to crush any kind of heresy you encounter. If you want to paint the political map with your name and the religious name in yellow, this path is perfect for you!

The most left-part of your mission tree will focus on expanding into Russia, ending the Third Rome and healing the Schism between Catholic and Orthodox faiths, though as you are not the Papal Authority but just an Order of crusading knights, your version of the “Healed the Schism” might be not as convincing.

The second and third columns are all about mad conquest into the east, pushing into Hordes territory and converting the steppes. The highlight here is the mission “The Ruthenian Plains”, which unlocks a new government reform for you!
crusader order.png
Your ruler gains a new, fancy title too!

While your Holy Order is conquering eastwards and facing more and more hordes, your fourth column of missions evolves and adapts your military to the environment of the steppes. Each military mission is about either reforming your military by achieving certain amounts of Army Professionalism (or Army Tradition), by winning battles, and later on by recruiting more cavalry units.

The military missions give a permanent modifier which makes your army more and more proficient at using cavalry. The next military mission will then replace the previous perma-modifier with a stronger one until you complete the mission “Establish a Great Cavalry” which gives the final version of this modifier:
mounted crusaders.png
In easier terms: the more you are fighting the hordes of Central Asia and the more you crusade the steppes, the more your army becomes reliant on horses. And these military missions are basically “leveling your cavalry up”.

Eventually, with the mission “Crusaders of the Steppes” your Order will reflect the changes they did undergo through:
Steppesdust Crusaders.png

Holy Horde.png
On a final note: razing works a little bit differently for a “Theocratic Horde” such as your Teutonic Holy Horde. You can only raze heathen and heretic provinces, and you gain 1 Devotion for each 3 development razed. Additionally, because you get this reform rather late, the decrease of the Monarch Power starts at base tech 12 instead of 3.

That was all for the Teutonic Mission Tree!

Finally a quick word for something we want to address in the Free Patch of 1.34: with the buffs of Catholicism, the religions of Protestantism, Reformed and Anglicanism have fallen off a bit in their attractiveness.

Because of that we have decided to not necessarily buff these religions, but to add more appealing options to them instead:
Anglican buffs.png
First thing: Anglicanism Aspects have been reworked. The Mercantilism and Cash actions have been combined into one. Then, Divorcing your Consort will now grant 12 ADM/DIP/MIL power per missing stat (so this means the worse your consort the more monarch power you get from divorcing, so a 6/6/6 gives 0 monarch power while a 0/0/0 would give 72 in each category). Marrying a Local Noblewoman will increase your chance of a new Heir by 100% for 15 years (you can imagine how this works). The Stability action now grants some Legitimacy (or its equivalent).

The new aspects are ‘Encourage Innovativeness’, which increases said Innovativeness Gain by 50% and Reform Progress by 15% for 15 years (hover of the aspect to read its tooltip, there you can find the values given). Then ‘Deport Heretics’ is kinda self explanatory. It also increases Settler Chance by 10% and Religious Unity by 10% for 15 years. ‘Reformation Diplomacy’ is a little bit of a “Religious Diplomats, but for the Reformation”, and ‘Militarize Religious Icons’ gives some army quality. However, ‘Militarize Religious Icons’ costs 200 Church Power instead of 100 like the rest.

That was it for today! Changes to Protestantism and Reformed confessions will be addressed with the next Dev Diary, as well as the content for the Livonian Order.

Until then I wish you all a nice week!
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Apr 20, 2021
While back 10am was the DD time, is this now the new DD time? I keep coming back in the morning, but if its this time from now on its cool, just wannted to know
Not really. I just underestimated the amount of stuff I had to write for this DD.
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Since that mission doesn't even change you into a "real" tribal horde I would assume you keep your western units. You're still a theocracy, "Holy Horde" is just a fun name.
Basically this.

The idea started just as a logical adaptation of a chivalric country to their country now covering huge swathes of plain treeless land which obviously invites to be on horseback (think of the Cossacks, for instance). Imagining a knights on the steppes over their horses evokes a lot the image of the hordes and that's why the name was suggested. But yeah, they have nothing to do with Hordes, except the option to limited razing to heathens and the name.

