EUIV - Development Diary - 3rd of March 2020

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Hey! So today’s development diary will be a bit shorter as we’ll have something really juicy to show later today at 15:00 CET. Something which a lot of you have been waiting for a long time and are as hyped up for as I am.

But of course for the ones that can’t wait that long, let’s talk about some of the new features coming in 1.30.

First feature is that the Kingdom of God has gotten a bit of a do-over to not be such a trap decision anymore. Previously it would disable the Curia removing an entire feature from the game as a “reward”. Now this doesn’t really fit with us both wanting to make the Pope more of a power player among the Catholics but also give the Catholics more features to play with.


I’ve seen suggestions on the forum for the Papal States to be given a new tag if they take the decision, but for technical reasons we want to keep the PAP tag around, so we figured out a different way to reward the player. Upon declaring the Kingdom of God the Papal States will be renamed and given a new unique government reform that promotes them up to Empire rank.

We will no longer disable the Curia when the Kingdom of God decision is taken. Instead we will be giving you some new goodies that we will cover more in detail in a future Catholic focused development diary as it will play in with some of the new features we've worked on.



Now as we did this we also realized that the old Unify Islam decision could do some touches up as well. For one we removed the requirement that you need to convert your entire realm. It doesn’t jive well with the name and since the conception of the decision we’ve added several mechanics that require that you keep non-muslims around. Like the Dhimmi or the Janissaries.


But as you can see we have also changed the decision rewards. If taken you will now become known as The Caliphate and be given Feudal Theocracy as a government reform.

Next is some more Quality of Life, because you can never have enough of that. It goes a bit in the same vein as the change we did with warning you of that the Innovativeness Gain from Tech and Ideas are about to time out.


The alert for when you are about to hit your maximum cap for monarch power have been changed so it will popup if you hit it in 3 months instead of at the moment of when it’s too late. Now when you do actually hit the upper limit it will turn red instead to really try and grab your attention.

And I want to finish with some changes to the Introduce new heir mechanics. First up England starts with 100 Legitimacy again and in cases like the War of the Roses, Granadan Succession war or other similar things, we will instead be looking at claim strength of the heir or check if the dynasty is of the correct one to avoid cheating yourself out of it. Also to not allow you to cheat out of being a potential junior partner in a PU, anyone you have a royal marriage with will gain a Claim Throne CB on you.

All of the changes mentioned in this development diary except the Introduce New Heir new behavior is part of the 1.30 Patch. That’s it for the Development Diary, stay peeled for 15:00 CET for more information! Next development diary will be about the Estates and how we have changed how you play with them completely.
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Oh! It looks like you forget to include the new Channel Islands in this Dev Diary. No problem, you still can announce them now!

I admire your dedication
Does this mean "change_country_name" is a modding command now? Can it be done without breaking ironman?

Yes and no it will invalidate achievements as it has to be done inside an event, decision or similar.
Good work as always! I have a question though: Kingdom of Gods is a Tier3 reform. That means the Pope will lose most of the time the reform Combat Heresy for +10% morale. I mean the Kingdom of God is difficult to achieve. Could you not combinate the Tier1 Papal Government together with the Kingdom of God. That way Pope could keep Tier 3 reform and the Kingdom of God would represent a bigger (and stronger) reward.

You have to pick one or the other, the second option in the event won't give you the government reform but also not the bonuses that will be associated with it as well
@Groogy Very glad to see that this is finally getting attention-- thanks so much for that! I do think that the Kingdom of God government should be more powerful, though-- as it is, it isn't a strict downgrade from Combat Heresy, but your armies will definitely feel the hit. Is it possible to either increase the manpower and prestige modifiers or add one for morale (which would make sense, as your armies would be all the more zealous)?

There will be more benefits but more relating to some new mechanics we are not ready to show yet :)

Also, how're you feeling? Recovered from the flu?
Yepp thanks!
Wonderful features!
I'm glad the estate change was still a thing. I thought it was killed since we haven't heard of it for so long!

No been working a lot on it and it gotten several revisions and that's why we haven't talked much about it.
Hi Paradox developers
Why not work on the mechanics of the Great War?
This game should be such that we can choose our own war tacs
And not by chance
Why you did'nt answer me
I said it again
Is it possible for you to work on combat tactics?
And wars are no longer a chance

I don't really understand what you are trying to say. But at least for chance influence in combat for EU4 is by design that early game that the dice have a larger impact but that impact diminishes over time as the military modernizes.
The Papal State will still always be the papal controller after you enacted the decision of the Kingdom of God?
Or the election system remains?
Probably will have the election system remain but give the PAP some unfair advantages. We're still tweaking :)
Liking the focus on quality of life improvements and balancing with this update. There seem to be a lot of cases in this game in which players will always/never take a certain decision or action because it is so obviously beneficial/harmful, so I fully support efforts to balance this situation out. On the subject of England, have you fixed the bug (I assume it's a bug) where England starts out 1444 as a Dictatorship for some reason?

This bug is, AFAIK, due to loading alternative start dates before choosing to play in 1444, until it’s fixed the easiest solution is to not load start dates you’re not going to play.