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EU4 - Development Diary - 19th of September 2017

Good day and welcome all to the Tuesday Dev Diary for Europa Universalis IV. Last Week we took a good look at changes to the Islamic Faith mechanics and today we're going to shine the spotlight on two prominent Muslim nations who shaped the Middle East in the 15th Century. That is to say the White sheep and Black Sheep Turkmen of Aq Qoyunlu and Qara Qoyunlu.

For a long time we have modeled these two nations rather haphazardly as Steppe Nomads but now is the time to give them their own special Government type of Tribal Federation complete with their own mechanics centred around Tribal Allegiance.

On its own, the Tribal Federation Government grants:

-5 years of separatism
-10% warscore cost for provinces
+25% cavalry to infantry ratio

The rise and fall of these Federations will ride on how well they are able to win over the tribal warriors of the region who are fickle to the successes and failures of the Federation. By winning battles and humiliating rivals, a Tribal Federation is able to increase their Tribal Allegiance which will in turn grant stronger bonuses for the country. Conversely, losing battles and being humiliated is a fast track to losing their support and bonuses.

federation 01.jpg

Tribal Allegiance itself will grant no bonuses with at zero, but up to +33% manpower recovery and -3 national unrest as it grows. It will degrade over time relative to your development. Additionally, it can be spent to gain immediate assistance With each action costing 30 Allegiance. :
  • Enlist General: Gain General with 40 Tradition
  • Train Horsemanship: Get +15% Cavalry Combat Ability for 10 years.
  • Conscript from Tribes: Start production of 6 Cavalry units in the capital at 25% build time.
The Inland tribes of Arabia also share these mechanics, while across the world, other Tribal Countries are either Tribal Despotisms or Tribal Monarchies, working as before.

National Ideas

The Black Sheep and White Sheep Turkmen have also been given their own unique national ideas

Aq Qoyunlu (starting development: 55)
cavalry_power = 0.2
land_morale = 0.1

land_maintenance_modifier = -0.10

The White Sheep
"The Aq Qoyunlu, or the White Sheep, trace their lineage to Bayandor Khan, the leader of one of the twenty four Oghuz tribes and the grandson of Oghuz Khagan himself. The blood in our veins is that of true warriors and makes us the predestined leaders of all other peoples."

leader_land_shock = 1

Unite the Clans
"For many years it has been to our great detriment that we have been unable to settle the succession disputes of our federation. We must settle the disputes of the sons of the White Sheep and unite as one. After decades of warfare there will be few who can stand before us if we would just work together instead."

yearly_tribal_allegiance = 1
cavalry_cost = -0.2

Turko-Iranian Bureaucracy
"Iran might seem ripe for an army such as ours. It is easy to conquer and keep under foot. However, if we are to extract any form of revenue from our new subjects we will need to rely not only on our military elites. There is no reason that the old administrative families of these lands should not continue to carry out their work. Let us embrace the ancient traditions of Iranian bureaucracy, as long as we make it clear that the military might lies with the armies of the White Sheep."

core_creation = -0.2

Dynastic Apanages
"The tribes in our confederation are held together by the loyalty to our great ruler but there are many conflicts within this disparate group of supporters. If we want to avoid splintering over petty tribal conflicts we should strive to keep all conquered land directly within our ruling family rather than among the chiefs that support us."

global_manpower_modifier = 0.25

Expansive Diplomacy
"Our realm lies at a crossroad between the empires of the Mediterranean and those of Greater Iran and South Asia. In many ways this region is one of few friends and many enemies. If we are to find allies we will have to look far abroad, perhaps even among the Christian realms of the far west."

diplomats = 1

Religious Pragmatism
"These are dangerous times and many look to millenarian sects for answers. We must do what we can to curb religious extremism in our lands while also working together with the more organized dervish sects that many of the Turkoman warriors belong to. By carefully choosing who to ally and who to fight we can build a stronger state, one that will have the allegiance of the Dervishes without the chaos that religious extremism can bring."

stability_cost_modifier = -0.1

Qanun-nama-ye Hasan
"The source of a land’s wealth is its population. The lands under our control have, however, suffered from centuries of warfare. We must protect our urban and rural subjects alike from wanton raids and coercion. Instead we must build and enforce a set of laws to make living and raising wealth in our realm safe and worthwhile. We will grow rich as our subjects prosper."

global_trade_goods_size_modifier = 0.1

Qara Qoyunlu (Starting Development: 161. Has Bitlis and Kharabakh as vassals)
leader_land_shock = 1
cavalry_power = 0.2

leader_land_fire = 1

The Black Sheep
"We are the confederation of the Black Sheep. Our lineage goes back to the great Oghuz Khans and our warriors have made the world tremble. Once we bowed our heads to the Ilkhans and Timur but we now stand independent and stronger than ever, ready to take on the leadership of all the Turkic clans of Iran, Anatolia and the Caucasus."

global_manpower_modifier = 0.25

Governor of Azerbaijan
"While many of our military campaigns against our Timurid overlords have given us valuable experience perhaps the most important gain was the title of Timurid governor, given by Shah Rukh to Jahan Shah in order to help him pacify our people. What Shah Rukh did not realize is that this allows us to claim the legitimacy of the Timur, who once defeated and conquered all states in the Caucasus. This newfound honor gives us a platform to build a lasting hold over the Caucasus, Azerbaijan and perhaps one day even Persia."

province_warscore_cost = -0.05
core_creation = -0.1

In Honor of Ali
"Regardless of if they consider themselves Sunni or Shia, the great majority of our subjects honor the Imams, the family of Muhammad and even Ali. While this conviction is regarded as a weakness by some legal scholars it is something that unites our people, be they Sufi mystics, regular Sunnis, Alevis or Twelver Shias."