In the end, believe it or not, nobody in the Content Team likes absurd Alt-Hist results, but plausible (even if sometimes fringe) alternatives.
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Apr 20, 2021
Thank you all for all your feedback! Before going into the comments you guys have made I want to add an important note to the DD which I forgot to mention:
The Teutonic Order's mission tree is the most flexible one of the mission trees we already have done for the DLC (3 others are already finished). It is our experiment to see how the community's reaction to mission options of alternative history without forcing it on you.
With that being said, I also want to stress out that such flexibility with alternate history missions will be mostly reserved for the nations which were no "Historical Winners" in the DLC - such as the Teutonic Order was for example.

So when we eventually get to the nations which have a known history within the timeframe EU4, and did not get conquered by others within the first 100 years then please expect a more grounded mission tree. We will still have some branching missions implemented in them, but not to a level as the ones of the Teutonic Order.
Wow! This looks so promissing! The most boring thing about mission tree was the "static" feeling. This gives more vibes! But also it's propably quite confusing for newer players with the question mark. I suggest there a clear tooltip and also some clear mention in the startup screen for the teutonic order (you could also put an information about the disaster there as new players will otherwise propably don't understand it and maybe alt+ f4)
That's a good idea!
I also think the teutonic order mechanics should be an incident? (for emporer owners?)
Also another interesting idea, though the incident system might be a little bit unpredictable for a Teutonic playthrough. But we will consider turning the process of joining the HRE as the Teutonic Order into an incident. No promise given though.
Do other nations get the Orthodox tolerance privilege, or is it exclusive to the Teutons? The ease of which that Poland and Lithuania convert their Orthodox lands - and also Venice and Genoa, tangentially - always felt weird.

I know it's early days, but do you see AI Prussia happening more often?
Regarding the privilege, there could be a world where some of the older missions of nations, which have been historically known to not care much about their Orthodox subjects, could receive this as a reward too. This requires some internal discussion with my colleagues though.
AI Prussia is actually happening more frequently too, yes. But to our surprise it is formed by Brandenburg. The Teutonic Order still dies to Poland way more often than not.
Wow, this DD makes me make say lots of things.

1. Mission tree fuller than ever is really welcome and 'Branching mission tree' is nice. However, while some dedicated players like me will watch every DD and know what to do, it's not true for new players. Shouldn't it be better if they're allowed to navigate the mission tree beforehand of selection? Like clicking the arrow navigator on the icon. + Lots of question mark is not aesthetically beautiful IMO

2. Will there be any change to The Fate of Neumark event?

3. Uhh, I was really hoping for the 'Buy Gotland AGAIN' mission.
View attachment 834676
4. I believe this should be a new mechanic that is available to all of the here members. Not historic-wise but gameplay-wise. Other than hoping for inheriting an elector through PU, the only way to get electorship is hoping for Emperor to pick you: Which nearly never happens.

Divorcing your Consort will now grant 12 ADM/DIP/MIL power per missing stat
5. Nice, now this button has more usage than achievement and flavors. Cheers!
1. I have to admit, the UI is definitely not the prettiest here. We will definitely add an event at the beginning which let the player know what to expect from these overwhelming amount of question marks, but I won't make a promise if we can improve the UI for the mission with patch 1.34.
2. No. We didn't want to interfere too much with Brandenburg in that regard, so the Neumark event has been left untouched.
3. Good point. I think there might be space for Gotland in the mission tree. And if not the purchase of it could become a decision instead.
4. Funnily enough that was actually an idea we toyed with internally. We decided to put this into the Teutonic Mission Tree as a set of decisions first in order to see how the community feels about this idea first though before we invest precious programmer time into turning this into an actual HRE mechanic.
From the looks of the reactions from you guys, however, it seems like it should become an actual mechanic indeed.
With more and more privilege options being added, can we get another privilege slot for all estates?
We are considering expanding the slots of available estate privileges, but we did not make a final decision on this one yet.
Can holy horde use militarists vs theocrats mechanics?
Yes. As a Holy Horde (and as a Crusader Order) you have access to all the reforms which are exclusive to Monastic Orders only.
“Establish a Great Cavalry” + forming Poland = ???
...I think I can now see why Endgame Tags have been introduced into the game.
Jokes aside, Teutonic Order -> Poland is, although very cursed, a valid strategy to get insane numbers of cavalry combat ability. Bonus points, your knights turn into Hussars!
Wow looks great! I really loved the branching mission idea so to see it here is great! Some things:

1) Holy Horde looks a bit OP, might want to make sure its balanced.

