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EU4 - Development Diary - 18th of August 2016

Good afternoon. It's Thursday and that means we in the EU4 team are being shaken down for Dev Diaries. With Johan cooking something up for you all at Gamescom, I'm back in the saddle to bring you another taster of what's to come in our upcoming [name-leak patched] expansion.

Fetishists were introduced lately, diversifying the Pagan religions by having a tailor-made African variant. While they have some purposed African events, the religion was left without its own mechanics, leaving it looking at its religious brothers with envious eyes.

No longer! As a feature in the upcoming expansion, Fetishist nations will have a choice of Cult granting them bonuses and unique events. Where in Africa you start will determine the Cults which are available to you, giving Central Africans a different starting Cult selection from, say, the West Africans


"Starting" Cult selection you say? Yes. The mechanic will look similar for those of you who enjoy some Hindu campaigns but our Fetishist friends can add some extra tools to their belt as they forge their destinies.

Each Fetishist nation will start with 3 Cults available to them, which can be chosen from by each new ruler. Additional Cults can be unlocked through interaction with other faith groups. Through fighting, bordering with alliance or ownership of heathen land, you can unlock additional cults based on that faith. Each monarch can choose one Cult to worship, granting a national bonus and unlocking events for that cult.


Last I counted, there are 17 in total If you've been putting off that Victorian Three achievement run, 1.18 is the patch to go for it. Fetishist Cults, along with the Coptic Holy Sites mentioned before, are paid features in the upcoming expansion which will be released alongside the 1.18 free patch.

Between the changes in the throne room, the religious mechanics, Great Powers, Traits, Personalities and tech overhaul, you could be forgiven for thinking we have run out of things to reveal about the upcoming expansion and patch. You would still be far from the truth though. We'll be back with another Dev Diary next week to talk not just about what you can do for your subjects, but what your subjects can do for you.
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Cults sound like an interesting and important fleshing out of the fetishist religion.
Will the monarch be able to switch cult during his lifetime through a decision or an event?
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This is unexpected! A Fetishism that's actually slightly cooler than Hinduism and Norse?
By the way, I prefer the new Fetishism mechanism to the new Coptic one. The Coptic one is about "expand to get more power", while the Fetishism one is "expand to get more options", which looks like more balanced.
(That said, Catholicism is also a bit around "expand to get more power" and Protestant "expand to get more versatility" so both were already in the game anyways)
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Will you get a cult representative of Fetishist-Sunni syncretism? That would be a nice touch and work around.
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Will Orthodoxy ever get an overhaul?

Current meta is tied on mercs heavily, meaning that "+33% manpower" is kinda useless and "-33% local tax" is harmful. That said, levelling patriarch authority is completely useless. Also worth mentioning, that Orthodoxy is one of the few religions that doesn't give any military-related quality boosts (morale, discipline, CA).

Even Catholics may get +10% morale with their crusades
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upcoming [name-leak patched] expansion.
Does that mean that the name has been leaked, or do you just fear it gets leaked pre games con like has happened several times previously?

Also is it correctly understood that cults gets cleared when your ruler dies? I.e. you always only have have one?
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Sadly Jake is feeling a bit under the weather today, so I don't know how much he'll be able to respond.
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"Last I counted, there are 17 in total If you've been putting off that Victorian Three achievement run..."

you mean you are going to announce victoria 3 in gamescon :p
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Victorian Three achievement run, 1.18 is the patch to go for it.
Am I the only one who reads "Victoria 3 will be released January 2018"?
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I wonder about the geographical nature of these cults: Will some cults only unlock once you hold certain regions or (sub)continents?
And will some be tied to culture groups within your empire?

Interesting stuff.
How do the Sami fit into this?

Their state religion is Fetishist but they share nothing in common with Africa.

However I might be off with this because I have never seen the Sami actually gain freedom. Just reading the wiki at least says their state religion is Fetishist.
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