EU4 - Development Diary - 12th of May 2016

Hello and Welcome to another development diary for Europa Universalis IV. Today we’ll talk a bit about the future of the game, and what we aim at achieving with it.

It is now almost three years since we released EU4, and the game is growing every month, with far more people playing it today, than ever before. And as we have said before, we’ll continue to support the game with patches and expansions as long as you keep buying them.

Currently we have ideas and designs for several years worth of expansions, but those designs change and grow whenever we read your feedback.

There are of course concerns and challenges with expanding to an already complex game, and what can be added without making the game unplayable. It is also a fine thread to decide which ones should be behind the paywall and which should be free.

While a fair amount of requests keep coming for more peace activities, that also creates challenges, as if that is too engaging, you will suffer when you end up in unplanned wars, and get a far worse experience.

So what do we want to do with EU4 in the future?

Well, there are some parts of the world we want to add more unique flavor to. I am fairly happy with Europe, and we’ve done quite a lot of focus on mechanics for the New World, but there are areas like East Asia, India & Middle East which deserve far deeper looks in the future. With unique flavor I mean things like Dutch Republic, Nahuatl Religion, Polish Elective Monarchy, HRE Religious League Wars, Hordes Razing Provinces, etc… I envision EU4 in 3 years with far far more difference playing each country in the world.

There are also aspects of the game which we once were happy with, but feel would require are not entirely happy with now. Our technology system, basically hailing from EU1, is based too much around rigid tech groups, punishing nations outside of Europe. We’re not entirely happy with how culture works now, and the diplomatic interface just can’t handle the amount of states and actions we currently have. Can these be changed? Maybe? Time will tell.

Here's a screenshot of something you've never seen before.


Anyway, next week I’m gone on holidays, but Catalack will talk about units for eu4.
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There are of course concerns and challenges with expanding to an already complex game, and what can be added without making the game unplayable.
At the risk of starting the hire of all the grognards, I'd say we're already weeeeell past this point.
I've started to get back in EU4 today, coming from near-Vanilla (yeah I didn't get the patches up to now), and it's just an absolute mess of features bloat and contrived mechanisms everywhere which all seems to have as only intent to prevent the player from doing anything.

The game doesn't need to continue to stockpile new features on top of newer features. It BADLY needs to have some global overhaul where existing features are consolidated and made to work together and streamlined into a coherent global vision, instead of just overwhelming the player with a death of a thousand cuts.

Now, downvote away.
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