2) The story idea behind Holy Horde is good, but I would have an option to represent the more conservative aspects of the Teutonic State becoming disillusioned with the order potentially becoming what it hated.

3) Is the Grant Orthodox Autonomy also available for Lithuania and Poland at the start of the game?
a) Is this modible, so that it could be used for other religions or TAGS?

4) Feels weird for the Crusader path not to have an ending mission for a Crusade for Jerusalem. Considering its lost, and if the player decides to reform the order and go back to its roots, I feel like there should be a mission after "Defeat the Ottomans" to "Reclaim the Crusader Bastions" ("Reconquer" Antioch, Trababus, Sayda, Jaffa, and Gaza) then "Secure the Levant" (Conquer Jerusalem, which would provide you the option to release the KoJ as a march)

5) While its too early to see any potential changes in provinces, is there any potential for new provinces this patch, or is it still out of the picture?
1. It will probably be rebalanced a little bit before release. But the idea of the Holy Horde is mostly presented in the modifiers instead of the values themselves.
2. Sounds like a good roleplay idea for a few more events following up after becoming a Holy Horde.
3. We will consider it to either add this as their starting privileges or allowing them get it through other means.
3. a. In all honesty, this privilege is, from a script perspective, just a copied version of the Guaranteed Dhimmi Autonomy. In other words, you can mod one of such privilege rather easily for any religion (or even culture)
4. We did consider adding a mission for the Holy Land, but in the end we decided against it because we wanted to limit the amounts of claims you would get to Eastern Europe mostly, with the Carpathians, the Caucasus and the Ural mountains as natural borders.
5. There will be no map changes in 1.34.
Is there any plan to add more cavalry cost reduction modifier for Holy Horde?

As it stands, the only sources of cavalry cost reduction TO will get is NI, Horde idea, and Trading in Livestock, putting the cavalry cost at 11.75 ducat.

They can't have Aristocratic due to being Theocracy (-10%). Being in Western Tech group blocks them from having Cossacks and Tribes estate (-20%). So Unless there are new reforms available for TO Holy Horde to cut back on that cavalry cost, I'm afraid a pure cavalry set up with Horde idea won't be more cost-effective than pure infantry set up with Offensive. Not when you consider how long it's going to take people to hit the final reform.

Also, you seem to be giving them +75% cavalry ratio with the modifier AND Holy Horde reform, which may be a tad too much when the base is 50%.
Holy Horde will receive some rebalancing. For the 25% Cav to Infantry modifier on it, yes, it is an overkill, but this is mostly for custom nations actually.
Although... I am sure if somebody wants a Custom Nation Holy Horde they will probably choose Cav to Infantry stuff in their ideas anyway soooo... yeah, this will be addressed.
So what would it take for you guys to take a pass at old mission trees to bring them up to this standard of creativity? Because I'd throw money at that cause. I admittedly say this as a person that's kinda done with EUIV, I just visit here regularly to keep up with the state of the game.
An approval from @Johan
Wow! That tree is absolutely awesome, and the Teutons sounds so much fun to play as. Brilliant job, seriously seriously good looking tree there, can't wait to try it.

Also can't wait to see what the other nations trees look like, if that's anything to go by, I think this will be an awesome DLC. Love the free changes to Anglicanism too, they were well needed and it seems they are fairly balanced too.

Could the 'Deport Heretics' mission have some side affects? Like for example a 10% chance that colony inherits the heretic faith, in this case Catholicism? I think that would make sense, otherwise I could see that being a little off.

