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Good day all. Today is our first development diary post-release of Cradle of Civilization. I'll be talking about our immediate plans going forward and what can be expected with regards to future plans, bugfixes and looking towards 1.24.

So Cradle of Civilization was released last week and we're very pleased to read your feedback on it. It's heartwarming to see our game still growing in popularity and our team has been taking on what we've read from you. It has also been great fun to see so many people playing in 1.23 enjoying the work we've put in the Middle East. Many players advancing forward as the Mamluks or taking a minor of their choice to form Persia from the disintegrating Timurid Empire has been a real pat on the back (I never imagined Mamluks could become such a popular pick in EU's lifetime)

With regard to what we are up to now and our future plans, we are working our way through bugs reported from the community with a view to releasing an opt-in patch to fix some of the more glaring issues in 1.23 / Cradle of Civilization. This patch will be available, if all goes to plan, within the week.

When the immediate glaring issues are stamped down on, we will continue working on other issues as well as some enhancements for the game which will come in the 1.24 update. 1.24 will be a free update to the game much like the Hungary and Denmark updates, containing bugfixes and perhaps a few added goodies.

As you may have noticed, we have been giving our update versions names for a while now. So far we've had Prussia, Denmark, Ming, Hungary, Russia and Persia. Where will we look to next?

Where oh where oh where.jpg

Where indeed?
Malaya update? One of the last incomplete regions!
Congrats on a successful release! This DLC has made me come back to the game after not having played for quite some time.
But the name is about a country, and Philippines are not an EU4 country. And they are a bit small to be the focus of a patch. I guess that would also include a rework of the whole region, there are some excellent suggestions in the subforum.
Philippines? Please be the Philippines...
I'm guessing indonesia since it's also a collective name for the entire region. And I mean it's not like they didn't redo egypt as part of the Persia Patch.
I'm actually waiting for the bug fixes to start a Malacca trade empire run, Paradox reading my mind lul. Maybe I shoud wait with that till 1.24 :D
this took you some time :). Malaya and maybe SE asia patch coming along :) better late than never.
Here's to hoping all colonial provinces in the region (aside from uninhabited islands) are replaced with tags.