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Developer Diary | Denmark Alt History!

Velkommen tilbage to Danne’s Danish corner and the country where one of its leaders looks like Santa Claus while another one is literally named Christmas. It’s time for another Danish bashing Dev Diary, where we’ll look at what kind of alt-history shenanigans Denmark can do to avoid their world-breaking record for fastest capitulation. Will they be able to withstand German Panzer divisions? Will they be able to ally with the Germans? Will they be able to avenge their humiliating defeat of 1864? Will anyone finally make sense of the Danish language? Of all these questions, I have the least hope for the last one…

Before we get started, you might want to read up on the Historical Dev Diary if you haven’t done so, and keep in mind that all of this is still a work in progress - things might and will change before release.

Let’s start off with looking at a bunch of art assets that I either forgot last time around, or that weren’t finished back then. Here you can see Denmark’s standard infantry at the very top, together with the Danish Brigade and the Resistance militia divisions. And down in the left corner, you can see the literally brand new militia unit - based on Denmark’s WW1 uniforms. Fun fact: the faces of the Danish soldiers are in fact modeled after a real-life Danish officer who fought in WW2.

And here are 2 airplanes unique for Denmark - and definitely alt-history since these designs never left the design phase:

Aligning with Your Overlord​

Denmark (in)famously capitulated two hours after the German invasion, and if you capitulate to an invading enemy the Occupation Branch becomes available and you’ll be able to gather foreign support to eventually topple your evil overlord and become free once more. That’s all historical and nice and all - but what if you could join forces with your overlord and go on a conquering rampage through the Nordics? Wouldn’t that just be swell? Well, if that sounds interesting I got just the thing for you, chap!


Why not take advantage of being a puppet and use your overlord for your own gains? By completing the Focuses Align with Overlord and Contribute to the War Effort you unlock Denmark’s Military Branch again and you can conquer the rest of the Nordic countries you’re not in a faction with. Sometimes it just feels good being bad! This doesn’t preclude you from backstabbing your overlord though; you can still pursue your independence by building up a resistance movement, declaring your independence, and waging war against your former masters. Or, if you against all odds have had your fill of war, blood, and steel (I doubt it though), you can work on becoming independent through peaceful means.


Rearming Denmark​

But what if you really don’t wanna become a puppet of a bigger, stronger neighbor? Well, there’s something for that too. If you want to withstand the onslaught of the Wehrmacht, you better rearm and seek out allies in the Rearmament Branch.


Historically, there were forces within Denmark that wanted to rearm and strengthen the defenses - Christmas Møller, the leader of the Conservative Party, being a notable example. Thorvald Stauning, the Prime Minister of Denmark, even tried to seek an alliance with the rest of the Nordic nations, but those plans fell through. He then tried to initiate cooperation with the UK, where he under no uncertain terms was informed that they could not guarantee Denmark’s safety and wouldn’t make any commitment to military support. This cemented Danish pacifism and neutrality even further. But you don’t have to suffer the same fate…

Let’s start off with the sub-branch that is shared with the Historical Path:

This branch is all about building up and improving your industries and production. You’ll add 1 level of infrastructure in all of mainland Denmark, before having to choose what kind of regulations you want to impose on your industries - if any at all.



The astute among you will have figured out that there is no pure communist path for Denmark - but that will not be an issue if you want to overthrow the king and let the people’s revolution sweep across the nation! You simply have to use the election system implemented for Denmark ;) But they do have a Focus only they can take, namely Introduce the Five Year Plan

And if you don’t wanna go commie, you can have a Limited Social Mobilization to face any German looming threats


Now, let’s get to the meat and bones of the Rearmament Branch. One thing that’s prudent to do is to prepare every facet of society for the coming war, which you can do through the various Preparation Focuses before being able to do a Full Social Mobilization

Preparations are all fine and dandy, but it might still be a bit challenging to hold back German Panzers all on your own. As luck would have it - you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Completing the Focus Seek Protection will open up two distinct possibilities for you; seeking out a Guarantor of sorts, or joining a Faction. Both of these sub-branch's effects will vary slightly depending on the choices you make. But let’s break them down individually, shall we?