Other than that, great stuff!
Sounds like a neat idea for the sake of immersion. I think this can be added quite nicely to this interaction.
Have you tested the bahaviour of AI Teutonic order and AI Poland? Because the new missions may end up with the Teutons killing Poland/dominating the region every game, that seems too "what if"y. I know we all want a script for Prussia to form more often, but don't go too wild.

Otherthan that the content seems fine.
Yes, we did. The PLC is rather unimpressed by the new Teutonic Mission Tree.
Speaking of the special units, I wish that was moddable so that we could add new special units ourselves. I want Scottish Highlands regiments, damn it! Lol. But it is my understanding that exposing their code for modding is technically difficult to implement or something like that, so maybe something to consider for the next generation of Europa Universalis. Europa Universalis V, that is.

I would also love to be able to mod in new unit types. Ideally, I would like to see heavy and light versions of infantry, cavalry, and artillery. I want to see more variety! Maybe a few support unit types, too, but I am not sure about that one. But that, too, is probably technically difficult to implement as well. Again, something to consider for EUV.
Well, completely custom special units will not be a possible thing for EU4. However, our programmers did a wonderful job by turning the majority of hardcoded aspects of special units such as their modifiers into static modifiers, and have made it possible that every special unit can be modified further through country modifiers.
While we will never have completely custom special units for EU4, it is at least the closest we can get to make them as moddable as possible.

Would "catholic horde" be aviable to Poland when expanding on steppes?

Or is it locked to only one tag (TO)?
It's a Teutonic Order only government.
Do you plan to rework the "King in Prussia" HRE incident? As now, its all but guranteed that you are Kingdom tier once you pass the mission.
No, we do not plan to rework it. However, we could take a look at the AI chance of how they pick their choice.
EDIT: Well, I took a look into it. I misunderstood the original post. The incident is now fixed and is guaranteed to happen as long you have a Monarchy Prussia in the HRE.
One of the biggest problems is that only protestant or catholic can be official faiths of the HRE. When the emperor loses the religious war Anglican, Reformed or Hussite nations should also be allowed to be electors or emperor

I think reformation diplomacy should also work for Hussite nations.

The modifier in Militarize Religious Icons shouldn't be the reduction of shock damage received? Decrease in shock damage means the nation does less damage
Good point regarding the Anglican stuff. We will keep this in mind.
Are there any plans to improve Monarchy government reform tree? It feels a bit of lackluster, other form have up to 8-9 levels, especially Theocraties have some powerful stuff like morale, dev. cost, absolutism, discipline (eastern ones) and so on... Also in terms of the game, it feels weird every time (even in Singleplayer) to switch to Republic so late in the game.
Plans? Well yes, there are. But we have nothing concrete to show for it though.
So for now the Monarchy government reform levels will stay like this.
I really liked the DD, but it should say "Electorate" not "Electorship" for the HRE paths :)
Thanks, we will correct this in the localization.
>A DD two days after my birthday about my favorite nation; mission tree filled to the brim and with many dynamic choices

>Reads it a bit more
Hmmm... Ok, so, which path(s) should I take if I want to get Baltic Crusader and stay in the HRE? The last one would be perfect for that, but it negates HRE entry.
Speaking of that, can we join the HRE as we usually do today even if we pick the 4th path? Or it won't be possible outside the mission?
Well, taking the Crusader path will kick you out of the HRE as you are now in a position where you are no longer in need for the protection of the HRE.
But this could maybe turned into an event instead where you get asked to leave (and gain a diplomatic benefit from it) or enjoy Imperial Protection at the cost of being obligated to the HRE... well, we will think about it.
For now you will leave the HRE, but you are free to rejoin.
I like the flavor and options part that potential can create a few interesting campaigns with a single nation.

On a sidenote: How likely is AI teutons to join the HRE?
Very rarely. While it is not entirely impossible for them to join the HRE, the likelihood for it is like 1/20 cases.
Probably even lower when Poland strikes first and disconnects them from the HRE.
Ogele, the event's text reads:

This is good, evocative, picturesque writing, so it deserves better English:

Four notes:

1. If you prefer the noun, as in your original, rather than the verb I have recommended, then use "dissolution" rather than "dissolvement" (for when a thing is solved in standard English, you have not a solvement but a solution).