Tolerance of Heretics +3

Dynamic Warfare
"Our region has proven perilous for many invaders. The mountains, deserts, plains and forests of the Caucasus and Iran require quick adaptation to local circumstances and a keen eye for strategic and tactical advantages. Our prolonged warfare against other Turkoman federations and the Timurids have allowed us to perfect a dynamic form of warfare, mixing raids, grand maneuver warfare and pitched battles."

leader_land_manuever = 1

Freedom with Responsibility
"A truly great ruler is one who knows how to delegate. We have subdued a great number of states over a wide and diverse range of climates and landscapes. If our empire is to grow we must learn to empower local petty dynasties that surrender to our rule, allowing them to tax their own people and raise their own armies in our service."

reduced_liberty_desire = 10

Patron of Iranian Culture
"As conquerors of Iran and Iraq we have inherited the cities and palaces of the great empires before us. If we are to survive and thrive in this region we must add our own monuments and architecture to theirs and patronize the Persianate scholars of our subject peoples."

global_unrest = -1

Irrigation and Public Works
"Centuries of warfare, ever since the Mongol invasion, has left the lands of Iran and Mesopotamia devastated. Great irrigation works that once guaranteed the well being of our subjects have been laid to waste and agriculture is held hostage by the whims of the seasons.\nIn the short run we must build up stores of grain so that we can help our people in times of need. In order to secure the future, however, we must restore what was once ruined and rebuild the public works that will allow the Qara Qoyunlu lands to be fertile and productive once more."

global_tax_modifier = 0.1

National Ideas and the Tribal Federation Government are all free changes with the 1.23 Update, while Tribal Allegiance and the interactions relating to it are paid parts of the upcoming expansion which will be released alongside 1.23.

Another thing which will be of interest to the Sheep Federations and frankly any nation in the neighborhood of the Ottomans is a change we've done for the Turkish behemoth. In 1444, we have removed all foreign Anatolian cores for the Ottomans. Candar, Karaman, Ramazan, Dulkadir and Aq Qoyunlu may breath a collective sign of relief that Osmanoglu's rise to dominance will be more contested than before.

Ottoman Diplomatic view in 1444:


As a final note for this dev diary I will wrap up the Trade Goods screenshots by completely jumping away from today's focus and show changes made in China, Korea and Japan:

Happy man looks over far east.jpg

That's all folks! Next week we'll stroll A little Eastwards and check out what has changed in Persia.
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The removal of the Ottoman cores is a big change. I'm glad it will be harder for them to blob, in return for them having more development to eat in the regions they start in. Also good to see these small nations getting more flavor on top of having better survivability.
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Hurrah for minor Ottoblob nerf. They're still pretty easy claims with the missions, but I think it makes sense, if a core is meant to represent land that used to belong to the country. Permanent claims might still have be merited, I could understand them as a reward if Ottomans get City of World's desire.

Tribal Federation also sounds like a neat government type. Wonder if it fits any other country in the region? The Arabian tribes come to mind. Glad to see those changes are free.
We've already seen asia's trade good, could we see Africa?
Get the Ottomaniacs new missions for their loss of reconquest CB, otherwise it's bye bye Roman empire within a year because of the 'city of world desire mission'.

Funny how a nerf to Ottoman can be a nerf to the Byzantines... well done Jake ;-)
Tribal Federation also sounds like a neat government type. Wonder if it fits any other country in the region? The Arabian tribes come to mind. Glad to see those changes are free.

The Diary explicitly states that the Arabian Tribes are also getting it, but most/all(?) others are still Tribal Despotism/Monarchies
This is going to add some diversity and balance for the region, great... But as I said previously, I really hope this content will add a possibility to do something resurrecting the Caliphate. It was something that milions of Muslims were dreaming about since its collapse and utterly ignoring this issue in a muslim-focused DLC would be really disappointing, considering formation of many fantasy states like Roman Empire, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Bharat or Andalusia is possible...
Actually I think that greatest fun from all DLCs is not changes to what exists at the beginning of the game (like reshaping yemeni or anatolian provinces), but new possibilities of what you can do by playing. As for me, a game in which you have just five big provinces in Egypt instead of twenty, but you can form a Caliphate instead, would be far more interesting than a game with fourty provinces in Egypt, but no interesting nation to form. Yes, there is nation called "Arabia" to form, but in my opinion it's not very good idea (something like this never existed and nobody ever really wanted to create it), and Caliphate would be much better I think.
PS: Maybe at least arab emperor should be called Caliph instead of "Great Sultan"?
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Kewl. As a person who never plays a same nation twice and loves variety, it is always a delight to see what new unique country/region mechanism you guys keep adding to the came.

Add you keep churning them out much faster than I can play them.
Get the Ottomaniacs new missions for their loss of reconquest CB, otherwise it's bye bye Roman empire within a year because of the 'city of world desire mission'.

Funny how a nerf to Ottoman can be a nerf to the Byzantines... well done Jake ;-)

Will be interesting how this plays out, AI Byzantium almost never survives anyway, but player Byzantium might be buffed. Ottos still have their Albanian core so they declare for Albania first, and then they might actually declare into your giant alliance network that you should have built up, giving you defensive CtA for all allies, rather than declare on turkish minors