Signing a Non-Aggression pact might seem like a silly focus to do, and not at all worthwhile - but there are benefits to be reaped eventually. Completing the Sign a Non-Aggression Pact will open up the decision Seek a Guarantor, where you can choose between different countries to approach. Mind you, they will all have different ramifications for the following focuses!

Then with Negotiate a Trade Deal you get a couple of Subsidies for various equipment targeting the Non-aggression signator country - plus a Licensing Agreement with them

With Enter a Research and Partnership Program you start to truly see the effects of your previous choice of country to sign a pact with:




And the last focus of this sub-branch, Territory for Protection (which is precisely what it sounds like), is where the true effects of your choice of signatory country comes into play; which piece of your nation are you willing to part with in order to get a guarantee from a major power?




But there are other ways of getting friends if you don’t feel like parting with a single territory of your realm. All you have to do is seek Strength in Numbers, which will remove your National Spirit Declaration of Neutrality - which also means that you no longer will have the option of instantly becoming anyone’s puppet in case of an invasion. Completing this focus will give you a Decision to choose what nation you want to form an alliance with; do you want to join an existing one, or maybe start a brand new one? You also open up the Joint Focus Tree if you want to have deeper cooperation with your Nordic neighbors. But as with Sign a Non-Aggression Pact, the choice of ally will have ramifications for the following focuses.






Yeeeeeaaaaah, that’s one BIG tooltip, isn’t it? I’m afraid it’s necessary in order to show the different outcomes of each choice you can make; I would rather have a well-informed player than remove crucial information.

Last but not least, you can invite the other Nordic countries into your faction. But see, the Scandinavian nations weren’t too keen on joining any alliances at this point in time, so what do you do if or when they turn you down? Well, I suppose they would still need protection, whether or not they realize that themselves. And I suppose it would be best if a fellow Nordic brethren did the protecting. And I suppose you, who understand and see the severity of the situation, would be in the best position to offer said protection. And I suppose you have been rearming Denmark for a reason, so you might just as well put that brand-new grand army to use - to protect the Nordic peoples of course.

But what if you want to take a more… proactive approach instead of letting the Germans come to you? Well, you can always-

Let The King Assume Power​

Now, historically King Christian X didn’t meddle too much in politics - not after the Eastern Crisis, when a Civil War almost broke out in Denmark - even though he had the authority and power to do so. He actually served for quite some time in the army before becoming King, and as such he often wore uniform and maintained his identity as an officer. But even so, he can’t just overthrow the government and grab power for himself willy-nilly. You gotta work for it, where the first step is to Unify the Right and start to gather the right-wing parties in a form of coalition. The first few focuses in your effort to give Christian X full authority of the government will be all about strengthening the support for the Non-aligned party and undermining the Democratic parties, but also to gaining the support of the officer corps and strengthening them too. But while doing so, you’ll also boost the Fascist party - so be mindful not to let them become too powerful!



Having come to power, Christian X can promote unity with For Konge og Fædreland, where you’ll get access to the Chief of Navy and begrudgingly bad-ass-looking crown prince of Denmark.

And just here’s a non-game related picture of the future bad-ass-looking King of Denmark, Frederik IX covered in tattoos. Who knew royalties were even I to get inked?

You’ll also be able to realign the industries and economy to better serve national interests with Align the Industries to National Interests and Economic Mobilization and making sure that Denmark isn’t a technological backwater by expanding Copenhapen’s University and gaining one more Research slot.


While you can take a more proactive foreign political stance, you can still choose to join forces with the Allies, imperial Germany, or any of the Nordic nations and access parts of the Rearmament Branch. This would preclude a more offensive approach though - but the choice is there.

If you choose to take the offensive to your enemies and turn your gaze toward a Europe in turmoil you have first to secure your Northern Flank with Scandinavian Security. You’ll have to decide if you want to create your own faction, or if you wanna solo it completely.

After that, the Nordics are your oyster! You can try to influence countries around the Baltic Sea and eventually offer them proper protection in the form of subjugation - there is after all something to be said about the pen being mightier than the sword.