2. You can replace my "therefore" with "hence" if you prefer shorter prose with more punch. ("Hence" literally means "from this place," as the German "daher" which Germans likewise employ as an alternate "therefore.") Both words work here about equally well, so pick whichever sounds better to you.

3. One can write "our end of the bargain with" rather than "our promise to," but the use of "bargain" for this purpose is colloquial, feels modernistic, and might be an Americanism. I recommend "our promise to."

4. I have stricken your "now" for no logical reason, but only because English idiom omits the word.

(You did not ask for an advanced English lesson today, did you? Well, anyway, there it is.)
I might not have asked for it, but I am definitely appreciated it. Your suggestions are more than welcome and will be implemented into the text.
No, this quote is from Mirabeau (1749-1791) if you're searching on the french side (Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, Count of Mirabeau), and it was slightly different:
"La Prusse n'est pas un État qui possède une armée, c'est une armée ayant conquis la nation" OR "Prussia is not a state with an army, it is an army that has conquered the nation".

On the Prussian side, the Minister Friedrich von Schrötter (1743-1815) said: "Prussia was not a country with an army, but an army with a country".

Who spoke first? I don't know.. But I don't understand why Voltaire is consistently referred to for those words worldwide, when in France we don't. Probably because Voltaire and Friedrich II were close and maintained friendly epistolary relations, and because Voltaire is far more known than Mirabeau.
Good to know, that's why we the devs love our History loving fanbase. I correct this in the DD accordingly.
Awesome! Been wanting a Northern/Baltic DLC for years! So looking forward to this.

6000?! :oops: That's crazy much, perhaps 1000-2000 could suffice?
To be fair, being an Elector is a massive boon as you influence who becomes the next Emperor, and as such you have influence over the political direction of the HRE.
I love the new style of mission trees!

Also, maybe conquering Russia should give the player Siberian Frontiers in order to replace Russia?
I think the Siberian Frontier would be a lovely toy for some other alternate history path, but not for the Teutons.
Amazing content to look forward to! But I am curious... When becoming a 'holy horde' I do hope your unit type stays western or at least eastern European instead of horde units? As you will be forming the horde rather late into the game the units would otherwise become weak very quickly.
They stay Western.
Are there backup options if things go off the roads a bit?

I ask, as Orthodox Teutons as a Holy Horde looks interesting. ;) Hell, what if we don't stay Christian?
That's actually a more tough question than you might think. While we like to give players freedom in the way they play, it conflicts heavily with the immersion part of the alternate history mission path. After all, Crusades - especially in the style of the Teutonic Order - is a Catholic thing.
For now there is no backup option.
Will Danzig and the Prussian Confederation have their own route and possibly dev diary, or will they just be considered a failure mode?

My current game went TO->Danzig->Prussa (as a Stratocratic Republic)->Germany, so I'm interested in this as a possible branch.
For now they are the "failure mode" as you describe it. However, a Prussian Merchant Republic in form of Danzig does have its appeal...
Some more questions and a thought:

"You will form a Catholic Prussia within the borders of the HRE, becoming a Teutonic Bishopric, a new government reform for a Catholic Theocratic Prussia."

First, I love that Prussia can now stay theocratic if the Teutonic Order builds it.
Second, what happens if the Teutonic Bishopric converts to Protestantism? Are they forced to secularize, or can they remain a Protestant theocracy and still keep the Teutonic Bishopric?
Third, does the Teutonic Bishopric get Militarization?
They can stick with the Teutonic Bishopric, even if they are Protestant.
However, I forgot to mention that a Protestant Prussian Theocracy gets access to this reform:
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Greetings! As @Ogele said, thanks for the feedback, and the very good reception of the new Teutonic content. :)

