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Good day. Tuesday has rolled around once more and that means it is time for our weekly Developer Diary for Europa Universalis IV. Today, we continue on from last week where we discussed Army Drilling to elaborate on how it can make an impact on having a better, more professional Army.

As part of the yet-unannounced expansion accompanying the 1.23 update, Your nation's army will have a Professionalism level, indicated both on the Unit view and the Military tab.

Professionalism Mil Tab.jpg

Your Army's Professionalism is a national value measuring how closely your army models a “modern” standing army versus heavy reliance on mercenaries. It is increased by:

  • Drilling your armies (+1 per year if 100% forcelimit drills, to scale)
  • Constructing military buildings: Barracks/regimental camps (+0.5 per tier)
  • Recruiting Generals (+1 per general)
Conversely, Professionalism is decreased by
  • Destroying military buildings: Barracks/regimental camps (-1 per tier)
  • Recruiting Mercenaries (-0.25 per unit)
Professionalism has the following effect, scaling up from 0 to 100:
  • Shock Damage +10%
  • Fire damage +10%
  • Movement Speed +20%
Additionally, low professionalism grants bonuses for the recruitment of mercenaries, starting from 0 and scaling down to nothing at 50 Professionalism.
  • Mercenary cost -15%
  • Available mercenaries +15%
All nations start the game with low to no Professionalism. Events, decisions and modifiers can affect these values positively and negatively, from standardizing your uniforms to deciding how extensively to loot fallen cities.

The value of your Army Professionalism unlocks a new interface look and new abilities for your armies at every 20 points. Starting at 0-19 professionalism, you'll have a more tattered look to your Unit view...

Professionalism Unit view low.jpg

And as your army gains more Professionalism, the view grows more elegant

Professionalism Unit view hight.jpg

So what abilities are gained for each 20 Professionalism?

  • 20 - Supply Depot Ability unlocked for army.
  • 40 - Refill Garrison Ability unlocked for army
  • 60 - Disbanded Units are returned to the manpower pool
  • 80 - Military Generals cost half-price to recruit
  • 100 - Your reserves take 50% less morale damage.
Supply Depot is an ability accessible in the revisited Unit view which, for a small MIL cost, established a depot in a province. Friendly supply in that entire area is increased by 50%. If the province is then occupied by a hostile force, the Depot will be destroyed, otherwise it lasts for 2 years.

Refill Garrison allows an army to take some of its manpower to restore the garrison of a fort instantly so you can proceed without having your new occupation snatched away.

Disbanded units are normally lost forever, however at 60 Professionalism you ensure that they return to the manpower pool

Half Price Generals cost is fairly self explanatory, they will cost 25MIL rather than the standard 50

Reserves, who normally take passive morale damage in large ongoing battles, will now take far less and can really turn the tide in a battle.

Caveat: All values/bonuses given in the dev diaries are subject to change pending testing and balance as development continues. Also as a note for modders, these abilities are all scripted in as modifiers and so can be used as you see fit.

That should cover the Drilling and Professionalism nicely. Next week we will take a look at a system which, overall, hasn't changed a whole lot in EU4's life, and how it had its influence on the Islamic world. Until then I....hold on, I have a feeling that people are wanting to see some other trade goods across the world, following the addition of 5 new goods. very well, let's look to the ....East!

trade goods East.jpg

And additionally, we felt that some local modifiers were in order:


That's it from us this week, see you next Tuesday!


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Seems still helping out bigger (which automaticaly means richer) countries, Brandenburg and Sweden can't build 20-30 baracks, France and the Ottomans, Ming can do it immediately