Or you can try to reclaim old Danish territory. Norway was after all united with Denmark for literally hundreds of years, and Sweden really should know its place under Danish rule - just like in the good old Kalmar Union days. On your way to conquering the Scandinavian countries, you’ll be helped by a nifty National Spirit;

But, if you manage to convince one of these nations to accept your protection and become a puppet, the focuses will offer other benefits;


And with Sweden under your control you can exploit their immense mineral wealth, and even offer resource rights to a nation for guarantees:

And lastly, we have the end focuses for Denmark - all based on different time periods in Danish history. You can either take on the Germans with Avenging 1864 - to make sure that they never threaten the Danish heartlands ever again. Or, you can pick up the Danish ambitions of establishing a Baltic Sea empire, the Dominium Maric Baltici; Danish expansions into the Baltics go back to medieval times and they fought the Swedes over dominance in the region.
Lastly, you can turn your gaze even further back in time, to when Denmark first emerged as a unified country, and try to re-establish the Danelagen, or the Danelaw. This will allow you to re-form the old Viking realm of the North Sea Empire.

But this last focus is only available to the fascists. Oh, I suppose we have to talk about-

The Fascist Options​

Having overthrown the government and installed a new one, you might not want to empower the monarchy any further, but take Denmark in a different direction. Well, then you’ll have to have the Fascists March on the Capital to show how discontent they are with the lack of influence they have in the new regime. And after reaching the capital you have to make a choice; do you wanna go alone about conquering the world, or do you wanna team up with your fellow Fascists down south, just across the borders; the German Reich?

If you simply Seize Power for yourself, a civil war will ensue, but after that, you can put Denmark First and create a faction of your own - but this will of course remove your National Spirit Declaration of Neutrality.


On the other hand, if you want a big, strong neighbor helping out in your expansions you can always turn to the Germans and Ask for Support. You can then deepen your cooperation with the focus Dano-German Military Cooperation.


But the country’s been through quite a bit at this point - not one, but two coups! - so you’ll have to Rally the Nation before moving on.

But after that is done you can wreak havoc as you see fit. The Fascist path largely shares the same expansionist focuses that the Monarchist path does, so you know all about that part already. But what the Fascists can do is Institute Corporatism

You’ll also get the opportunity to Prioritize Søværnet or Prioritize Hæren


And if things are going really badly for you and you find yourself being pushed back on all fronts and losing ground, you can declare Total Krig - Total War

I think that’s about it for alt-historical Denmark. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these Dev Diaries and found at least one of the branches intriguing - I have had a blast working on Denmark! I think their history with the occupation was really interesting, and trying to incorporate that somehow was a lot of fun. Their failed attempts to join or create an alliance were also really useful. Their rich history ranging from the Viking era to their different forms of empire throughout the ages gave a lot of inspiration to where to take their alt-history paths too. Hopefully, you can take this small nation and restore it to empirehood once again (I’ve heard that those pesky Swedes have been bad-mouthing the Danes - so go and teach them a lesson in humility)!

And with that,

Jeg må løbe, på gensyn!
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I know this is old news, but I went back to check some of the old focus tree dev diaries and I couldn't help but notice a bit of a discussion regarding the monarchs national spirits at the beginning of the game. I dont know if the devs went back and changed it, but I believe that every monarch, regardless of how much of a role he or she had in the country should have a National Spirit.

The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece and Italy all have their Monarch represented as a National Spirit (the only exeption I seem to find is Romania that has Carol II lifestyle represented as a Spirit). I think it would be wierd to all constitutional monarchies have some form of reperesenation of their monarch exept Denmark and Norway.

It doen't even need to be the classic 'Portrait of the King' national spirit but you cold aproach it like Romania, and having a national spirit implying the existence of the monarchy (As it stsands right now it looks like Denmark and Norway are a republic).

And in this Danish Case it would be fun if you end up going communist to have an event like "The Quention of the Monarchy" with 2 options "Abolish It" (Removes the national spirit) or "The King is a valuable asset" (which would remove like 25 stability).

I think this is a point to be considered. (It also triggers my OCD that every country where the monarch isn't directly in control has a national spit, except for Denmark and Norway XD).