While back 10am was the DD time, is this now the new DD time? I keep coming back in the morning, but if its this time from now on its cool, just wannted to know
We've been posting DD's at 15:00 for a while, and we'll try to stick to this timetable. However, sometimes it will be a bit later if it's very content-heavy, as happened this week.
Also, no option for a Teutonic Order which has blobbed in Eastern Europe to go South and return to the Holy Land? For shame!
That's a choice for the player, not everything should be pathed in the mission trees. ;)
Does the Dissolve the Monasteries aspect only work if the church has at least 3% crownland? That would solve the problem of it being a button to spam money every few years until the end of the game rather than a historically-flavored mechanic.
Fair suggestion! We're going to try it out, as it looks as a good idea (and dissolving monasteries without the Clergy having land in your country is a bit immersion-breaking, actually).
Has the base effect of Anglicanism changed from +50% innovativeness gain to -10% tech cost? If so, that's not just a buff but an overpowered one. Great Britain would go from having -5% tech cost to effectively having -15% tech cost starting in the 1500s. Innovativeness gain is a much better bonus because it's less powerful and because it caps at 100 innovativeness.
We are already toying with these changes while testing them internally, as for making Anglicanism more interesting, so take it as WIP. As we moved the Innovativeness gain to of the new aspects, we replaced it with this Technology cost modifier. Right now it's nerfed to -5%, but we will continue testing to see if it's convincing for us, or we change it for something else.
The biggest problem with Anglicanism is that EU4 treats it as its own branch of Christianity rather than a weird form of Protestantism. In my opinion, the best solution from the start would have been to give British countries some unique Protestant church aspects rather than their own religion; however, assuming you won't remove an entire religious denomination from the game, the most important fix you can make to Anglicanism is removing the heretic opinion penalty between Anglicans and Protestants. Ideally, you'd make this into a moddable mechanic and apply it to the Council of Trent as well. (Catholics shouldn't hate Orthodox Christians because of Protestantism.)
Well, we have that 'problem' all around the game. And because of it the heretic opinion penalty works differently than the heathen opinion penalty, OFC. Historically, the relations between the Anglican branch and other Protestant confessions was not so smooth, as can be seen in some differences held with the Church of Scotland, or all the internal problems between the 'officialists' and the puritans before the Great Ejection of 1662.
Hoping you guys will be super liberal with any estate loyalty/influence requirements after I couldn't even complete the Mughals tree due to estate changes.

Also can't wait to figure out how to be a Holy Horde with Polish NIs
Yes, we're developing a more flexible approach regarding estate-based missions. Actually, we fixed the problem in the Mughal mission tree in 1.33. ;)
Will there be any new monuments in the region of DLC's scope?

Or is the monument part of Leviathan DLC only and there will be no further support for it?
Yes, there will be (a few) more monuments included in 1.34. This will come as part of the update, for Leviathan DLC owners. And we will present them in a future DD, of course. ;)
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While this looks promising as an idea, I have some comments on the "Livonian Alliance".

Specifically, the Livonian branch was a part of the German Order, not an independent state—at least until the secularization of the German Order in Prussia. Sure, they were mostly autonomous in what they did, but the Grand Master of the German Order expected the Landmeister of the Livonian Order to provide taxes and other items. There's a great note from the 1510's where the vogt of Suneborch replies to the Grand Master that he can't send his usual supply of building materials to Prussia that year because he's busy upgrading his own castle. Also, in the mid-15th century, the vogt of Suneborch was captured trying to convoy supplies against Danzig (the Battle of Bornholm).

As such, the requirement to "ally" with the Livonian Order is superfluous. I'd recommend instead the two states start allied. It would be great if there was a different type of alliances where, for example, the German Order could choose not to call the Livonian Order into defensive wars (to reflect that much of the campaigning against Lithuania in the 15th century did not have a Livonian involvement), but it's understandable that such a mechanic is not very easy to implement.

