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EU4 - Development Diary - 6th of February 2018

Hello and welcome to today's Development Diary for Europa Universalis IV. In case you missed it, we have now announced our upcoming Immersion Pack Rule Britannia which will accompany our 1.25 England update. For today's DD will be focusing on a couple of the features in the Immersion Pack: Innovativeness and Knowledge Sharing.

Innovativeness is a new value added to the game as a metric for your nation's forward thinking measured against others. It starts at zero for all nations in 1444 and increases by +2 every time you are the first nation to research a new technology or take an idea.

Scotland not buffed I swear.jpg

A promising start for my legit Scotland campaign

While it can be a tall order to be the first nation to a new technology or idea, the rewards are generous. at 100 Innovativeness a nation benefits from -10% all power cost as well as -1% Army and Navy Tradition decay. Tall empires who can afford the luxury of investing heavily into tech and ideas will find themselves reaping these rewards. The Tech and Ideas alert also take on a new form if taking that tech/idea will result in an Innovativneess gain for your nation. Additionally, the Anglican faith will result in a 50% boost in Innovativeness gain.

chance of rain.png

From yesterday's Twitter Teaser, the rubbed-out text is "Innovativeness Gain", not "Chance of Rain"

A cutting edge in Innovativeness will be a long-term investment though, as falling behind in your technological advancements will result in your gains being lost by -0.03 per month if you are not ahead of time and gain the "neighbor bonus" in tech.

Now as a non-European, far away from the likely spawn points of most institutions, it can be a tricky thing be become world-leading at technology. Something to help you along will be the new Knowledge Sharing feature in Rule Britannia. Nations can offer to Knowledge Share to a country who has not embraced an institution which they themselves have. The target must be within colonial range, and generally will not be accepted without an alliance in place. When accepted, this diplomatic action will spread the institution by +1 per month in the Area where their capital is situated for 10 years. During this time, the nation receiving the institution spread will have to pay 10% of their income towards their benefactor

learn about PELTS.jpg

Enacting all options to contain the Muscovites

With that we'll keep our Dev Diary short and sweet. Especially since chances are good that at this very moment, the Dev Clash between our players is concluding. Next week we'll have more of the goodies from Rule Britannia detailed for you, so see you then!
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Oh, a new christian faith, didn't realize this would be a thing. More variety for the variety god!
Great stuff! Greatly looking foward to Scottish and Irish content, not much of an England player myself. Inovativeness sounds like something of an incentive to take techs as soon as possible, but will have very limited use for most minor nations.

Wondering how Scotland and Scottish-Formed GB are: Just the same as the english one? I always found that a bit odd. And will Scots, Gaeldom, Northumbrian, Welsh, etc and other tags get units in the Pack, or is that undisclosed?
I hoped there would be something more in DD, you already announced naval policy
"Naval Doctrine: Adopt a general strategy for your fleets, giving you bonuses to ship maintenance, trade power or battle performance."
Will Britain get it's own buttons ?
How will Innovative ideas be affected by this mechanic? Will it apply to certain policies as well?

I suspect there might be more in the pipeline when it comes to latent goods, industrialization and other lategame changes.
1. If I have 3 technologies with ahead of time, then will I get +0.015 per month?

2. If I have 3 technologies with behind neighbors, then will I get -0.3 per month?

3. Does innovativeness gain modifer affect only monthly gain, or instant gain too?

4. Is innovativeness gain from unlocking ideas capped at 19(total number of idea group)*7(for each idea group)*2= 244 or 8(available idea groups for a country)*7(for eacg idea groups)*2= 112?
The problem with current EU4 design is that this Innovativeness favors large countries that can afford themselves level 3+ advisors, while small or medium-sized countries that have no access to lucrative trade nodes will struggle maintaining 1-2 lvl advisors.

Are there any plans to make "tall" gameplay for medium-sized nations more or less viable? For example, add some kind of development efficiency for having all territories in states?