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EU4 - Development Diary - 11th of September 2018

Good morning and welcome to the first Post-Dharma dev diary. Dharma was released last week and by most measures was an extremely successful release for us. That said, we have a tradition of post release support for our games and expansions, that's what I'm here to talk about today.

Firstly, While Dharma had very few critical bugs on release, there are still issues out there that merit a hotfix. For us, a hotfix is a swift patch on a released product, aimed to fix two particular types of issues: Ones which disrupt the game/its features in a big way, typically crashes, freezes or features breaking in peculiar ways, or small yet high-impact issues which are quick to fix and test on our end.

We are building a hotfix as we speak, and a preliminary list of fixes we are going to be patching are as follows:

  • Fix crash when supporting heir with negative chance
  • Fixed a peace treaty crash for players continuing their 1.25 saves
  • Fixed Trade Company Investments being lost on tag switch
  • Fixed Trade company Crash
  • Fixed Crash when stopping Area Rebel suppression
  • Revolutionary governments now lose their number of reforms as if they switched via reform
  • Mewar achievement script issue fixed (should be visible if you've formed another nation)
  • Fixes theocracies and hordes not getting aristocratic ideas
  • Fixed rulers swapping religions back and fourth in certain cases
  • Fixed Achievements not being available for released nations
  • Stopped tight-fisted AI chartering provinces for 0 ducats
  • Adopt Islamic government no longe ravailable to Indian Sultanates
More fixes may be added to this list as we continue to monitor bug reports that are coming in. Our plan is to release this hotfix as a beta at some point this week, and fold that beta into the main game after a few days, assuming no other serious issues pop up.

There are certainly other issues which I'm certain people are keen to see addressed. For those, we are beginning work on the main post-release Update, 1.27. Let's talk about that now.

Post release updates come after a big expansion, are free and targeted at a region, much like the 1.24 Japan update. We add some flavour to the target region. It also allows us to round up on a lot of the bugs which come in, both for the recently released expansion and some of the older backlog of issues. They sometimes go hand in hand with other things, and that will be the case, as with 1.27, EU4 will also be joining the ranks of our other games in becoming fully GDPR compliant. More details on this will be released closer to the time, but the result for most users will just wind up being a policy to read before playing the game.

Religious conversion in territories has been a hot topic since its changes were announced for and subsequently released in 1.26. The response on it on all platforms (and I've read almost all of them) has lead to some interesting conversations about that whats and whys of religious conversion and some cool ideas on what do do about it. I'm not quite naive enough to overlook how they were overall negatively received, and we want to address these grievances. In the short term, we're going to look at bringing Religious and Humanist more in line with each other as viable choices for your nation for 1.27. We have longer term ideas for conversions, but we'll talk more about that down the line after 1.27.

So yes, Hotfix this week, 1.27 coming soon. Religious conversions responses not falling on deaf ears. Now how about the target for 1.27? Well, over the past year we've put a lot of work into the "Rest of the World" With focus on Japan, The Far East, The Near East and now India.

I'd say it's high time we put the Europa


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The prophet has finally arrived!!! Please, tell us, oh dear lord,
are they going to remove promote settlement growth?
I probably earned that ;)

On your question, though... I don't think I've ever even used that, but... of course not! It's playing tall, it's here to stay!
Quite frankly speaking, though, anyone else feeling like they should just start slowly wrapping up eu4 and move on to make eu5?