I would nevertheless suggest that the two Orders start allied. The inter-order rivalry would be better reflected by the Livonian Order having a "choice" of two people for the Landmeister every time one of these dies: one would represent a movement towards the German Order and another represent "independent" policy-making in Livonia. After a number of such choices, if the masters have all been German-leaning, the Livonian Order would be vassalized. The AI Livonian Order could be more likely to choose a German Order-supported candidate (an event on the Teutonic side) if they have good relations, the German Order has supported the Livonians with troops or whatever, etc...
From a historical point you are absolutely right that an alliance would suit the best to properly represent the relationship between these two states. For now these two orders will start as historical friends, but we will internally consider your idea. If it does not hurt the game experience as either of the orders (after all, an alliance is a guaranteed 5 years truce if you want to expand into Livonia / Prussia through military) then I think it should be quite reasonable to work a little bit on this mission.
I have a question in regards to the raze mechanic. As you said in the diary, lvl 3 is no longer the lower cape for this specific reform, lvl 12 is the new cap. Does this mean that you will move up the upper cap from lvl 23 to lvl 35? Because otherwise, if the reduction in Monarch Points stays the same and the upper cap remains the same, then we have a situation where instead of getting 5 monarch points per dev in a razed province, we get 12 monarch points, almost a whole 2.5x as much as before.
The amount of how much the monarch points gets reduced per tech is not set in stone. For now it is 12 monarch points because we are not in the balancing stage of the content. I think that it will tuned down though.
So we will now, by default get Teutons in the HRE before Poland or Lithuania can do anything, as they get an ahistorical truce at the game's start?
By default the AI of the Teutonic Order will not join the HRE as this whole mission requires improving the relations with the Emperor, which then triggers an event to ask the Emperor to join - and the AI will always pick the more accurate "We are too good for the Empire" option.
It all looks great and really interesting, and this specific reply would maybe feel futile as I'm nitpicking some wording from this tooltip: "Formed by the harsh environment of the steppes", did you mean Forged?

Thank you for pushing out quality content <3
Thanks for the correction! Will be fixed asap.
@Ogele In my opinion, keep the Holy Horde reform as unbalanced as possible. It exists for flavour and fun, it will never pop up from the AI, it will almost never pop up in Multiplayer (and the opportunity cost is not being Prussia). Hence, it should feel FLAVORFUL and FUN! to go full space horse instead of space marine. Add another +23% Cav Combat ability to the rewards, disable forming Poland if you have the reform (so it's not optimal to tag switch for polish NI) and now you have another contender for a space horse nation.
While personally I agree with you, the final decision if something gets nerfed lies more in the hands of the almighty QA than in mine.
Good update!
Can we please get more content for the Persia, Arabia, Caucasus region? A lot of minors and some medium nations have no unique missions.
Would love to work on this region. However, the Middle East (Persia, Arabia, Egypt, Caucasus, Anatolia) is completely outside of the scope of 1.34.
Maybe in a future patch.
Wow, that was a monster post! I have a couple of comments:

Re. stealing an electorship from your subject, it would make most sense to me if it's tied to annexing the subject. After all, you don't have the legal power to separate the privilege from your subject's title; the only way it makes sense is to bind your subject's primary title into your own, i.e. annex them.

Re. the event text recommendation by Thucydides7, while I like what he wrote, there is actually a mistake in the last sentence: "From this day" should instead read "From this day forth", or just "Henceforth". The way he wrote it would mean 'caused by or emerging from this day', rather than 'for a period of time starting on this day'. I normally don't comment on event text, but since Thucydides7 was kind enough to I thought I'd make sure it was perfect!
Personally, I think getting the electorate just through annexation is a little bit too... cheap for what it is worth.
Yes, you can get it for free if you inherit an elector, but this heavily limited as you have a) wait 50 years for it too happen and b) the inheritance is luck based, so you are not guaranteed to get it at your first ruler death.

Also thanks for the event text correction!
Ok, that's good to know.
Two other questions:
1. Is there a way to stay as a Monastic Order while remaining in the HRE in any of the three 'normal' paths?
2. What'll happen to the Monastic Order Kingdom/Empire government reforms in each of the 4 paths?
1. Well, this might be a little bit immersion breaking as the whole deal of joining the HRE is that you have to disolve the Teutonic Order, which would imply that you have to get rid of your Monastic Order too. However, ingame it is based on your tag. So as soon you are Prussia you are free to take the Monastic Order again and you don't have to worry that any offensive war leads into a no-cb against the Emperor.
2. As mentioned in 1. you can become a Monastic Order again when you are Prussia within the Empire. This means you get access to the Monastic Kingdom / Empire reforms without any issue while in the Empire. The third path is about you conquering PLC. As such, there is no block on these reforms for you either.
If you go the Crusader path you can get the Crusader Order and the Holy Horde reforms eventually. Both of them have access to these Monastic Order Kingdom/Emprie reforms too.
In other words: no matter what path you take, you will be able to always pick these reforms in question.
Sounds awesome! Although a little disappointing that only the diplomacy/become emperor option has a mission for secularisation.

