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Console Edition Development Diary #57 - Meet the Toxoids

Hello Console Community!

Without further ado, the news you have all been waiting for: We’re happy to announce that the Toxoids Species Pack will be available for Stellaris: Console Edition on November 21st!

Watch the Toxoids Species Pack Announcement Trailer!

In the Toxoids Species Pack, let the ends justify the ruins as you gamble your Empire’s future for immediate gains. Embark on a Quest to find the mysterious Toxic God, or Damn the Consequences and go all-in on Genetically Overtuning your Species. Ruin your planets’ ecosystems as an Empire of Relentless Industrialists, boost your population growth with Mutagenic Pleasure Spas, or Scavenge the wrecks of your defeated enemies for resources.

  • New Toxoid Empire Art:
    • Species portraits
    • City set
    • Ship set
    • Colossus
  • New Origins:
    • Knights of the Toxic God - In the depths of your homeworld, rumors rumble of a true power buried under the toxic sludge. Do you dare to dredge up the secrets of your past - and potentially unleash them upon the galaxy?
    • Overtuned - Damn the Consequences and forge ahead with rampant genetic engineering, featuring powerful new species traits available only to Overtuned empires
  • New Ascension perk: Detox
  • New Traits
    • Exotic Metabolism
    • Noxious
    • Inorganic Breath
    • Incubator
  • New Civics
    • Scavengers
    • Toxic Baths
    • Relentless Industrialists
We will be exploring these new features in detail over the next few weeks! Be sure to join us again next week where we will be talking about the new portraits and artwork coming in the Toxoids Species Pack!

See you then!
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Now, as a massive Mass Effect fan, I love this idea, considering Rachni can live anywhere but also have resistance to all manner of toxic conditions it might be good, personally I just used tomb world preference up to now.
Indeed, it's just a shame that you have to make the Krogan and Rachni homeworld the same type, despite them actually not being the same category of "uninhabitable". I like playing as the Reapers and having all my Mass Effect AI empires try to combine all their strength to beat me, so I like these packages that allow for more variety, distinction and advantages of different species types. I want there to be so many advantages that I can't accommodate for all of them, and it's the combination of all of them that's needed to beat me.

Beating the Contingency and using their Relic to bring your Ring World Segment Construction time to 500 days really makes you feel like you are the true masters and owners of Megastructure technology, that other empires can build them at great expense and effort. That what they do in decades and at a fraction of the scale, you do many times the scale in mere years really gives you that feeling of Mass Effect where you think it *might* be possible for the galaxy to copy and construct a Mass Relay, but the Reapers are able to do it on such a massive scale because they are almost god-like in their technological ability.

Can't wait for that Civic that boosts the damage of Large and XL slots. Now THAT sounds like a Civic specifically made for a Reaper roleplay
Sorry won’t be buying until the crashing is fixed not played this game in months because of it
Yeah, it's almost insulting. I have over a thousand hours in and I think I'm just done with it. There's no news on EP6 and I feel like we've been lucky to get news at all. The communication is almost non existent and they have really slowed down in catching up to PC. I might come back when they reach parity with PC. Until then it's just mostly an empty void of information.
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