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EU4 - Development Diary - 30th of January 2018

Good day all. I'm led to believe that it's Tuesday and as such we should be doing our weekly tease of things to come. Last week we unveiled the new mission trees to much speculation and discussion. Indeed there were many questions and one thing I want to address are those with the modding glint in their eyes who are wondering how to use this new system. To that end we'll put together a short modding guide for using the new mission system in an upcoming dev diary.

While we will be coming back to missions for a future dev diary, I want to start talking about the features which will be in the as of yet unnamed Immersion Pack due to accompany the 1.25 Update. Let's have a couple to look at today: the Anglican Church and Industrialization.

Firstly, the Anglican Church. Currently, when the reformation hits, Christianity branches out to the Protestant and Reformed faiths. Owners of the Immersion pack will find themselves with a third option appearing in the British Isles.

Anglican 01.jpg

But what if I were to invent a belief and disguise it as my State Religion? oh ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, Henry.

After the Initial reformation hits, A strong British nation can spawn the Anglican faith in their nation. They have the option to adopt the faith, Evangelize it (spawning a Reformation centre at great financial cost) or simply to reject it. This new faith is a different branch of the Christian group, and comes with its own bonuses and Church actions.

Anglican 02.jpg

I like my Consorts how I like my coffee. 6 MIL

Anglicanism itself grants lower development cost and better conversion rates against heretics and like Protestantism gives you a Church of <Country Name> with its own church power. Instead of adding aspects to your church though, there are direct actions you can take to gain money, mercantilism or stability for your realm. For For Rights of Man owners, two more options will be available much to your consort's dismay. You can immediately divorce your unworthy partner and marry a new local noble.

Anglicanism is primarily a following for the British Isles. It cannot be adopted as easily as Protestantism or Reformed, however it can be spread by war from a particularly Evangelist Brit, or religious rebels can force the state to adopt it.

Moving along to Industrialization now. Our story with this feature starts with our addition of Latent resource to Europa Universalis. Certain historic locations in the world contain an untapped latent deposit of coal. When the conditions of high development and the embracement of Enlightenment are fulfilled, the province will switch to this new super trade good.


Wool is tired of being looked down on. He's hitting the gym to become a truly swole trade good
  • Coal gives:
    • +20% cheaper state_maintenance (province modifier)
    • +10% Goods Produced (Trading bonus)
  • Base price is 10
  • New Manufactory (Furnace) (ADM tech 21) Does not boost goods produced by +1, but instead boosts all goods-produced in nation by 5%.
Coal is the late-game answer to Gold mines. Highly valuable with nation-wide benefits to harness, they are truly boons for any nation to seize them. Across the world there are about 50 such mines. They are shown as stripes provinces in the Trade Good mapmode. Here is the current worldwide placement

coal new world.jpg coal old world.jpg

And of course, our furnace in all its glory


Handiwork of @Carlberg

Added bonus. We have consolidated manufactory listings both in the province view and macro builder as a quality of life change, so you no longer see irrelevant manufactories in the province or have to dance between manufactures to see which one will give you best bang for buck.

And finally, hawk-eyed individuals noticed last week that France's name stretched out in a way that they do not currently do in the release version of EU4. Our Magician of Optimization @Meneth stepped in to tweak out map-name generation code a touch. he has this to say:

As those of you with especially keen eyes noticed in the last dev diary, country names can now spread across sea zones.
As anyone who has played in Indonesia will know, the sea is truly the greatest enemy of good name placement. But that is no more.
Now, if a single country controls every single land province (wastelands excluded) surrounding a sea zone, the game will pretend it is part of their territory for the purposes of name placement.
There are a couple additional requirements beyond controlling every province to ensure that the results don't end up ridiculous:
- There have to be at least two different landmasses bordering the sea zone
- At least two of the bordering landmasses have to be larger than once province. Otherwise, names would stretch out to reach tiny islands, causing strange results such as Portugal's name being in the middle of the sea between Portugal proper and the Azores
The combination of these rules lead to far nicer looking names in areas with a lot of islands, while avoiding making name placement worse in areas that don't really need names stretching across sea zones."

So we finish today's dev diary with a couple examples as such:

Long Korea.jpg

Smiling Korea

Big Brunei.jpg

Smiling Brunei

That's our lot this week. Tune in next week for more information and features in the upcoming 1.25 Update and accompanying Immersion Pack!
How many Furnace can u stack ?
Or if I take out Loans to build 20 Furnace do I just double my production income ?

Also the new religion gives a player no real reason to go for it since Protestant is just better.

About the late game money Creep problem:
Adding new trade good's that unlock at later parts of the game is very nice and strategically interesting, but to compensate for that pls
lower Production efficiency from tech
else we wil have even bigger money creep in the lategame than we already have now
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The new religion is not really compelling. No ccr or any military bonussen. Stability, merc and money already are included in Catholicism. And indeed by 1700, money shouldn't be any issue anymore.
Dissolve monasteries - how many ENG/GBR ca do this? If you dissolve it once, it will not be something to dissolve.

I don't like thoe constant bonuses - Anglicanism has increased the number of poor people in the country.
Hang on, a Scot giving England buffs - what is this madness?! :p

Any chance you can share what the effects of having Anglican as a secondary faith as Tengri are? And is it fair to guess English/British National Ideas will be changed in this update?
Ins't base price for the coal too high? Also, @Trin Tragula, @DDRJake, will there be events to change it?