Much Love to the Dev Team!
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And in this Danish Case it would be fun if you end up going communist to have an event like "The Question of the Monarchy" with 2 options "Abolish It" (Removes the national spirit) or "The King is a valuable asset" (which would remove like 25 stability).
and taking "The king is a valuable asset" unlocks Denmark's secret communist Tree: MONARCHO-COMMUNISM
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I am a bit confused regarding the end-game though; like how do the three focuses differ? The way I read it, you can get the Baltics without taking that focus, and in either case, wouldn't Germany, the Soviets or even Poland also be significant threats to Baltic dominion? Avenging 1864 also seems kinda dull on its own given that pretty much every country in the game gets a war with Germany whether they like it or not.

So, could we get some more info on what these focuses do? Is it extra cores? Mostly cosmetic? Thematic buffs? Or is it something beefier, like refederating Germany?

Also, just to be clear, it's specifically the Danelaw that's fascist only, right?
The end focuses will give you claims on different countries, and "Avenging 1864" will also make certain German states cheaper to take in a peace deal. Denmark will also have decisions to form new countries; specifically the North Sea Empire and the Baltic Sea Empire which gives you cores, so these end focuses should help you get to where you're able to take these decisions.
what does pan scandinavism focus give you ?

Looks Amazing!
Just one question:
View attachment 1020667
Shouldn't "Territory for Protection" and "Nordic Security" be mutually exclusive?

Ohh and can we see the Danish Portraits?
Nope, that's fully intended. Isn't it your obligation to protect the Nordic peoples if you yourself are fully taking advantage of being protected by, say, the USA? ;) A piece of security and stability will surely be greeted with open arms by the Northern countries!
Oh, another thing I noted was the localisation. I know I'm not the biggest fan of this aspect in general, but I did find it especially questionable that you're referring to Iceland as "Island". I mean, afaik that or "Ísland" would be correct. However, in the context of the focus tree it does create ambiguity and potential confusion.

I mean, it isn't a huge thing, and players aren't stupid, but I just wanna double check if "Develop Island" is intentional.
"Island" is fully intended, but you do bring up a good point!
Is the next dd going to be finland alt history?
No, the next DD will be Modding - THEN I believe it's Finland's turn
In the focus "Negotiate a trade deal" there's something about "subsidizing" Denmark. Will this mechanic be explained more in-depth or it's just a peace-time lend-lease? Also, is there a modding dev diary coming out about international markets?
I'm not quite sure what next week's Modding DD will entail, but there will be a separate DD about the International Market. But in short; subsidies means you get to buy equipment cheaper from one or several countries, while on the other hand, those countries don't lose out. Basically, you'll just pay for the equipment faster.
Given this information on how Denmark may secure foreign equipment, can we subsidize purchases within the International Market?

Let's say I am the United States, and I have a massive surplus of Infantry Equipment; I understand another country, with whom lend-lease may not presently be an option, could use some of that surplus and it would be in my best interest that they are able to get their hands on it. Or perhaps I still want to turn SOME profit, but not necessarily lend-lease.

Is it possible to purposefully undercut the price of my equipment for that country?

If the typical price of 1000 rifles is X, can I make the concerted choice to discount them as less than X to ensure the country can receive them quick or for cheaper?
Yes you can, but you can't target specific countries with the price setting. This is how it's currently implemented, BUT THIS IS ALL WIP. More about the International Market will be revealed in a future DD
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While the alternative history choices aren't particularly strong, the historical and semi-historical trees seem strong enough to make Denmark a fun nation and with enough freedom to pursue most directions. Probably my favorite tree out of the four shown with Sweden coming second, Finland coming 3rd, and Norway coming last.
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Just a few points off the top of my head:

The monarchist motto in Denmark is "Gud, Konge og Fædreland", not "For Konge og Fædreland", which is just a direct translation of the Swedish motto of "För kung och fosterland".

