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EU4 - Development Diary - 27th of November 2018

Good day all and welcome to a new development diary for EU4. We have by now covered most all of the gameplay content and features coming with Golden Century and the 1.28 Spain Update. Today, let's get to some of the eye candy.

As Golden Century is an Immersion Pack, that means it comes with new unit models built-in. It also contains new music focused on Spain and the New World.

First, let's check out the Units. While the majors in the region already enjoy their own unit models, we reached out to those who have long deserved their own and have added infantry models for Granada, Navarra, Galicia/Leon and Salé. Each get 4 different models, one for each Tier of unit as warfare evolves with the integration of the firearm.

Granada will do well to see themselves into the era where they can use firearms, but at least they'll look dapper until then.

Navarra may have lost her coast, but she gained a good mesh of functional and elegant gear.

Leon and Galicia, the releasable nations from Castile, both share their unit models, but keep a distinct look from their Castilian brothers.

Salé, the potential pirate nation of the Maghreb, already look like they are up to no good, and appear to have already plundered rifles.

Now the plan was to make 5 different unit packs and have Andalucia as our 5th set. As we were concepting these designs though, we felt there was too much overspill between Granada and Andalucia model designs. As such, we decided that Granada and Andalucia would share their models, and we would still make a 5th set of models, but for our new additions in the Caribbean.





Caribbean Pirates themselves have received new unit models, evolving through the ages and, while we resisted the call of Hollywood designs, keeping to a more fitting, if threatening look.

Although the addition of unit models in Golden Century is not limited to the units on land, we have also given the Iberians, as well as the Berbers, their own Ship Designs. These extend to all 17 different unit models seen in the game.

Let's use the heavy ships as an example, for the Iberians they will get new ship looks from the smallest of Carracks

To the mightiest of threedeckers.

Similar story for the Berbers.


As a final note, there will be three pretty sweet music tracks added with Golden Century. Sadly I cannot share these in all their glory right now, but we do have a preview of one of the tracks which was played during our First Look stream of Golden Century last week. Check it out here:

(43:30 timestamp for the music)

That's our lot for today. We'll be back next week to shed light on the ten new Achievements which will be added in 1.28 Spain.

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First, let's check out the Units. While the majors in the region already enjoy their own unit models,

Wait so this means people who do not already own new unit models for the major powers in Iberia won't get unit models for them? I mean we are forced to pay for unit models when we want content and all we get are models that will hardly be seen as those nations die faster than you can look? Or will the existing major power unit model be unlocked by the DLC?
Most disappointing DLC in EU4's history
Sadly, this feels like the best part of the DLC.
Allow pirate countries to recruit additional army from the number of sailors or allow them to gain manpower from sailors (convert sailors to manpower and vice versa, maybe not 1:1) no?
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HoI4 doing massive reworks with last 2 DLC
EU4 adding few buttons you only click in every 50 years. With every DLC
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