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EU4 - Development Diary - 11th of August 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back to another development diary for Europa Universalis IV. It is definitely a game of staying power, as this saturday we celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the release. I’m back from paternity leave, so now I’m here, and will do most of the development diaries for this expansion. Next week I’ll be at gamescom, where our plans is to reveal it all, so Jake will be writing next week development diary, as after all, the show must go on.

We have one vision for this patch and expansion, and that is to breakthru and make the organisational aspects of your country more interesting. In the june diary about ruler personalities we avoided talking about the empty spot at the court screen, but here goes.

In the next expansion, your king will get a queen. A queen is obviously named Consort or a government-specific name if you have a ruling Queen.

You have a chance to get a queen at any time you sign a royal marriage, and she will then be of the dynasty of the country of origin. There is also the chance of getting a queen of a local minor noble dynasty if you gain a heir without a current queen.


And when another one bites the dust, and you previously would have ended up with a regency, your queen will now head up the regency instead. In some governments this is not possible though, as they won’t allow it due to other mechanics, like the Dutch Republic or Iqta.

The legitimacy when a queen is the highest of either the current heir, current legitimacy and the country she originated from.

One of the benefits of having a queen is that you will know in advance which stats you will get, and a personality which may give benefits. If another nation gets a queen from your nation, they will be viewing you slightly more favorably.

Same of you may say its a scandal the way the mechanics have worked since the release of original EU3, and have put us under pressure to change it. A Queen Regent will allow you do declare wars like normal during a regency.

Now, its time the play the game….
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Will this in any way change how personal unions work? For example the iberian union?
More specifically, do you have a higher chance to get a personal union if you have a queen-consort of the dinasty that does not have a heir?
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Is that austrian army/manpower the 1444 base one? Because it's increased by 25% from 1.17. Is it because of the great power status? Or are there more changes to the army coming?
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Will it be possible to gain PU's with Queens. For example if the Duke of Saxony died heirless could you push your queens claim in order to form a union?
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The legitimacy when a queen is the highest of either the current heir, current legitimacy and the country she originated from.
I don't understand this sentence. Seems to have wonky sentence structure or maybe there's simply a word missing or something?
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