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EU4 - Development Diary - 14th of April 2020

Good morning! We’ve talked about Imperial Incidents in previous dev diaries, and since then the design and UI has been refined quite a lot. Today I’ll be revealing two more Imperial Incidents as well as changes to the Great Peasants’ War.

Decline of the Hanseatic League


The EUIV period saw the Hanseatic League fall from the dominant commercial power in Northern Europe to a minor clique of merchant guilds. If Lubeck loses its dominance in its home trade node after the Age of Discovery, they will receive an event where they can choose to petition the Emperor for aid. This triggers an Imperial Incident in which the Emperor has three options:

  1. Ignore the plight of the Hanseatic League. The Emperor gets a harsh opinion penalty with Lubeck and its League members.
  2. Reinforce the Hanseatic League by asking the Free Cities of the Empire to join. All Free Cities are promoted to join the Hanseatic League, and each one that joins gives Imperial Authority to the Emperor. Lubeck and its League members will appreciate this.
  3. Proclaim an Embargo against the League’s rival. The dominant power in the Lubeck node gets reduced trade power in several trade nodes, and the Emperor gets an opinion bonus with Lubeck and its League members.

The Reformers Protest


The Reformers Protest is an Imperial Incident that fires after the Protestant League is victorious in the League War if Reformed countries make up a sufficiently large portion of the total number of Princes in the Empire.

This Incident inducts the new Protestant Emperor into their new role by forcing them into a major decision. The Emperor has three options:

  1. Refuse to make any compromise and protect the hard-won victory of the Protestant League. Choosing this option will prompt all Reformed Princes to reconsider their membership in the Empire, with larger AI nations being much more likely to leave than smaller AI nations.
  2. Set Religious Peace in the Empire. Protestant will no longer be the official faith of the Empire. Emperors and electors can now be of any Christian religion. This will satisfy the Reformed Princes, but also makes it possible for the Catholics to return to power in the future.
  3. Abdicate the Imperial throne and proclaim the Reformed faith to be the official religion of the Empire. An AI Emperor will only pick this option if they have been reduced to a single province, or if they have less than 50 warscore against a Reformed Prince.
Great Peasants' War - Again!


I first talked in detail about the Great Peasants’ War in October, but since then we’ve decided to expand on it to give more agency to players with an interest in either side of the conflict. Here are the most significant changes we made:

  • The Emperor can now use the Crush the Peasantry CB while the GPW is ongoing, and can target any Peasant Republic in the HRE regardless of border distance. This allows the Emperor to actively take the fight to the peasants.
  • Added new Peasant Revolt CB for Peasant Republics. It is usable during the GPW. It can also be used after the GPW if the peasantry manage to enforce their demands on the Emperor. This CB allows you to force other HRE Princes to become Peasant Republics, giving agency to the peasant side of the conflict.
  • Added decisions for both the Emperor and Peasant Republics to end the GPW early and trigger the Imperial Incident if they accumulate enough score for their side. Tooltips on this decision will show the current score.
  • When a newly-formed Peasant Republic is forced to change their government during the GPW, the total score is moved in favour of the aristocracy.
  • Score is added to the peasant side when a Prince becomes a Peasant Republic during the GPW regardless of how it happened.

A Message from our Artist and our UX Designer

A valued and talented team member, our artist, is leaving us today to work on another PDS project. As it was their last day, I asked if there was anything they'd like to share with the community before their departure. This was their response:

The feature that our artist enjoyed the most was probably working with the Hegemon icons. The shape and visuals for them are something new but still holds that EU4 spirit in them. The favorite is of course the naval icon with the fabulous unicorn.


Other things they loved to work on was making the new bg for the settings screen. It now speaks unity and actually… makes sense?

The HRE windows and pop-up was of course a challenge but thanks to our UX designer they made the interface work and look beautiful as well! Look at those curtains, so smooth.

Our artist also wants to add that “At the end of the day it’s always been so nice to see the reactions to the new stuff we add or update and what you, the community enjoy to see from us and what makes your heart tick with joy when it comes to Europa Universalis 4”

As our UX designer’s last day on the project, they'd like to share the process behind the new HRE screen:

“The HRE was my favorite to work on, because it was a big challenge.

I always start exploring ideas, different layouts and how to display the information. After a few iterations, we decided to move on with the 3rd idea."

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 09.37.33.png

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 09.38.03.png

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 09.38.33.png

3 different layouts and explorations

As we started developing, we realized that the initial idea for incidents -beautiful and fancy tapestry- was not clear enough. So we decided to go on with buttons instead.

Because of that the entire layout needed to change, as we didn’t need all that space for incidents.

To show a new idea to the team, I did a simple wireframe, moving the reforms to the upper part and incidents down. Also decided to display imperial authority and dominant faith in a clearer way.

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 09.39.11 (1).png

Wireframe to discuss with the team

mockup with dlc.png

Mockup based on the wireframe

And finally, for the last iteration, we noticed that the numbers inside the buttons were not clear and didn’t help players to make a decision. To solve that, I suggested using an icon representing what kind of decision was that and added the numbers of supporters.

