EU4 - Development Diary - 17th of April 2018

Good day and welcome. By the time you are reading this message, I will be long gone. This message should go live at 10am on Tuesday 17th April but I am writing this some days before. Having already snapped at several months of sustained subzero temperatures in this heathen place, I am taking to the skies and will be enjoying the blazing sun in Florida for a three week vacation. Know that if you do find me making posts here, it is as I am laying by a pool sipping a drink not out of thirst, but out of needing to actually cool down for the first time in half a year. In my stead, @Groogy will be more than happy to elaborate on the mechanical/design changes and @Trin Tragula will be on dev diary duty to talk about what he does best.

But the grim reality of Scandinavian life aside, let's look at our final in a three-parter dev diary on the Government Changes coming along. We've already elaborated how they work as well as Monarchy reforms in Part One, then checked out Republics in Part Two. Today we wrap up by checking out the remaining government types: Theocracies and Tribes.

Theocratic Reforms:

  • Leadership
    • Clergy: 5% Tax Modifier
    • Monastic Order: -20% Fort Maintenance
    • (Papal States only) Pope: +1 Prestige, +1 Tolerance of True Faith
  • Internal vs External Mission
    • Internal Mission: +2 tolerance of true faith
    • External Mission: -20% Warscore against other religions
  • Divine Cause
    • Safeguard Holy Sites: +1 Prestige
    • Combat Heresy: 10% Morale
    • Expel heathens: 5% Development cost
  • Clergy in Administration
    • Subservient Administrators: +1 Free [HIDDENS] (almost missed this one)
    • Religious Administrators: -10% Stability cost
  • Secularise?
    • Maintain Religious Head of State: +10% Absolutism
    • (Muslim) Hereditary Religious Leadership: gain Feudal Theocracy abilities
    • Crown [Root.Monarch.GetName]: Turn into a monarchy, lose 2 reforms
    • Proclaim Republic, lose 2 reforms
Theocracies will be able to shape what sort of religious government hey wish to be and, instead of simply having the decision to secularize, can decide if they want to become a republic or Monarchy at the end of their reforms (keeping some of their reform progress that can be immediately used to pass Monarchy/Republic reforms) or double down on keeping a religious government. For owners of Cradle of Civilization, regular Sunni Theocracies will be able to adopt Feudal Theocracy mechanics as their final reform if preferred. For the likes of Ardabil, they will have a special starting reform which has these mechanics pre-unlocked.

Looking over to our friends the Tribal nations. We wanted to make the path from Tribal to settled nation more exciting than being an ADM sink and rail-roading of National Ideas. They are offered several choices of where to direct their nations.

Tribal Reforms:
  • Tribal Administration
    • Nomadic - Enables Steppe Nomad mechanics, all old nomad bonuses. only available for 1444 nomadic nations.
    • Federation - Enables Federation mechanics. - 5 years of separatism. Only available for the previously defined Tribal Federations.
    • Despotism: -10% Core Creation cost
    • Kingdom: +20% Vassal Income
  • Cultural Values
    • Martial Society: +15% Manpower
    • Civil Society: +5% Tax
  • Religion v secular
    • Religious Societies: -10% Stability cost
    • Lip-Service: -20% Land Maintenance Modifier
  • Modernization
    • Centralize Powers: +3 States, +10 Max Absolutism
    • Retain Tribal Hierarchy: -5% Core Creation Cost -5% Stability cost
    • Become Monarchy - Lose 4 Reforms, become Monarchy
    • Become Republic - Lose 4 reforms, become Republic
    • Become Theocracy - Lose 4 reforms, become Theocracy
    • Become Horde - Become Steppe Nomad. Use Nomadic mechanics.
All values seen are subject to balance changes and tweaking at this early stage of development and are expected to change. Despotism vs Kingdom, I'm looking at you.

With Tribes you are now given more control over how (and if you even wish to) reform your nation, complete with the ability to embrace horde life as a nation not blessed with Steppe Nomad mechanics in 1444, so once you have dominated West Africa as Dahomy and don't want any of those fancy styles of government that the arriving Europeans offer, you can go full horde and ride north razing everything into dust.

You will be able to see how close you are to your next reform straight from the main GUI, as we have re-positioned the Great Powers button to allow a button that opens your reforms. This button also fills up with green as you get closer to your next reform so you won't need to keep consulting the tab to check your progress.

Aq Qoyunlu Reforms.jpg

As is often the case, changes to a base system like this is going to be subject to iteration as we continue our work on 1.26 and its accompanying yet unannounced expansion, so do not be surprised when other changes to it are announced along the way. For now though, we will shift our attention in these dev diaries. Starting next week we will have some dev diaries on the map changes upcoming in 1.26. As always, map changes and new nations added are free additions to the game and are part of the upcoming Update. This will also reveal where we will be focusing on in this expansion. In the interest of teasing it though, I'll post some screenshots along the way.

River 1.jpg

We'll see you then!


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What about special governments for Cossack state Zaporozhia Sich? Now they are nomads but it is isnt right.
This must called "Getmanat" Ruler must be Getman, Became Getmanat can only nations in Ukraine and today South Russia.
Mechanic will be close to Dutch Republic. Cossacks elect Getman for all his life and can impeach him if he lose several wars. Cossacks can elect his son and became something close to monarchy but it is isnt monarchy and isnt republic


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Hello Folks,

I love to play monastic orders and I thought they will be changed in this patch. So that I can have a monastic kingdom/empire. But that isn't the case. They even lost their free leader general.
I was just wondering, why I should pick monastic orders over normal theocracies?
Was it on purpose that can't make their "king" to a general?