Also, since the other christian religions are getting some changes, can we please get an option to fight the league war for hussite/reformed too? Especially hussite! It's a nice addition to the game, but it kind of sucks that you're encouraged to switch to protestant since then you can fight the league war and make it the official HRE faith. Why can't we try and make hussite the one true faith of the HRE instead?
Hmm... I think the Religious War is too hardcoded to allow it for any other religion. But if I recall correctly then there is an incident for the Reformed faith to become the official religion.
I won't make any promise for that one, but I make sure to bring this up when I talk with my colleagues at the office after the weekend again.
@Ogele are there any plans to rework trade nodes and their connections in the Batlic Region?

I would love to see Colonial Kurland to be come viable
While I get why it would be nice, I have to disappoint you here. We will not touch the trade nodes, or otherwise we are opening Pandora's Box for several trade node suggestions and wishes.
Regarding Kurland though... I would suggest that you wait for Tuesday ;)
First of all yes a Baltic DLC! I'm already looking forward to the new Swedish missions.

The Teutonic Order is one of my favorite Countries to play and you made a really cool Mission Tree but I miss a little bit an option to stay TO and play Tal.
So you have the options to be Prussia>HRE/Germany and TO>Holy Horde but I would love to see an option for TO to be more of a really efficient medium Country.

For example, they had a very modern postal service, used cannons as one of the first Army's, and look at the Marienburg (It is the largest castle in the world measured by land area and had underfloor heating). Under their governance, woodlands were cleared and marshlands made arable, upon which many cities and villages were founded, including Marienburg and Königsberg.

Secondly, I miss some missions for historical flavor:

1. Burzenland: In 1211 the region was given to the Teutonic Knights by King Andrew II of Hungary -> revenge for the lost land: release Burzenland as a March under the TO

2. Knights from western European countries, such as England and France, journeyed to Prussia to participate in the seasonal campaigns -> a mission for some manpower or a mercenary army

3. Gotland: An invasion force under Grand Master Konrad von Jungingen conquered the island in 1398 and drove the Victual Brothers out of Gotland and the Baltic Sea. -> maybe a claim or purchase of Gotland

4. The western Prussian lands of the Vistula River Valley and the Brandenburg Neumark were ravaged by the Hussites during the Hussite Wars. -> maybe an event to get some money back from Bohemia for the destruction.

5. Possessions of the TO within the Holy Roman Empire were ruined in the German Peasants War from 1524 to 1525 and subsequently confiscated by Protestant territorial princes. ->If the imperial incident: Peasants War is active, the TO gets an event or something.

6. The Order also helped Charles V against the Schmalkaldic League -> maybe an event for the League War.

7. Connections between the Hansa and the Order:
Teutonic Order had its origins in a crusader hospital founded during the siege of Acre; the founders were German merchants from the towns of Lübeck and Bremen.
Hansa provided ships and support for the Teutonic Order's conquest of Prussia, in turn, the Teutonic Knights provided protection for the merchants of the Hansa.
Several of the towns that were members of the Hansa (Danzig, Elbing, Thorn, Kulm, Konigsberg and Marienburg) were under the direct authority of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. -> this could also be its own mission tree.

So those were a few ideas. I hope I haven't bored you too much and that you don't misunderstand my criticism. You have put a lot of work into the German Order and I appreciate that. I am already looking forward to the next developer diaries.
I really appreciate the nice words, as well as your suggestions. Regarding a medium sized Teutonic Order I get what you maen, and to be frank, when making this mission tree the idea of a tall TO went a little bit over our heads as for this purpose you usually tag switch to Prussia anyway.

For your historical flavor mission suggestion I also have to say that there is not much space left for the mission tree.
With that being said, I remember somebody asking for a bunch more events for this patch, and all 7 suggestions are great ideas for these events!
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