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 09.26.02.png

Last mockup

“It was an honor to be part of EU4 and hope you all enjoy Emperor!”

We all wish both our artist and our UX Designer the best of luck in the future, and we're sure they'll go on to do great things at PDS.

That’s all for today! Next week Groogy will talk about a new feature coming in Emperor as well as a very cool feature for Custom Nations. And since I’m here I’ll also reveal that the much-anticipated Hussite/Bohemia dev diary is scheduled for the week after next. Hope you all have a great week!
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I see you are using a different font on the HRE screen. Sometimes the font can be a bit unreadable for me and thus I use a mod for it to fix it for me. But as I see you using a different font too, is it something you intend to change?
On the last screenshot there are 78 princes in the Empire. Does this mean that the requirements for getting an achievement “Voltaire’s Nightmare” were changed too?
Damn, I really hope you will now be able to pick from the various CK2 heresies if you use custom nations, their religions don't need mechanics imo, but it would be epic to rp as a last Jain nation in India for example, or a kathar remnant french duchy. I love alt history and sandbox scenarios, gimme more of them :p
Will Catholic/Protestant nations get a opportunity to leave the empire if the other side wins a league war?
Also, if the art is mostly ready, this means that we are close to an actual release.
And since I’m here I’ll also reveal that the much-anticipated Hussite/Bohemia dev diary is scheduled for the week after next.
Yaay, thanks! I just hope you fixed the map.
Can we get a number on how many imperial incidents there will be? Anything planned for 1700+ ?
Also, will there be an event/incident if a nation not in Germany or Italy becomes emperor (Spain as emperor etc.)
First of all, nice work on the HRE layout overhaul; it looks much better!

So far, I don't see any downside in supporting the Hanseatic League. Rejecting support just gives penalties while asking free cities to join the league gives more imperial authority. Will there be factors not shared yet? What option will an AI emperor be inclined to take?

At the moment, the only Peasant Republic in 1444 would be Dithmarchen right? As emperor, I guess it would make sense to stop the spread of Peasant Republics, although it's not really clear to me what it would do if it would spread for an HRE emperor. What happens if a Peasant Republic would convert the government form on the emperor? I assume it would make the emperor inelligible? Would it be possible to change the government form of a nation of a size with more than 100 warscore?

But most of all, I wonder what the incentive for the emperor would be to care in both cases. If peasant republic(s) would become a problem, I think I would just send condotierri to Dithmarchen's enemies or just join a war against them in order for them to get annexed. If released later, Dithmarchen would "respawn" as a regular duchy anyway. (At least that's the situation at the moment)

edit: hypothetical situation: You're playing Brandenburg or the new Pomerania, or whatever tag that can relatively easy take over the Lubeck trade node and become emperor. You'd be able to embargo yourself?

Also, what happens to the incident if Lubeck gets annexed during or after the incident? will the modifiers still apply and/or will the incident be canceled? The way it's written now, I assume the Hansa would cease to exist altogether if Lubeck gets annexed? Maybe it would be an idea to not immediately disband a trade league if an eligible nation would be able to take over the lead (like Hamburg or something).

Also; nice teaser about the Burgundian Inheritance. I'm looking forward to it's rework as it feels too random to me at the moment.
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I read in a dd before, that there will be "just" 13 incidents - any chance that there is time to add some more?
They are quiet cool in dynamic ways. But as I see the trigger conditions of the incidents shown until now, they will not spawn every campaign. And just 3-4 incidents for a whole run seems quiet few. As well if its just 13 different.
Possible incidents should be enough?

Just some short thoughts that came into my mind right now:

Something about the Fugger, their trade imperium and the State of Augsburg

Venican Trade

The last help request of the byzantine empire when ottomans attack

The Forming of a newer midgame tag in the HRE like hannover, swabia or something

The state of hungary when ottomans attack or Hungary when its a PU

An incident about west rhine wanna leave for france/ france client state when France is revolutionary

An Incident when Austria/Habsburg is also King of Spain

An Incident about the Orders or the State of Danzig

the fate of netherlands when forming

Hunger crisis or leaving people to the colonies (as a lot of germans did) - changes via reforms, let them leave etc.

also the Maria Theresia thing that is right now a decision would be perfect as an incident.

And another Question: Is it possible to have more than 1 incident at a time? or is it scripted that, this can't happen?
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There will be Formable Hanseatic league tag in the Emperor?
Or I think giving new name ‘Hanseatic league’ to the country who unites all hanseatic city will be nice too. Like Kingdom of God for pope and Caliphate for muslim in the new update.
Brandenburg areas are still weird!

Prignitz should be in brandenburg and Uckermark in Vorporrenn. Fix it PDX please.
There will be Formable Hanseatic league tag in the Emperor?
Or I think giving new name ‘Hanseatic league’ to the country who unites all hanseatic city will be nice too. Like Kingdom of God for pope and Caliphate for muslim in the new update.

Sounds nice, but maybe it should work differently at least as you'd currently have to declare war and conquer all cities in your trade league which sort of defeats the purpose.
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