It makes very little sense that Cay Lembcke becomes leader of the DNSAP if you don't align with the Germans, and that Frits Clausen becomes leader if you do. Clausen was from Schleswig, and he was vehemently anti-German. He was also a supporter of the monarchy. He had been conscripted into the German Army during World War I, and he was captured by the Russians at the Masurian Lakes. In Russian captivity he had helped set up an exclusively Danish prison camp, since he didn't want to share his imprisonment with Germans. Clausen's big political inspiration was H.P. Hanssen - the leader of the Danes in Schleswig during the time of Wilhelmine Germany. It therefore doesn't make much sense for Denmark to give away Sønderjylland to Germany. Sønderjylland was sacrosanct to everyone. Lembcke, on the other hand, had courted a lot of Germans in Schleswig when he first set up the party. Lembcke had little knowledge of affairs in Schleswig, and he didn't really understand that he mainly had success in German areas, which was the cause of this strange situation of a Danish ultra-nationalist getting German supporters. Lembcke was toppled, and he was out of politics by 1936. He was arrested in 1934, and after his release that same year his wife forced him to disavow his nazism. He then spent a month in a psychiatric ward, and in 1938 he would write an official apology for his extremely violent attacks against Jews, communists, etc. This made him unpopular with the DNSAP, who sent party members to throw bricks through his windows. Lembcke then shortly went back and dabbled with nazism again, before seemingly giving up again. I am therefore not sure that I find Lembcke to be very fitting for the role that he is given here.

Wilfred Petersen might work better. He was a nazi gangster thug and all-around bad guy who thought that the DNSAP wasn't anti-semitic enough. He was also even more anti-German than Clausen, and he viewed Germans as sub-human. He and his small group therefore actually fought alongside the resistance against the Germans (except for in 1943, when his outfit helped the Germans round up Jews). Another option could be Anders Malling, who broke with the DNSAP in 1936 because he found it too pro-German.

Good job digging up the Orlogsværftet J1 Jager!

If Kryssing and von Schalburg are to be added as generals, wouldn't it make more sense to use portraits where they are wearing the Danish Army uniform? It looks very off that they are using SS uniforms while apparently serving in the Danish Army.

There is no such name as "Ukrik" in Danish. It's "Ulrik".

I really hope that Denmark at least gets Christian X as a national spirit.
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I'm jealous, I want the same quality for older countries: even HOI4 majors aren't treated as good ;)
To me it is not only the excellent quality...but also the quantity...for the size of the country, you have a nice array of Admirals/Generals - some other countries with unique content have a lot less.

@Paradox_Danne Seeing two times the name "Laessoe' in above posted sample - please, please make the namelist long enough to avoid too many same-named generated characters. It is a problem plaguing a lot of countries ( https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...rs-to-avoid-too-many-repeating-names.1558224/ ) and IMO, some pretty low hanging fruit for immersion :)
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I don't like the most faces of them. Can we not get a combination of all scandinavian generals. I mean finland had cool faces in his pool. And when you not have the workpower to make the uniform green- grey is timeless. :)



No, no such traits at the moment. Do you have a suggestion where it would fit?

I am not good in history of Denmark Admirality. But i know its terrible enough when i move my fleets as germany at 01.01.36 from baltic to northsea. I get 10% damage minimum at every ships. Denmarks Capital lay in the arctic fjord area with the biggest harbour. A high chance for damage and fuel malus. Sejf when you close this harbour is this not a guarentee that the fleet there not will train or stranding after the fight.

DO you have a suggestion for another trait that would go well for a more naval focused chief of airforce?

Is sounds logical and when you fix it we need no other trait. In this forum there are many posts that advisor with this traits not work. I have make some test of airaccident. 360 days with and without Ritter von Greim they has the trait too at stormy weather. And there was no different between 20 or 30% more accident.

But when you ask me, i have read Denmark has some Nimrods. Why we give Denmark not a bonus at CV Airplaines? I don't meomery in the moment is there already a good airdesginer for this? But i like it more when you fix bad weather and give us a info window that we can see that it works. Same with night malus or bonus. The only way that nightbonus works, is the info of airdetection in the region.
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Looks easy. Just prepare for your treachery when the USSR is near to collapse and launch it against Germany proper the very hour the USSR capitulates and most of the Wehrmacht is still in Northern Asia. :)
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