Things are getting busy at the office with the upcoming release of Europa Universalis IV, but as has been said before, we're still very much committed to the continued support and further expansion of Crusader Kings II. With Doomdark currently Down Under, Johan asked me to put together a short dev diary highlighting some of the current stuff we've been working on.

Patch 1.11:
1.11 will be deployed next week, and the new patch will include a few features that should make dealing with plots a bit easier. After hatching a plot, you can now tell the game to automatically invite all plotters who are willing to join your scheme. No more having to browse through the Potential Plotters list and individually sending requests to every single character who wants to join!

Also, you can now set the game to always demand that characters end their plots as soon as they come to your attention. Another handy addition is that you can now see at a glance which potential plotters can be won over to your side if they are bribed.

Among the other things added is a new Siege Leader trait (finally), a favorite IP table for the multiplayer menu and some additional support for modders.

Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV Converter:
Johan already posted a dev diary about the Converter last week in the Europa Universalis IV forum, and there is an interview with Groogy here that goes into some more detail. I don't have much to add except that we're pretty pleased with the result and it actually works better than we had anticipated when development began.

This is a smaller DLC on the scale of the Ruler Designer, but it's something that many have asked for. It will give players an easy way to customize several items in their games when they are already well underway.

You can have your character pay a visit to the barber, where their hairstyle or facial hair can be altered... within reason (no bearded women, sorry). Below you can see the new look I gave King Charles II the Not-So-Bald:

View attachment CKII_111_DD_The_Bald.jpg

You can rename any title held by you or your vassals:

View attachment CKII_111_DD_Northwest_Francia.jpg

Finally, if you feel the need to shake things up a bit, you can alter the name and shield of your dynasty:

View attachment CKII_111_DD_de_Poher.jpg

Hopefully this will tide you over for a while, until we're ready to tell you more about what the future will bring to Crusader Kings II. :)

Here are the highlights from the Crusader Kings II to Europa Universalis IV Converter livestream with Johan & Doomdark!

You can find the full live-stream for the CK2 to EU4 converter here:

ps. And you can pre-order Europa Universalis IV here:
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Title renaming, SWEET! Renaming is an awesome way of dealing with people who want to be able to retain their identity (like me) without the people who don't like "fantasy" realms getting upset, nice idea.

What about recolloring? Can I finally make my gray HRE the orange Dutch Empire?

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Very cool! Although I am wondering how much will the customizer cost. Everything the customizer does can be made via modding or savegame editing (certainly, in a more troublesome way) and I don't see how it is worth the price of the Ruler Designer ($4.99 if I remember correctly). On the other hand, the ruler designer can be substituted with modding and savegame editing as well, although it is more problematic to do so.


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Changing clothes and regalia would of course have been nice ..... maybe in the future?

Btw: Patch yeay :D

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Very nice, I like this a lot. Can't wait to see the changelog.